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Your BDSM partner for your erotic games

Lovers of bondage and sadomasochistic role-playing have only one thing to do: gag their partner to submit to their pleasure. To make your partner salivate, submit, shut up, or all of the above at once... The BDSM ball gag will quickly become a must for your domination games.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 19 items

The ball gag, the instrument of all sexual pleasures

The gag has always been part of the accessories dedicated to BDSM practices. There are all kinds of gags: from the simple scarf to the gag in the shape of a horse bit, through more elaborate models such as the ring gag, you are spoilt for choice. But have you thought about the myriad of possibilities that a ball gag offers? Also known as a gag ball, this multi-faceted sex accessory is ideal for gently discovering the pleasures of S&M practices.

The ball gag can of course be used to silence your partner. Once the object in mouth, this last one finds deprived of the use of the word, being able to express itself only by moanings, of pleasure of course. Thus hindered, the submissive person can then totally let go, and abandon himself to the pleasure of submission. But to limit the use of a gag to making his partner silent would be however rather reductive.

Because of the way it works and its placement in the mouth, the ball gag also causes hypersialorrhea, a phenomenon of excessive salivation. This type of gag SM indeed prevents the one who carries it from swallowing, thus involving hypersalivation. A phenomenon that can be particularly exciting to watch and to experience.

The gag ball, to silence pleasure

Once positioned, the gag ball is difficult to remove by the person who wears it. It is therefore the perfect accessory to submit your partner, depriving the submissive of the use of speech. Being silenced may be a little disconcerting at first, but it is a very exciting constraint that allows a release rarely provided by other BDSM accessories. The person who wears the gag ball will quickly want to give in to the pleasure of not being able to speak. But who says deprivation of speech does not mean total silence, quite the contrary! The gag ball allows the wearer to express himself by moaning and other intense pleasure, thus making the lovemaking even more torrid.

One accessory, multiple uses

If you are new to BDSM practices, the ball gag is perfect to gently introduce you to S&M sexuality. Used alone, it will produce the effects described above, namely hypersialorrhea and speech deprivation, and will therefore often suffice by itself for beginners in S&M.
As everyone knows, being deprived of one sense often has the effect of increasing the others tenfold. Also, although speech is not a sense in itself, being deprived of it can therefore stimulate other senses such as hearing or sight. But what could be better than a hot combination of several accessories to exalt the sexual pleasure provided by BDSM practices? For the most seasoned, nothing prohibits to associate the ball gag with other SM accessories. Blindfold, BDSM handcuffs or even swift... Use them in complement of the ball gag to reinforce the game of domination/submission, and sublimate your erotic games.

How to use your ball gag safely ?

The ball gag may be an essential SM accessory, but it is still intended to restrain. And like any constraint, this one can quickly turn out to be dangerous if it is not perfectly controlled. The use of a ball gag implies of course the notion of consent, at the heart of any BDSM practice. Therefore, it is useful to remember that each partner, whether submissive or dominant, must be totally consenting.
In addition to the consent that is essential to SM role-playing, the use of the ball gag must also be mastered. First of all, be aware that once in place, a ball gag is difficult to remove by the person wearing it. Therefore, both partners must have complete trust in each other.
In addition, the ball gag prevents regurgitation. Therefore, the wearer should not be left alone, especially if he or she is tied up, and care should be taken not to obstruct the upper airway. If you are using this type of accessory with a blindfold, for example, make sure that the blindfold does not slip over your partner's nose. Similarly, if the wearer feels they are having trouble breathing properly with a ball gag, you may want to consider a perforated model, which allows more air to pass through.
Also, knowing that a ball gag forces the wearer to remain silent, it may be difficult to say a"safe word" intelligibly. This is why you should not hesitate to use another code as a complement. For example, it is advisable to hold an object in your hand, to be dropped if necessary.
In general, stay alert to the reactions of your gagged partner, and do not use this accessory for too long, because it can quickly become uncomfortable. This way, you will be able to indulge in your BDSM games in complete safety.

