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anal plug

The anal plug, object of desire

Are you looking for new sensations? Anal pleasure is a practice often surrounded by apprehension. However, this area is very erogenous and offers a multitude of sensations that could lead to a lightning orgasm. The plug is therefore the perfect accessory to initiate oneself to anal pleasure gently.

What is an anal plug?

The anal plug is a sex toy designed to be inserted into the anus to stimulate the anal area in different ways depending on the model. Beginners may be intimidated for many reasons, such as societal prejudices of Christian heritage. However, the anus is a very powerful and innervated erogenous region for both men and women.

Anal plugs can be used to prepare for sodomy, for example in bondage or fetish play contexts, and are thus generally associated with BDSM culture. However, it is a stimulation tool accessible to all, ideal to get familiar with this too often forgotten part of the body.

The anticipation is one of the strongest springs of sexual tension, and the plug is particularly suitable for the rise of excitement between two lovers. It highlights the buttocks (sometimes referred to as anus jewelry) and amplifies the sensations of pleasure until the orgasm, which is often multiplied.

For men, the ejaculation is quite strong and abundant, the plug stimulating the penis at its root and reinforcing the erection. It also acts on the prostate, source of very intense orgasms.

For women, the plug increases pleasure tenfold by tightening the walls of the vagina, stimulating the Skene glands, and increasing the pressure on the penis during penetration.

How to choose my anal plug?

If several criteria are to be taken into account when choosing an anal plug, safety is essential, as in any BDSM practice. Unlike the vagina, the anus is a doorway to the digestive system and can "suck in" foreign objects introduced too deeply.

A safe anal sextoy therefore has a base that is wider than the part to be inserted, so that it does not get stuck in the anal cavity.

Depending on your experience and your desires, you could be tempted by a small size plugdiscrete and reassuring, a rosebud decorated with a jewel, an out of the ordinary plug to surprise yourself if you are already experienced, or maybe an inflatable plugoften recommended for beginners. Once inserted, you just have to inflate it with its pump to a comfortable diameter.

The size

If there is no ideal size to begin with, remember that anal pleasure is only possible when you are comfortable. If you want to start despite some fears, start with your fingers and then try a small diameter of about 2 cm, even if it means increasing the size later or investing in a "training kit" offering several sizes to train gently. Penetration is still quite limited with a diameter of more than 5 cm, while thin plugs are more comfortable and suitable for all morphologies.

Be careful not to skip any steps, increase the diameters progressively and always proceed gently to prevent pain or tears. The length will be perceived very differently depending on the material of the plug, soft or hard.

The shape

The shape of a plug is particularly noticeable during penetration and withdrawal, but much less so when the sextoy is in place. Favour plugs with a thin tip that widen as they descend towards the base: easier to insert, you can push them in gradually to awaken your sensations and test your limits.

Long and elongated shapes are more suitable for female use, while curved ones are recommended for prostate stimulation. The conical formulas are still the most popular, however, as this basic form is suitable for everyone and is easily inserted. However, it is difficult to find the perfect shape for your desires at the first attempt. Stay with basic models, you can try thick or oversized plugs once you've trained.

The shape of the base should be comfortable, especially if you'll be wearing your plug for several hours or if you plan to walk or sit with it. In this case, look for a toy with a base that is neither too thick nor too angular and that can fit between your buttocks without spreading them apart.


Think about the materials you want to test before you buy an anal plug. Choose a durable, non-toxic, non-porous model that will prevent bacteria from growing. Above all, avoid cheap toys: they contain toxic substances and can cause inflammation.

The best way to start is with a soft material such as silicone, and then try harder materials such as metal plugs. There are also plugs made of materials that are very close to the skin, providing very pleasant sensations.

  • Silicone is healthy, non-porous and hypoallergenic, durable, flexible and soft. To be used with a water-based lubricant, it is perfect for beginners who need reassurance or want to wear their plug for a long time. Very pleasant to the touch, it is also very comfortable, flexible and has no odor.

