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Inflatable plug

Taste the delights of anal stimulation with the inflatable plug. The deep orgasm that the use of this accessory will offer you is sure to make you want to do it again. You won't be able to do without it!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

Who can use an inflatable plug?

Anyone can use an inflatable plug. It will satisfy you whether you are a beginner in anal stimulation or a fan of extreme practices. This very versatile accessory is quite popular, especially in the BDSM world. The neophytes will choose it to initiate themselves gradually to anal pleasure. Both men and women can enjoy themselves with an inflatable plug.

What is the use of an inflatable plug?

Since the giant "anal plug" in the Place Vendôme, an inflatable sculpture that has caused controversy, many people are intrigued by this object. To enlighten you, here are the main functions of an inflatable plug.

For a successful sodomy

To take pleasure during a sodomy and especially, not to have pain, it is important to prepare well. The plug is the perfect sextoy for this. This playful and naughty accessory is designed to get you in condition while having fun. Combined with lubricant, it gradually relaxes the muscles of the anal region. Once the sphincter is relaxed and the anus is stretched, anal penetration with a dildo or a penis is much easier. In addition to preparation, communication and complicity are two essential elements for successful sodomy. Using an inflatable anal plug during foreplay will strengthen the special bond between the two partners. The trick is to take it slow and easy. This will make anal penetration even better.

Always more pleasure

An inflatable anal plug can be used alone or in couple. In the case of masturbation, the plug amplifies the slightest sensation of pleasure. Both men and women can touch and caress each other by pressing the pump of the inflatable plug from time to time, to get a little closer to ecstasy. When it is used in couple, and in particular during a sexual intercourse, the two partners experiment a multiplied pleasure. If the plug is worn by a woman in parallel with penetration, the vagina will feel tighter and both lovers will experience much more intense sensations. The toy will stimulate the woman's G-spot by exerting strong pressure on the anal and vaginal walls. The tension will rise a notch and the orgasm will be much more powerful. The man who wears the inflatable plug during an intercourse will benefit from a delicious stimulation of the prostate. Anal pleasure is within everyone's reach with this revolutionary sextoy.

The benefits of the inflatable plug

Demonia reveals the secrets of the inflatable plug and explains why this wonderful accessory has become a reference for sextoys of all kinds.

A progressive size

The main advantage of using an inflatable anal plug is its adaptability. For those who are just starting out, but want to go far, there's no need to buy dozens of plugs of different sizes, one inflatable plug is enough. You can go from anal initiation to large dilations with the same accessory. In the same way, you can adapt the size of your plug to your desires. This saves you space and money.

Deep stimulation

The inflatable anal plug is perfect if you're looking for deep stimulation. As the toy inflates, it exerts increasing pressure on key erogenous zones, including the vaginal and anal walls, the clitoris, the prostate and the G-spot. You will then experience a sensation of fullness and well-being of a rare intensity. For men, the pleasure caused by prostate stimulation is quite different from a classic orgasm. It lasts longer and is rooted more deeply, the waves of pleasure overwhelm the entire body. An orgasm like you've never experienced before.

An infinite number of possible games

The inflatable plug is generally very appreciated for its versatility. Some models are designed for both anal and vaginal penetration. So let your imagination run wild and dive into the world of naughty games. Abandon yourself by giving the control of the pump to your partner. You will then live an extraordinary moment of complicity, between teasing and tenfold orgasms. For a more intense stimulation, there are vibrating inflatable plugs. The remote control is integrated into the pump. The master of the game makes his or her partner come by playing with the variations in the size of the plug and the different vibration modes.

Push your limits

The inflatable plug is particularly appreciated in the BDSM sphere, because it allows you to go further and further. Depending on the model, the plug can triple in volume when inflated to its maximum. What to equal the plugs and dildos "out of the ordinary". With each session, all you need is a little extra pressure on the pump to flirt with your limits. This accessory is also perfect for anal dilation training, especially if you're attracted to practices such as fist. The inflatable plug can be coupled with other bDSM accessories accessories such as a chastity cage or spreader bars to enjoy the pleasures of submission.

How to choose the right inflatable plug?

Here are some parameters to consider when choosing an inflatable plug.

The material

It is possible to find inflatable anal plugs with a latex or silicone insert. Both materials have the advantage of being stretchable while being very resistant. The pump and hose can also be made of silicone or plastic. It is best to choose materials like soft silicone for your inflatable anal plug. These medical grade models are guaranteed to be phthalate-free (phthalates are chemical compounds that are harmful to the body). They are also easier to insert, as they have a smooth, soft surface.

The shape

There are several shapes for your inflatable plug. Some models are closer to the classic plugs, i.e. with an oval or conical shape. They are mainly intended for anal use and are not designed for back and forth movements. Other inflatable plugs are similar to dildos. They are generally larger and can be used for anal or vaginal penetration.

Pump operation and inflation capacity

Many models have a safety feature that allows the plug to be fully deflated in an emergency. This is usually a button located near the pump. Not all pumps inflate the plug in the same way. A single press on the pump may result in several centimeters of expansion, while other models may require as many as ten presses to achieve this result. It is best to test the object in the open air first. As a general rule, consider looking at the size of the plug at rest, but also at its dimensions when fully inflated to be sure it's right for you.

How do I use an inflatable plug?

Inflatable anal plugs take up much more space than rosebuds or classic plugs. It is therefore preferable to do an enema before using this accessory. Whether you are using a plug as a solo act or as a couple, the procedure is the same. When you insert your inflatable anal plug, lubricate your anus and the sextoy with a water-based product. Massage the anal area and insert a finger a few inches first. Also make sure your toy is completely deflated. When you feel that your anus is sufficiently relaxed, insert the tip of the inflatable plug. This is not a speed run, so it's important not to push the sextoy sharply inward. You can make circles with the plug to gradually relax your muscles. Continue to introduce the toy gradually. When it is fully inside, take time to get used to the sensation.

If you're new to this, you can stop at this stage and have fun with this new aspect of your sexuality. When you feel ready, press the pump or ask your partner to do so. The volume of the plug will increase, taking the pleasure up a notch. Pump as many times as you like to enjoy these new sensations. It is imperative to deflate the plug completely before removing it. Then gently pull on it to remove it without pain. After the orgasm, the muscles tend to be contracted, so you may experience some resistance. In this case, try to relax and push off like you do when you go to the bathroom. You can also use lubricant during withdrawal.

Precautions for use

Have you ever wondered if an inflatable plug could explode? This is a common concern among customers. There is indeed a risk of the toy exploding if it is used in very bad conditions. If you damage it or inflate it much more than it can handle, for example. However, this accident is extremely rare. Just follow some basic rules to avoid it.

  • Read the instructions for the inflatable plug carefully before using it. It will tell you how many times you can pump without damaging the sextoy. Be sure to follow the instructions.

  • When playing with an inflatable plug, remember to count, even out loud, the number of times you've pumped. This way, there is no risk of exceeding the limit of your accessory.

  • Inflatable plugs should be used with a water-based water-based lubricant so as not to damage the silicone or latex.

  • Before inserting your plug into any orifice, try inflating it to see how it works. This will help you learn how to deflate it, test the safety system and get a feel for its maximum size. Getting to know your new toy will allow you to enjoy your erotic games with peace of mind.

  • Like most sex toys, the inflatable plug should not be exposed to the sun. This can damage the silicone or latex that makes it up. When you're done playing, store it in a drawer away from light.

To avoid the transmission of diseases and to prolong the life of your accessory, remember to with a suitable product after each use after each use.