How to choose your ball gag

Despite a rather explicit name, do not be mistaken: there are several kinds of ball gag. You will find very classic models and less conventional, even extravagant ones. Don't hesitate to test several of them in order to find the one that suits you best.

The different models

There are as many ball gags as there are associated games. It is thus the perfect BDSM accessory to give free rein to your most unmentionable fantasies. In addition to the classic sphere, there are more naughty models, such as the penis gag for example.
There are also models with a perforated sphere, to facilitate the breathing of the wearer. This type of accessory is perfect for those who are held back by the fear of asphyxiation when wearing the gag, and allows to associate BDSM and pleasure in complete safety.
If you're a devotee of S&M sex and want to spice up your lovemaking a bit, opt for a duo ball gag, like the one we offer on our online store. A delicious naughtiness to share without moderation, with a third partner for example.
As for colors, there is something for everyone. The timeless black model will satisfy all desires, but you can choose to put some color in your SM lovemaking with a fuchsia pink sphere. If you want to stay in the BDSM codes, a red sphere will be perfect to stick to the atmosphere you want to create for your role plays.

The size of the ball gag

The traditional ball gag is composed of a sphere with a variable diameter, but the most common is 4.8 centimeters. This universal size is indeed adapted to most morphologies, thus bringing the necessary comfort to the BDSM practice. There are also models of ball gags equipped with an inflation system for the sphere. You can then modulate the diameter of the sphere as you wish, for ever more exciting SM games. You can also opt for a model with a screw ball, allowing you to modulate the depth of the ball in your partner's mouth. You just have to screw the ball in order to push it deeper, for even hotter S&M games!
If you opt for this type of sphere, be sure to respect your partner's limits so as not to risk suffocating him once the gag is in his mouth.
The length of the straps is often the same for all models, but they can be adjusted for optimal comfort. The ball gag can therefore be adapted to all head sizes, men and women. The leather straps must be tight enough to allow the ball to stay in place. But they should not be too tight either, otherwise they may cause discomfort to the wearer, making the SM role-playing very unpleasant. It is therefore better to opt for a model adjustable in length, with several notches of attachment.

The choice of materials

A ball gag is composed of a ball and straps allowing it to stay in place, all connected by ties. Most spheres are made of silicone, a very soft and hypoallergenic material, designed for the wearer's comfort while minimizing the risk of skin reactions. For non-spherical models, such as penis gags for example, silicone remains the predominant material. But we can also find metal accessories, as for the gags with internal ball in the shape of penis.

Concerning the straps of this essential BDSM accessory, they are mostly leather straps. Just like a trouser belt, these are perforated in order to modulate the size of the ball gag, and adjust it perfectly to the wearer. The advantage of leather lies in its solidity, allowing a prolonged use and an unequalled resistance on the long term. New leather tends to be a little stiff, so don't hesitate to oil the straps the first few times you use them.
Although most models are made of leather, there are also BDSM gags with silicone straps. This type of model is usually made entirely of silicone, which includes the ball, the straps, but also the ties that connect the two at the mouth. Softer than leather, silicone is perfectly adapted to gentle SM practices, as well as to beginners who wish to gently initiate themselves to the joys of BDSM. On the other hand, silicone remains more fragile than leather. A silicone ball gag will therefore tend to wear out faster than a model with leather straps.
Finally, as for the fasteners that connect the sphere to the straps, they are mostly made of metal. Although strong, metal is a cold material that heats up slowly when it comes into contact with the skin. This can be confusing and even unpleasant for the unaccustomed wearer. In this case, a model with silicone attachments will be more suitable, even if the resistance will not be the same in the long term. So, if you opt for an all-silicone accessory, be careful not to tighten it too much to avoid weakening it.
The ball gag is an undisputed ally of BDSM bondage. Naughty, very erotic and soft at the same time, you can count on it to satisfy all your fantasies, and those of your partner. And to vary the pleasures, why not offer you several different models? Or push your games with the help of more naughty accessories such as a hood, a leash or a collar to establish your dominance? The opportunity to test a new game every day, and to raise the temperature during your sexual exchanges with SM accents.