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The urethra plug for ecstatic tickling

The term for the sexual practice of inserting objects into the urethral canal is called sodureter.

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What is a urethral rod?

It is a BDSM accessory that can take many forms, and that is inserted into the urinary meatus to explore sexual pleasure more intensely. The urethra/urethral rod can have different lengths, different diameters, and different materials. This practice is called sodureter in French, or sounding in English.

Where does this attraction for urethral stimulation come from?

The German physician and researcher, Ernst Gräfenberg, who was responsible for the first publications on the G-spot, also studied female sexual pleasure through the role of the urethra. As early as 1950, his work explained that the sodureter easily triggered very powerful orgasms, since the objects introduced came directly to the G-spot, the P-spot and very sensitive erectile tissue. For both men and women, sounding has become a practice to reach the seventh heaven quickly, although it is specific to SM.

We can also easily guess the attraction for this practice for what it represents. Indeed, as the urethra is not originally intended to be penetrated, there is a whole excitement that develops around it. Braving the forbidden, pushing back the limits, discovering new erogenous zones... All these reasons are enough to stimulate the imagination. Moreover, there is a whole symbolism for the men, since it is about penetrating the penis, itself assigned to this role.

Finally, it is also a good way for urophiles to have fun. Indeed, if you use a medical probe with a tube, you can trigger the urinary action by reaching the bladder. This can lead on the one hand to enjoy it, and on the other hand to discover a feeling of lightness: that of abandoning yourself to the other.

Good reasons to indulge in urethral pleasure

Its practice is categorized in the "BDSM RACK" games, namely "risk-aware", but you just need to be well prepared to taste the divine sensation of an inserted urethra/urethral rod. Risk-aware means that the practitioner is aware of the risks; like all SM games, there are precautions to take to avoid injury. Once done, you can enjoy it both in self-stimulation and with an experienced partner, for example in medical role-play.

Sadomasochism enthusiasts agree that urethral penetration is an intense experience. The insertion of a urethral plug, or urethral shaft, provides a feeling that is somewhere between pain and pleasure. However, only apprehension and misuse can lead to real pain, as the goal is primarily to experience ecstasy.

What sensations does the insertion of a urethral rod provide?

The G-spot and the P-spot are stimulated directly from the urethra, which is at the heart of these erogenous zones. It's like making direct contact with these points to massage them from the inside. The first few uses can be a little painful, especially for men, but once you've spent a few minutes adapting the urinary meatus, the pleasure comes naturally.

Most men agree on one point: orgasm is what you feel just before you come and release the pressure. It is therefore the climax of ecstasy. Inserting a urethral rod provides just this sensation at the peak; it is like feeling the orgasm throughout this urethral penetration.

In women, it is at the base of the clitoris and in the vaginal tissues that the urethra will produce an effect. For men, a long urethra plug must be used to reach the prostate, directly from the inside. Now imagine the sensation of your prostate being massaged from the inside and stimulated with, for example a dildo or an anal plug at the same time, if not your partner.

BDSM accessories for the urethra

The urethra rod has several types in its arsenal, depending on the intended use and your experience. If you're a beginner, it's best to avoid large urethra plugs and focus on thin BDSM accessories first. In any case, it is important to choose an object with an enlarged base or a notch to prevent it from slipping inside without the possibility of extracting it.

The urethral rod

The urethral rod is originally a slightly wide base and can have several shapes: with beads along the body, with a curved silhouette, or with an integrated soft vibrator. This urethral plug is usually employed by experienced users who have already performed an upstream dilation of the urinary meatus. It is mainly made of steel, but can also be made of silicone. Finally, it is specifically designed to provide pleasure, and is used for both insertion and back and forth masturbation.

The medical urethral probe

The probe differs from other BDSM accessories for the urethra thanks to its shape, which is reminiscent of medical probes. Indeed, these plastic tubes have the same base as those used in hospitals for urinary probes and self-catheters. They are flexible, unlike urethral rods, and can therefore adapt to the shape of your penis. The urethral catheter is ideal for SM games, such as medical playand all forms of urophilia.

For the more experienced, there are also urethral probes to practice electrostimulation directly from your urethra.

The cockpin

Cockpits are jewelry for the penis, like the Rosebuddesigned to be inserted into the anus. The cockpin, as its name indicates, is intended for your penis. It is a urethra plug, usually made of metal, whose end is a jewel to replace the classic stopper. In this way, you can dress your penis and accompany it with a pretty lingerie or sM clothes in parallel.

The urethra retractor

There are several models, usually sold in kit form to dilate your urinary canal gradually. Sizes range from less than 2mm to more than 17mm in diameter, with between five and ten rods offered. Some retractors are even curved to navigate smoothly through your urethra and allow you to go deeper more easily. Be sure to choose urethral dilators with rounded ends, as well as bodies without roughness or visible seams to avoid injury.

The stretcher, on the other hand, is an all-metal urethral spreader with a ring, bolts and screws to hold the item to the sex. Its crude design is a delight for SM people, as it is reminiscent of chastity cages.

Guide to choosing your urethra plug

It's important to choose your equipment carefully to get only the best out of your experience. As the practice of sodureter is becoming more and more widespread, many models now exist, both for beginners and for more experienced people.

Which material?

Since the urethra plug must be sterilized, only surgical grade materials should be used. These include plastics, such as silicone, or steel, which are easy to sterilize. Indeed, some materials tend to crumble or lose their protection: rely only on certified sex toys.

What size?

The length varies from about 5cm for the cockpits, to more than 20cm for the rods. It all depends on the sensation you are looking for: for light penetration, or for prostate stimulation. To begin with, it may be a good idea to choose rods that are not too long to first familiarize yourself with the insertion of a foreign body into your penis, before venturing further. As for the diameter, it's a good idea to start with the thinnest and get a little wider as you practice. Urethral spacers are also useful to allow you to move from a thin shaft to a larger sextoy, within reason.

Bonus BDSM accessories

For a complete sodureter experience, the urethra plug can be attached to a ring to hold the shaft in place. This allows you to walk around with your sextoy during the day, for example, or to have fun without your hands. It is also sometimes associated with an anal plug to connect your two orifices and enjoy a two-in-one pleasure

How do I use a urethra/urethral rod?

The most important thing is to disinfect your toys and use them in a sterile environment. You can isolate them in sealed, single-use plastic bags to prevent the spread of bacteria. The risk of infection is high, since the urinary tract is connected to the bladder. Wash your hands with a mild soap and wear single-use gloves if possible. Don't forget that these objects can be used as part of a medical role play, especially if you combine them with sM propsprops, such as the gag or even the mask.

Next, wash and disinfect your penis, then lubricate your urethral plug and your sex. In the position that suits you best, and half erect, slowly insert the urethra plug into the shaft. Remember that the heavier your rod, the easier it will be to insert.

When you feel a slight resistance, lower your penis horizontally to go deeper. Be careful and listen to your body; if it resists too much, don't push. And above all, don't force it if it hurts. It's up to you to decide whether you prefer short, deep penetration or gentle masturbation.

When you have finished playing with your urethra plug, your very first reflex should be to urinate to evacuate all the bacteria, as well as the risks of cystitis. Moisturize regularly after your adventures, and thoroughly rewash all your accessories. Sterilize again before storing them individually in plastic bags, and repeat with each use. The sodurometer may look scary at first, as it requires a lot of care, but the result is well worth it.