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Men's underwear

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Men also have their naughty underwear..

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Showing 1 - 6 of 12 items

How to choose an underwear for men ?

If we tend to forget about underwear when building up a fetish wardrobe for men, they nevertheless maintain the body all day long and bring the final touch to a successful dominator look.
Properly chosen underwear also keeps the genitals in perfect health, in addition to the comfort and aesthetics it provides.

While the world of men's underwear is certainly less varied than its female counterpart and its refined materials such as lace or voile, it is nevertheless full of enough choices to satisfy the most demanding requests.

However, it can be difficult to find your way through the numerous models of briefs, boxers and other jock straps offered by manufacturers, who are constantly adapting to demand and innovating on a daily basis.

Moreover, men's underwear can be subject to certain taboos that can intimidate curious beginners. It is however useful to know how to differentiate them in order to choose the one that will best suit you.

The different forms of men's underwear

The brief

The brief is the most common form of men's underwear. It is a pair of panties cut on the thighs and covering the bottom of the pelvis. Note that some models have no seams to avoid chafing on the inner thighs.

The boxer shorts

The boxer brief is a loose-fitting short that is generally quite short. Unlike briefs, they have legs that give them a floating appearance.
Its comfortable shape and elegant cut make it a safe bet, both aesthetic and pleasant to wear.

The boxer

The boxer, halfway between the brief and the boxer, is cut close to the body. It has legs but adjusts to the silhouette, offering optimal support and comfort. Its encompassing aspect also ensures a certain masculine side.

The thong

Minimalist, the thong exposes the buttocks. Its numerous uses in the world of fetishism and BDSM in general have given it a relatively strong sexual connotation, although some models remain discreet enough to be worn outside of any erotic context.
It will however be a great ally during your fiery nights, and will only be noticed once your clothes are off since it remains invisible under your clothes.

The jock strap

Finally, the jock strap is a particularly sexy piece of underwear for men. This daring piece of lingerie proposes to place several elastic bands under the buttocks in order to round them off, while concealing as little skin as possible. Its capacity of support is irreproachable and the curve of the body, rebounded with wish.

The accessories

But the world of men's underwear does not stop there! There is a wide variety of BDSM lingerie accessories that will allow everyone to implement their most diverse fantasies and desires.

Buttplug and penis case

We can indeed find models with integrated buttplug, that is to say latex briefs with inflatable plug, but also pieces with a penis case allowing to insert his phallus directly in his underwear.
This accessory holds and compresses the sex deliciously, which inevitably reminds us of the domination games found in the world of SM. Do not hesitate to complete your outfit with a harness or any other accessory of contrition.

The bare bottom boxer

A bare bottom boxer can be enough to warm up the atmosphere and excite your lover, who will not even have to remove your naughty underwear to penetrate you or masturbate you...
Note that the fetish women's lingerie also offers models of open panties.


A party of legs in the air with a partner still dressed is a very common fantasy. Also, a simple zipper can increase the tension while subtle, thanks to the imagination of both partners.

The different materials in men's underwear

However, the shape alone is not everything, and you should also ask yourself what material you like the most. Beyond the argument of sturdiness, the feeling when wearing and the appearance of the fabric play a large role in the rise of the excitement of the wearer.
This is why being aware of the differences between materials will allow you to adapt your choices in men's underwear to your desires.


Leather has been recovered from animal skins for thousands of years. The unique aspect of this material has earned it a strong success, which has been able to survive until today. More and more companies are now offering vegetable leathers, which allows vegans to enjoy this world.
Leather gives a powerful and virile side to fetish outfits, which it completes without difficulty.


Latex is a timeless material in the world of BDSM. Loaded with history, this material sheathes the body and sublimates the silhouette of its wearer. If it is true that it requires an assiduous and regular maintenance, it has nevertheless the faculty to cut the senses and to plunge the whole anatomy in a true sensory cocoon.
Each sensation is thus isolated and amplified, for the happiness of latex lovers and intense sexual activities.


Vinyl offers the same properties as its cousin latex, while reflecting more light, which gives the garment a shiny side much sought after in various fetishes. It lets the skin breathe and has no odor, which is suitable for long sessions. Requiring less care, the vinyl also gets damaged more quickly and is less shapely because of its looser fit.

The wetlook

Wetlook, which is not very common and not very well known, is made from polyurethane and gives the clothes it is made of a matte and metallic look. Its shaping properties are reminiscent of an elastic version of latex, which makes the garment easier to put on and take off.
In addition, it allows the skin to breathe. The wetlook is thus perfectly indicated for prolonged BDSM sessions.


Elastic material in vogue in the sports world in the 1970s, lycra is now very popular in the fetish world for its resistance and soft touch.
The use of this material as a highly erotic second skin has reached records in China and Japan, where a specific suit has even been created. The zentai covers entirely the body of its wearer, including the eyes and the mouth, in order to better anonymize the body of its wearer.

Why be interested in fetish underwear for men ?

Finding the right BDSM accessory

If you are new to the world of BDSM and want to build up a fetish wardrobe to better understand your character, start gently with a well-chosen accessory. Easier to wear and to assume, a small piece will also be less expensive than a complete outfit and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the archetypes that attract you.

Men's underwear

Men's underwear is a very good base to start in BDSM, since you can start by wearing them in secret to get used to them. Thus, they are revealed only during your moments of intimacy and are enough to increase the tension without pressure or embarrassment..

Masks and wolves

The choice of a mask is not insignificant to begin an exploration of the world of SM. Indeed, this accessory, synonymous with mystery and anonymity, instantly reminds us of the masked balls of Italian origin, which allows beginners to easily immerse themselves in their character.


Creepers have their origins in the rockabilly movement and the Teddy Boys of the 1950s. These two cultures from the United States and the United Kingdom respectively have their roots in the very source of rock n roll, popularized by artists such as Elvis Presley or Chuck Berry.

Creepers were introduced by Hamilton in the early 1950s and are still considered a classic fashion accessory of the period.
Yves Saint-Laurent brings them back to the taste of the day in the fall of 2007, which will give the green light to several luxury brands that will reinvent in turn these essential shoes of the rockabilly era.

BDSM accessories

Once you've familiarized yourself with the codes of BDSM, allow yourself the curiosity to browse through the countless existing BDSM accessories designed to heighten desire.

Ask your partner about the most common practices, which propose, for example, to tie yourself up and let yourself be subjected to the power of your lover and thus explore together the limits of your senses and your psyches.

Start gently with a small pair of handcuffs to tie to the bed to immobilize your partner, a blindfold to deprive him of sight and surprise him with each of your caresses or candles to melt on his feverish body.