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Complete your fetish outfits with our wide range of accessories

There's no better way to spice up an intimate moment than with accessories that dress up the body. Sexy as can be, they complete any outfit.

Erotic accessories to complete a BDSM or fetish outfit

What are these accessories?

They enhance the figure, look sexy on all body types and can be used on their own or in combination with other accessories. Although they are not lingerie, they can replace it, and the two can be combined. For the bust, neck, face or head, accessories in the clothing category are versatile, serving both as jewelry to sublimate an outfit or make it more coherent, and as accessories for staging. Discreet or eye-catching: add that missing detail to your BDSM or fetish outfit to be in the theme from head to toe.

Nipples to dress up your breasts

Enhance your breasts with a sexy, suggestive accessory: nipples. They're the ideal accessory for concealing nipples while revealing the full natural curve of your breasts. It has the advantage of maximizing the wearer's well-being, as it imposes no restrictions or discomfort; you can only feel at ease with your body. First known in cabarets and on burlesque stages, nipple covers are now very much in vogue and are one of the must-have sexy accessories. Nipples are like jewelry: they can complement any lingerie and can be worn day or night. If they have no embellishments, they can be worn underneath an outfit, making them totally invisible.

Unlike bras, they leave no marks and are suitable for all shapes and sizes of breasts. What's more, nipples can easily replace this undergarment, especially if you want to wear a dress that needs to hide the straps. They can also be worn under a pretty sheer jumpsuit, or even a tulle or lace kimono.

Nipples come in a multitude of models: plastic or satin, with a delightful tassel or heart-shaped, with hologram-like reflections or sequins... there's something for every taste. These little adhesive breast accessories can complement all kinds of outfits. Before using them, do a skin test with the adhesive to check that your skin isn't sensitive to wearing nipples.

Be careful, however, as they are not to be confused with full silicone false breasts, which are a transformation accessory. For both men and women, they are worn like a bra, but with transparent straps. Thanks to its soft texture, realistic feel and convincing visual appeal, it gives the impression of wearing and touching real breasts. It's often used by women looking to add volume, or by men seeking to create the illusion. In either case, it can be worn under evening gowns or streetwear, but it's especially under a fetish jumpsuit that this accessory is most widely used.

Necklaces as jewelry or submission accessories

Dress up your neck and your outfit with a choker, whether leather or lace, with rhinestones or a ring, snaps, rivets or multiple rows. A ring necklace can, for example, be used as a submission accessory if you attach a leash, chains and snap hooks, or various types of restraints. This is an important accessory in SM, as it is often an important symbol between the dominant and the dominated.

The choker is genderless, suitable for both men and women, and can be combined with matching leather bracelets for a complete bondage look. Discreet, it can be worn both in the playroom and in everyday life, as a consideration necklace. Whether it represents belonging or protection, it's up to master and slave to determine its meaning according to the terms of the contract and their relationship.

For the uninitiated, a chocker can simply be a piece of jewelry that enhances a lingerie ensemble. You can opt for a glamorous touch by choosing one with rhinestones, or prefer a lace choker with a metal clasp. The latter, very sexy, enhances any outfit with its boudoir feel. But it can also be a good compromise for those looking to take their first steps into the world of BDSM, starting with a softer accessory.

Masks and wolves for mystery

Play the mystery card by hiding part of your face with a mask, wolf or balaclava. From cabaret to S&M sessions, masks come in all shapes, textures and colors to suit all your erotic games. In tulle, leather, lace, imitation leather, vinyl or latex: the choice is yours.

Elegant lace masks and wolves are perfect for a swinger's party or to spice up your games of domination and submission. They go very well with a full lace jumpsuit or sexy lingerie and a few BDSM accessories, like a feather duster or, more hotly, a martinet.

The mask is both a visual accessory and a constraint, depending on which senses have been deprived, but it can also be purely aesthetic. For erotic role-playing, rabbit masks in velvet, plastic or leather play on the silhouette to complete a naughty outfit. Cats are also very popular, especially with fetishists. Catwoman's fantasy is still alive and kicking, and the choice is vast: the red vinyl mask, the black hood or the leather mask all offer little cat ears while looking different to suit your desires. Many shapes are available: devil or Jason masks, dog masks with gags, Maleficent masks to embody a powerful horned dominatrix, or molded leather muzzles.

On the SM and fetish side, the hood is the ultimate submission accessory, since it can deprive a person of one or more senses and requires a certain level of trust between the two parties. If you'd like to give it a try, but the accessory seems a little too hardcore for you, there are lace balaclavas that offer a good compromise. They allow you to play the same visual role without being a real constraint.

Wigs for role-playing

As a couple or with several partners, spice up all your intimate moments with role-playing. Blonde, brunette, redhead or with colored hair, long, short, with or without bangs, wavy or straight: embody the character you want to fulfill every fantasy. You can be a sexy nurse, a celebrity, a fictional character or simply try to look like someone else. More precisely, wigs allow you to offer another version of yourself for the duration of a session.

Role-playing is an excellent way to get away from routine and let yourself go, since people who try it out feel freer by not being totally themselves. In fact, there's nothing to stop a man from wearing one: there's no specific gender for sporting beautiful hair and embodying a different personality.

With a wig, you can complete a sexy policewoman's outfit or dare a look you wouldn't dare tackle in everyday life. This way, you only play a role for a while, and become yourself again in the end. It gives you a boost of confidence for the duration of the transformation, and is sometimes enough to change your look in the blink of an eye.

What to wear these accessories with?

While they can be worn as is, on a naked body, accessories also make great adornments for sexy clothes or lingerie.

With clothing

Fetish clothing has the advantage of offering a wide range of possibilities. From latex jumpsuits to vinyl skirts and suits, accessories are essential to give your outfit even more credence. For example, a bodysuit becomes a real seductive asset when paired with a pretty chocker. Of course, don't forget your Dèmonia shoes for a complete, scorching look.

With lingerie

For a sexy outfit, accessories are the perfect finishing touch. A lingerie set with garter belts becomes instantly naughtier with a mask and wolf, a choker, or both together. Leather masks are a perfect match for corsets, jumpsuits or fetish dresses. For a wetlook, opt for a vinyl bodystring with a hood or mask.

Nipples replace bras and can be worn with a topless garter, or under a voile tunic. The key is to know what effect you're looking for: strict, soft, elegant, or terribly erotic?

How to combine accessories?

More than just an irresistible look, SM involves combining aesthetics with practicality, or combining the useful with the pleasurable. For example, to finish off an outfit with a bunny mask and pompom, glue satin nipple covers to your chest. Another easy pairing is a silicone wig and fake bosom to become a curvaceous dominatrix. If you prefer cabaret or boudoir style, for example for a striptease or soft SM, tulle masks and lace wolves are first choice with a feather in hand. And to take the temperature up a few notches, put a ring collar on your submissive and immobilize him with restraints like handcuffs and ankle cuffs. You can even go a step further by adding a harness or chains: once restrained, feel free to play with candles to test his resistance to pain without the risk of burns.

How to wear these accessories?

The advantage of these accessories, which complete an outfit or replace clothing, is that they're quick to put on. Unlike BDSM accessories, which sometimes require a great deal of expertise, you don't need any instructions to stick on your nipples, put on a wig, wear a mask or a necklace. For the latter two, some feature straps with snap fasteners, others come with adjustable straps, while still others simply offer an elastic band. Most nipple covers are reusable, but should be washed if possible. Be careful not to wear them for too long, as perspiration can irritate your breasts.