  • The metal is very appreciated by the experienced for its weight and its highly erotic cold touch. Healthy, durable, rigid and non-porous, the metal plug is very easy to insert and maintain. Try the intense pleasure of temperature changes by dipping it in ice cubes or in boiling water for a few minutes.

  • Glass, although fragile, has many advantages. Beautiful, smooth and rigid, it is perfectly healthy for the body and retains temperatures well. Curious partners will appreciate the ability to see through the transparent models!

  • Wood is beautiful, soft and very original. However, wooden toys are expensive, of variable quality and can be porous if not coated with a non-toxic varnish to make their surface waterproof.

Avoid poor quality jelly: it is porous, often contains toxic substances, retains odors and is not durable, like many cheap models.

If the materials do not guarantee pleasure, they are to be taken into account in terms of cleaning and play a lot on the atmosphere and the vision that your partner will have.

Black is sober, colors attract the eye, wood is warmer, glass is colder and more intriguing... It's up to you to determine what you want to provoke in your lover!

Fancy plugs

While many of these toys are smooth, some for the more discerning public offer a textured or beaded surface to stimulate the anal walls during penetration. Test what you like among models like :

  • The inflatable plugthe inflatable plug, the prostate massager or the small size plug and many others to vary from the classic models.

  • The vibrating anal plug is among the most requested. It can massage both the female G-spot and the male prostate, leading quickly to orgasm. Some ranges offer programmed vibrations with variable intensity, to surprise the user and intensify the sensations.

  • The rosebudsthe rosebuds, as for them, emphasize the anus while stimulating it. Their wide base and slim shape allow them to be worn for several hours without risk, while the plug is used to dilate the anal wall before sodomy.

How do I use my anal plug?

The anal plug is most often used as a couple, in order to arouse each other and prepare the ground for an intense and pleasurable sodomy. It relaxes the muscles of the anal area, reinforces the pressure of the vagina on the penis, and stimulates the prostate.

The remote controlled models can spice up your naughty couple's games outside, remaining discreet, but devilishly effective.

The plug can also be used during masturbation to quietly tame his anatomy. The most trained can appreciate to fall asleep or to go out to work while wearing it..

How to insert it

The plug is quite easy to use and does not require a great technique. Choose models with a good grip (bar or ring) so that you can hold it with several fingers. Always have some lubricant lubricant during your anal pleasure sessions anal pleasure.

The most important thing is to prepare the area well, with a finger, tongue or sextoy.

Then apply enough lubricant to the entire length of the plug, and gently push it in from the tip. Take your time and wait a few seconds for your rectal muscles to relax and adjust to the foreign body.

The insertion may be a little uncomfortable, but it shouldn't hurt. Try again later so that you are relaxed. Then it's up to you to choose whether to go further or to start going back and forth until you find your pleasure.

How to remove it

Take a deep breath and gently pull back on the base while exhaling. Sphincters sometimes tighten a little after an orgasm, so go gently without tensing up. To remove a vibrating anal plug, turn it off before pulling gently.


When using your plug or during anal sex, choose a comfortable and convenient position. Sit on a bed with your face towards the mattress and lean on your knees and elbows. Penetration will be easier if your buttocks are higher than your shoulders. If you want to be on your back, place a pillow under your hips to lift them and flatten your spine. You can also explore anal pleasure while squatting or lying on your side.

Try masturbating at the same time, to confuse the pain and pleasure receptors in your nervous system. This will allow you to focus on your well-being and relax. Likewise, breathing with the rhythm of penetration can make it more pleasurable, reduce anxiety and relax your muscles.

Contrary to popular belief, both men and women can achieve orgasm through anal sex, due to the proximity of the G-spot or prostate to the anal wall. However, beware of the transmission of germs: never go from the anus to the vagina without changing your condom, and don't use too much lubricant so that it doesn't drip down to the vulva.