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Geisha balls

Strengthen your perineum for quality orgasms

What are geisha balls and how to use them?

The geisha balls, accessories of musculation of the perineum, are also used as sextoy

They are two small balls of varying weight and size, connected by a cord. They help to tone and re-educate the perineum, a muscle located between the vagina and the anus.

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Why train your perineum?

In the same way that maintaining one's body guarantees a comfortable old age, muscling one's perineum helps to avoid certain inconveniences that occur with age. Geisha balls prevent bladder weakness after the age of 30, tighten the perineum and help lubricate the vagina naturally


Wearing a vaginal ball can also awaken the libido in some women, even cause violent orgasms.

Whether it is after a pregnancy or simply with age, the pelvic floor naturally relaxes. Made up of a set of muscles similar to a hammock, its role is to support the organs. However, without sufficient muscle tone, the risks range from occasional bladder leakage to chronic incontinence and even organ descent.

Wearing geisha balls therefore helps to boost the perineum without effort.

Maintaining the pelvic muscles considerably increases pleasure during sexual intercourse. The woman can contract her vagina during penetration to increase her lover's sensations tenfold, and stimulate her own G-spot to orgasm.

To re-educate the perineum

The two balls are linked together by a cord and contain balls.

These balls collide when the body is in motion, causing kinetic vibrations that naturally contract the perineum and all pelvic muscles.

Physical therapists and midwives often recommend geisha balls to tone the perineum after childbirth. When wearing a ball, the pelvic floor must remain slightly contracted to prevent it from falling. The woman thus unconsciously activates her perineum, and remusculates it without effort.

Models of 2.5 to 3.5 cm and at least 60 g are then recommended. Larger or lighter balls are less suitable for perineal rehabilitation.

Geisha balls help to maintain the health of the perineum without harming it. In fact, contraction exercises without equipment sometimes cause reversal of control: the woman pushes on her perineum instead of squeezing it. Be careful with home exercises, which can do more harm than good.

To work well, it is recommended to wear the balls twice a week for about 30 minutes. Keep moving, because that's how the perineum will be activated to hold them.

To increase pleasure

In the 2010s, there was a real craze for geisha balls with the release of the novel "50 Shades of Grey".

Similarly, the success of the saga has propelled sales of several accessories such as the spreader barthe success of the saga propelled the sale of several accessories such as the spreader bar, and thus contributed to the liberation of certain taboos around the world of BDSM.

The erratic movement of the balls inside the toy stimulates the internal erogenous zones, particularly sensitive to vibrations, while toning the perineum. By gently hitting the vaginal walls, the sextoy can reach the G-spot, and even provoke an orgasm in some women.

It is also an opportunity to experiment with new sexual games with your partner. He can insert the accessory and move the cord to stimulate your vaginal walls, or remove it himself ...

Connected, vibrating, remote controlled, geisha balls have evolved as a sextoy to expand the range of sensations they could provide.

The vibrating geisha balls stimulate the pleasure zones more quickly and intensely. In the same idea, the remote-controlled models allow to control the vibrations at a distance during games for two, outdoors for example.

There is a whole range ofvibrating eggs and other connected sex toys for curious beginners or experienced users.

How to choose geisha balls?

Geisha balls weigh an average of 40 to 100 grams and some kits for beginners offer 3 sizes. This is an opportunity to start gently; start with the smallest to begin the process of muscle building.

You will discover the sensations that geisha balls provide and can increase the size gradually after a week of training.

The heaviest ball will give quick and consistent results. However, take the time to get used to this foreign body: the results will be felt after the first month of use.

Then continue to wear them twice a week, for about 30 minutes a day.

Remember to clean your geisha balls before use, using a sextoy cleaner. Indeed, a toy badly maintained can cause cystitis and mycosis.

Choose a disinfectant spray designed specifically for vaginal mucosa and compatible with silicone.

  • The most classic model consists of two latex or silicone balls of 3 to 4.5 cm in diameter, connected by a cord. Sold in bDSM storeshops, fetish and sex shops, they can be used to awaken the sensations of the vagina or for masturbation, like a dildo.

  • Some manufacturers offer remote-controlled geisha balls, allowing you to activate the vibrations remotely. Entrust the remote control to your partner ...

  • The steel balls are separate from each other and quite heavy. They are mainly used for perineal rehabilitation.

  • The vaginal egg is a single ball variant, quieter than the traditional models. You can however choose a vibrating egg for more sensations, if you wish to use it at home.

Choose a model adapted to your morphology. The very weakened perineum will need rather large and light balls, that is to say approximately 4 cm of diameter for 40 g. Then go back down to smaller and heavier models.

As with the purchase of any sextoy, choose quality materials to ensure a safe and healthy experience.

Choose models molded in one piece, preferably silicone, ABS without additives or medical polymer. These materials guarantee a non-porous tool that will not retain bacteria. In addition, silicone heats up on contact with the body and glides very well when lubricated.

Avoid mediocre grades without material certification, which are neither durable nor reliable.

How to use geisha balls?

Relatively simple to use, geisha balls are perfect for beginners. Simply insert them inside the vagina, after lubricating them.

To remove the balls, gently pull on their link as if you were removing a period tampon.

If the vaginal use is the most widespread, the introduction in the anus is possible. Some amateurs practice a sudden withdrawal, in order to increase the sensations.

Nevertheless, prefer accessories designed for anal pleasure to avoid any risk of losing the ball in your rectum.

When to use geisha balls?

If you regularly use your geisha balls to strengthen your perineum, there is nothing to stop you from wearing them outside. Be careful though: some models with too long a cord make a slight noise when bouncing against each other. So prefer places with a little noise like the street.

It is not advisable to wear them for too long, as they can cause pain and soreness. Geisha balls are suitable for all women, except for contraindications such as herpes, for example.

Various exercises can be used to strengthen the perineum quickly, for example by pulling on the balls while holding them in place with the pelvic muscles.

By combining these movements with stimulation of the clitoris and the G-spot, you can trigger an orgasm at the moment of contraction.

For purely sensual use, geisha balls can be used alone or in pairs. It's an ideal toy to raise the excitement by giving rhythm to a masturbation session or cunnilingus!

How to choose your geisha balls?

Some sex shops try to pass off geisha balls as common accessories, with no effect on the body. However, their role on the pelvic muscles is very real and involves some risks not to be taken lightly.

Size and weight

The size and weight must be appropriate to your anatomy to be effective and comfortable to wear. Smaller diameter balls are perfect for women under 30 or who have never had children, for example. The color is the last criterion to be taken into account!

If in doubt, ask your midwife for advice. You should always use the right weight to train a muscle, otherwise you may end up with the opposite effect to the one you want.

If you choose balls that are too heavy, your perineum will tire too quickly. If it is too relaxed, it may also have difficulty retaining a small ball: in this case choose a larger ball.

The smaller the ball, the more difficult it is to hold it. A large ball is easier to hold and transmits vibrations better. A large ball is easier to hold and transmits the vibrations better, as it is in contact with a larger surface of the vaginal mucosa.

The number of balls

Most models offer two balls, which are perfect for moms without significant pelvic weakness. The one-ball models are lighter and are designed for women who are just starting out or under 30 years old. They are ideal for treating organ descent, pelvic muscle weakness, bladder leakage and vaginal prolapse.

Don't hesitate to invest in a kit of interchangeable balls to test different sizes and progress at your own pace.