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Show your belonging with this accessory

Original by its shape, the O ring is one of the BDSM accessories that symbolize submission. Unlike other rings, this one is distinguished by the presence of a ring on top. Although many people wear this ring, the majority do not know its true meaning.


A short history of the O-Ring

Representing a BDSM scene, the O-ring is described in the novel by Pauline Réage. Known as a unique identifier, this type of submissive ring is most commonly found in Europe and German-speaking countries. Also known as the slave ring, the O-ring always addresses the subject of submission. Nowadays, this BDSM accessory is called the Dominant. However, it can be worn by both the submissive and the dominant, but the ring remains unisex.

Very fashionable lately, this ring is offered for sale on various online sex shops like Demonia. Are you planning to start practicing SM bondage? There is nothing easier than wearing the right accessories. Ideal for a sign of recognition between you and your partner, the submissive ring can be given as a gift. Everyone has their own perception of the accessory, as there are those who consider it as an engagement ring and others as a simple object to recognize a person who practices BDSM. In fact, this ring is the jewel that unites the dominant and the submissive.

Originally, the O ring comes from the erotic book entitled "O Story". This book tells the story of a woman who is completely submissive to a man. The young woman is O and she was brought to a castle to be trained by her lover. The latter had many surprises in store for her, as she was thrown to men who made her a sex slave. O was handcuffed, whipped and touched on every part of her body until she screamed in pain. The young woman agreed to become a slave out of love for her lover Rene. She submits to her own will to all the gestures that are imposed on her. It is in this book that O receives a ring that she must wear. It makes the young woman accessible.

This story of O shows us the beginning of submission by wearing the ring. From the moment the young woman has worn the ring given to her by her lover, she is accessible.

Wearing an O-Ring

Receiving an O-Ring remains an important moment in a BDSM relationship. In most cases, this ring is known as a traditional piece of jewelry in the BDSM community. If you wear a Ring-O given to you by your partner, it can signify that you belong to that person. Both stylish and elegant, the ring symbolizes the bond between you and your master. Here, your partner or the person who gave you the ring becomes your master. Thus, wearing the O-Ring should not be taken lightly or perceived as a simple piece of jewelry. The master gives you the jewelry so that everyone can recognize your submission. On the other hand, the ring affirms the duty you have to your master. By accepting the ring, you admit that you belong to this person. Like an engagement ring, your partner will make the gesture of putting this jewel on your finger to further affirm his or her power.

In the world of bondage, the relationship between the master and the submissive or the mistress and the submissive must be fusional. Indeed, the two people show complementarity and equality in their relationship. As a result, they may decide to express the need to symbolize their relationship with an O-Ring. In addition, other couples practicing the submission game will be aware of the relationship you have with your partner if you wear this ring.

The O-Ring for BDSM practitioners

The O-ring is counted among the important elements in a master-slave relationship. By giving this gift to his submissive, the master commits himself to a relationship where he must fulfill his duty. For her part, the submissive accepts her status when she wears the ring. Speaking of a BDSM relationship, the ring is a sign of trust and surrender for both parties. But what is BDSM?

The acronym BDSM stands for Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission. In principle, there is no typical profile for people who practice BDSM, as they are ordinary people. If some individuals live this concept full time, others prefer to practice it to spice up their relationship. They will test BDSM to push their sexual limits and to analyze the trust of each other.

It is important to note that BDSM is not only about sex, but also about the couple's moments of intimacy. For the majority, it is a master-slave relationship that each party has freely consented to obtain an unforgettable pleasure. One of the things to keep in mind about S&M is the pain caused by the various tools used to achieve orgasm. If you practice S&M, it is safe to say that you are looking for something, either to punish your partner or to give her an orgasm through the use of painful tools. BDSM tools create adrenaline, endorphins and a new sensation, that of getting high. The submissive leash is part of the BDSM accessory to be used to tie up your partner during the sexual act. However, you should avoid cutting off circulation by tying your partner tightly. Indeed, a bad handling of the BDSM accessory can lead to serious injuries.

Concerning the O ring, you can put it on your partner's finger the first time. This step will mark the taking of power on your part. As a symbolic object, the ring must fit the size of the finger of the person who will wear it. Unlike a leash of submissiveunlike a leash, the ring can be worn on a daily basis since many people do not know the meaning of this jewel. You will not be forced to undergo the judgment of your relatives as if you wear a necklace of submissive.

How to choose a ring?

Unlike standard rings, the O ring has different specificities. To wear the ring of submissive for example, two situations can arise:

  • on the one hand, there is the right hand which means submission ;

  • on the other hand, if you put the ring on your left hand, it means domination.

As for the shape of the ring of submissive, it is identical to the one present in the movie O story from the year 1975. In general, it is a cylindrical ring with different widths and decorated with a small ball that is pierced with a ring on top. For the size, we have several dimensions according to the diameter of your finger:

  • size 52 for 16.5 mm ;

  • size 54 for 17 mm ;

  • size 56 for 18 mm;

  • size 58 for 18.5 mm;

  • size 60 for 19 mm.

Made of stainless steel, this ring has a quality design offered by its superior polish. There are several advantages offered by this jewelry such as no tarnishing of the material, the durability of the ring compared to silver and the fact that it does not mark the skin or clothes. So you don't have to worry about the ring causing any allergic reaction.

The O ring, I belong to you

In a relationship, many need to feel a sense of belonging to a person. The submissive ring can be given during a ceremony or a private event. The moment needs to seal the union of the two people, as everyone wants the relationship to last a very long time. Often, the exchange of the O-Ring is an unforgettable moment.

In an intolerant society, wearing a submissive necklace is still difficult. On the other hand, S&M enthusiasts accept the ring without concern while making a compromise. When you decide to surrender to someone and submit to their desires, you should not be afraid of commitment. In the majority of cases, the submissive leash is used during S&M sexual practices.

However, the SM ring can still be worn, as it signifies dependence and belonging. It should be noted that the O-Ring, once offered, will have to be worn permanently since it was designed to last a long time. Available in black and silver, the submissive ring is what you are looking for in terms of SM jewelry.