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Sextoys Cleaners

Take care of your sex toys and respect your hygiene

Take care of your sex toys, they will give you back...

Why use a sextoy cleaner?

The hygiene brought to your sextoys and other sex toys will have several consequences. That's why, although the situation is not always appropriate, it is essential to clean your sextoy before and after each use with a suitable sextoy cleaner.

For perfect body hygiene

By keeping an eye on the condition of your sextoys and cleaning them properly, you can save yourself a lot of sweat.
Indeed, sex toys are accessories intended to come into contact with your intimate mucosa. These thin walls of tissue inside the vagina and anus are particularly vulnerable to microbes and other bacteria. Thus, if they come into contact with porous or poorly cleaned materials, they can easily become irritated or allow infections to develop.

To optimize the life of your sextoy

By taking care of the hygiene of your intimate accessory before and after each use, you guarantee it a long and beautiful life without microbes or dubious fungi!
Finally, note that poor cleaning can lead to a deterioration of sensations during your pleasure sessions..

What to use to clean a sextoy?

Antibacterial soap

If you don't have the time or the right equipment, you can use a simple soap from time to time. Choose an antibacterial and antiseptic soap, without synthetic perfume and with a neutral pH.
Run your sextoy under hot water, then soap it well for at least 30 seconds and rinse it with clear water.

Boiling water

Check the manual or the original box to make sure your sextoy can withstand high temperatures and can be immersed in liquid (look for the words "waterproof"). If these two conditions are met, you can disinfect it by immersing it for 8 to 10 minutes in boiling water.

Some materials such as glass can be cleaned this way, but if your accessory is electronic, be sure to remove the batteries first. Leave it in the water for a maximum of 5 minutes and then air dry your toy.

Moreover, always remove the batteries after using your sex toys: this will greatly extend their lifespan.

A dishwasher

Some models of intimate accessories are dishwasher-safe: check the instructions to make sure this is the case!
Never add detergent to your sextoy, as this will damage it and render it completely useless in hot weather.

Sextoy spray

The best way to clean your sextoy is to use a sextoy cleaner that is appropriate for its material and use. Simply follow the instructions in the manual to clean your sextoy.
Most of the time, all you need to do is spray a little sextoy cleaner on your properly wiped accessory and let it work for a few minutes before rinsing with clean water.

Which sextoys are compatible with the cleaners?

All sextoys are compatible with at least one sextoy cleaning solution. Godemichet, connected sextoy, anal plug, vibrating dildo, Magic Wand, Womanizer... The vast majority of sextoys are made of either silicone or thermoplastic elastomer.

How to clean a silicone sextoy?

Simply use a sextoy cleaning spray to remove impurities. You can also, on occasion, limit yourself to a passage under soapy water, or even sterilize your accessory by putting it in the dishwasher or in boiling water if its instructions allow it.

How to clean a TPE or TPR sextoy?

Sextoys made of thermoplastic elastomer (also called TPE and TPR) are very porous, which increases the risk of infection due to microbes. Therefore, they cannot be sterilized.
Clean them with soapy water or an alcohol-free sextoy spray.

Which materials to avoid infections?

Avoid low-end brands

Always beware of low-end models and brands, as the materials used are often of dubious quality and can cause violent allergies. In addition, unsuitable or porous materials can cause serious hygiene problems by allowing microbes to proliferate, even after only a few uses.

Choose quality equipment from reliable brands. By choosing durable accessories that will last for many years, you guarantee safe sex without the risk of allergies!

When in doubt, use a condom or a pair of gloves to limit the risks, and finish your session with a good wash using a sextoy cleaner.

Materials to choose from

Choose a non-toxic and non-porous model first, because porous materials allow microbes to proliferate and can cause inflammation, even after only a few uses.

Avoid jelly sextoys, as this material is highly porous and often contains toxic substances that could come into direct contact with your intimate mucous membranes.
In addition, jelly retains odors and ages very poorly, like most cheap materials.


Healthy, hypoallergenic and non-porous, silicone makes sex toys soft and supple to the touch. Very comfortable, flexible and odorless, it is perfect for beginners!
Use a water-based lubricant with your silicone toys.


Much appreciated by users of dildos or anal plugs for its weight and its ability to transmit heat or cold, metal has many advantages.
Durable, rigid, healthy and non-porous, it is also easy to insert and maintain on a daily basis.


Glass is beautiful, smooth and rigid, perfectly healthy and just as addictive as metal if you like temperature games. It is also possible for curious partners to observe the wearer's orifices through the transparent models!
However, be careful not to drop your glass sextoy, as this material is of course quite fragile.

The wood

As aesthetic as they are original, wooden intimate toys are also very soft, although often quite expensive.
Be careful with the model you choose: the quality of the wooden parts can vary a lot, because without a non-toxic varnish making the surface waterproof, your wooden sextoy will be porous, therefore potentially dangerous.

Materials and excitement

Take the time to browse through the different materials available if you are planning a fetish or BDSM session, as apart from hygiene issues, they will play a big role in the atmosphere of your spicy evening and your partner's visual stimuli.
Black is quite sober and suitable for most of your fantasies, the coldness of glass and metal are more suitable for a domination session, while wood is warmer and more intriguing..

If you are planning a moment of pleasure for two, don't hesitate to refine the atmosphere by installing candles, massage oil, or other accessories of well-being.

How to clean your sextoys with sextoy cleaner

When to clean your sextoy?

It is recommended to clean your sextoys before and after each use. Before, a simple splash of water is enough to remove any dust and other small dirt. Remember to use a suitable lubricant if necessary.

After using your sextoy, start by rinsing the device under water to remove as much body residue as possible.
Then use a sextoy cleaning spray that is suitable for the material of your intimate accessory.

How to wash your sextoy properly

By conscientiously cleaning your sextoy, you limit the risk of bacteria proliferation, and therefore ofinfection. So remember to at least wipe down your toys and then run them under water with antiseptic soap after each play session.

When it comes to cleaning, you have several options:

  • An express wash with antiseptic soap if you are in a hurry,
  • A deep cleaning with an adapted sextoy cleaner,
  • A trip to the dishwasher if your sextoy is compatible,
  • A short dip in boiling water for manual sextoys.

In the last case, check in the manual that your sextoy is not afraid of strong heat!
Also, be careful to distinguish between "waterproof" and "splashproof". In the first case, your device is indeed waterproof and can remain submerged under water for a few minutes. "Splashproof" means that it is drop-proof: you can quickly put it under tap water, but never immerse it completely!

How to dry a sextoy

Always choose to air dry your intimate accessories. Keep them away from radiators and any source of high heat, as this will damage them!
If you are in a hurry, use a clean towel or tissue. Towels can leave behind small lint and other dust, so we recommend rinsing your sextoys before using them.

How to store your sextoy properly

After being washed and dried, your sextoys should be stored in a clean, dry place, away from :

  • dust,
  • microbes,
  • heat,
  • humidity.

If possible, keep theoriginal case, or the storage pouch provided, which often takes up less space. Otherwise, a closed box can also do the trick.