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special g-spot dildos

Special g-spot dildos: The direct way to orgasm

Special G-spot dildo : the dildo designed to moan with pleasure

The G-spot is not a myth. Today's sex toys teach women to find it easily and to play with it. A very small area for immense pleasure.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 7 items

The special G-spot dildo: to put an end to the myth of the G-spot

Ernst Gräfenberg, a German gynecologist, discovered in 1950 the existence of this small area of only a few millimeters inside the vaginal wall. Rather rough and bulbous in shape, the scientific community then began to study it and sought to know if it was an erogenous zone participating in sexual excitement

Today, there are no studies confirming that the famous point triggers orgasms during its stimulation. The highly innervated area, located about 3 cm from the anterior entrance of the vagina, leaves most women questioning its existence

However, it is there and can easily be detected with a simple touch. To silence the bad tongues, a French study would touch the proof that the G-spot would indeed participate in the vaginal coitus. Indeed, ten women suffering from sexual disorders were injected with hyaluronic acid at the level of the G-spot in order to increase its size. The number of orgasms increased by 50% for some of them. 7 of them declared themselves satisfied

The G-spot is not a myth for many gynecologists and sexologists. You just have to learn how to stimulate it and feel it. Another argument to confirm its existence is that it is located precisely on the inner wall of the clitoris. This small button is known to be sensitive to caresses on its external face. We now know that it can be touched and caressed on its external side. Dildos and other sex toys have therefore adapted to this discovery by offering another way of giving oneself pleasure.

From now on, the market of vibrators and stimulators has a new companion: the special G-spot dildos.

Why use a special G-spot dildo and not a classic sextoy?

It is entirely possible to stimulate your g-spot with a more conventional dildo. However, if your goal is to massage this outer wall of the clitoris in order to reach higher spheres, we recommend these dildos that are specially designed for this purpose. With an ergonomics adapted to the vagina, these sex toys are curved and have such asperities to come in direct contact with the sensitive area. With an extra soft and smooth material like silicone for a pleasant touch at a temperature always ambient

The brand lelo, for example, offers the Mona Wave, a G-spot stimulator of 11 cm. Its voluptuous 100% waterproof silicone shape is suitable for naughty duo play in the shower or a solo masturbatory session in a hot bath. This vibrating dildo is equipped with wave motion technology. In addition to vibrating to the rhythm of 10 different modes, at varying speeds, the sextoy moves back and forth, giving the impression of a superbly executed fingering by the best of lovers. Once recharged, you have a 2-hour autonomy to enjoy yourself. Delivered in its box with a small discreet carrying bag, you can take it everywhere, out of sight.

To stimulate simultaneously the clitoris on its internal and external part, you will not resist the powerful vibrations of the Wonderlove egg. This clitoral and g-spot vibrator allows this double stimulation thanks to a remote control supplied with it. The pink silicone sextoy works with two independent motors and offers 5 different vibration modes that adapt to the sensitivity of each. Your play partner can either activate an internal vibration to titillate your sensitive spot, or activate the clitoral stimulator to make you scream with pleasure. Or both at the same time! Gentlemen, don't miss the pleasure of alternating the intensity of the object while watching your wife get closer to heaven

Even stronger, the connected sextoy! Using a smartphone and a previously downloaded application, your partner can remotely activate the sextoy that penetrates you. This is what offers the vibrator Nora brand Lovense. The Lovense Remote application can be downloaded for free on IOS and Android. This one allows you to activate with a simple phone in WIFI or Bluetooth the rotating head of the pink rabbit according to 7 different modes of vibration and 3 variable power modes. Its curved head is perfect to stimulate the inner wall of the vagina and target the point in question. Your clitoris is not left out since its handle is designed to take care of it. The highlight of this sextoy is its "public mode" function which allows viewers to remotely control this special G-spot dildo from their mobile. Rechargeable and fully waterproof, aquatic environments will soon become its new playgrounds.

How to choose your dildo?

The first question to ask yourself when you want to buy a sextoy concerns its use. Is it to vary the pleasures during your lovemaking with your partner or your darling or to masturbate alone? Indeed, a double dildo is quite appropriate for a mutual penetration between two women. In a different form, it allows Mr. to fill both orifices of Madam simultaneously. Finally, the suction cup dildo is very appreciated by singles looking for pleasure in the shower or elsewhere.

Once the first question is answered, ask yourself where you would like to be masturbated. Do you limit yourself to vaginal penetration or do you prefer to supplement it with a clitoral stimulator? Do you want to let the man do the back and forth manually with a non-vibrating dildo or can you resist the temptation of a vibrating or connected dildo that caresses you?

The material is also a criterion to take into account. Indeed, a metal dildo generates a different temperature than a silicone suction cup dildo, for example. The cold can cause very surprising sensations for those who do not find it unpleasant.

The last point not to be excluded is the size and width of the toy. How do you like to be penetrated? Are you sensitive to the length or are you more of those who like to feel pressure on the walls of the vagina? At Dèmonia, fetish and BDSM store, you will find sex toys of all possible sizes, depending on what suits you best.

Have you chosen your special G-spot dildo? Now let's get down to business!

Imagine that you have decided to submit yourself completely to the one you love during a game. Submission games allow you to work on your confidence as a couple and to discover new sensations, both physical and cerebral

To get you in the right mood, set the mood for eroticism. You can start by putting on a very sexy skirt to increase your partner's desire. Materials like leather or latex are very popular with fetishists, especially at private parties. If you're more conservative and want to stay at home, chic lingerie works just as well.

Mister must also think of awakening the senses of his partner. Especially if she has a dominatrix soul. A nice cotton t-shirt with Slavic writing on it gives the power to the lady during the time of scripted debates

The time to have fun arrives. You ask your partner to caress your crotch. A few fingering and tongue strokes later, you suggest him this new sextoy that you have just offered: a special G-spot dildo. To facilitate his penetration and moisten your vaginal wall, think of using a water-based or silicone lubricant

When the sextoy is correctly inserted in your orifice, guide your partner, show him the best way to caress you. Take things in hand if necessary. Insist on the inner side of the clitoris, the one named after dear Mr. Gräfenberg. If your sextoy has a clitoral stimulator, play with the intensity and the different vibrations to let yourself be invaded by those that will make you climb the curtain. Take breaks when necessary, do not remain stuck on sensations that could become unpleasant. It is your own feeling that will lead you to pleasure and orgasm.

When the orgasm comes, let it invade you completely. Learn to let go and give yourself this gift, not only for yourself, but also for your partner who will be delighted to have participated in this great moment

If you want to extend the experience and play with your darling, our BDSM Accessories category is full of items and accessories for the most daring scenarios. By allowing you to get to know your partner's deepest recesses, BDSM is the best way to remove the taboos between you and explore the underbelly of your sexuality together.

How to clean your sextoy after your session?

Do you want a little break or have you reached the end of your lovemaking? If you decide to stop there for this session, know that it is important to clean the accessories that came into contact with your genitals. The sextoy should be cleaned after each use. It is your intimate hygiene

For this, we recommend our range of cleaners for sextoys. In spray, they are specially designed and selected to disinfect your sex toys. Among them, the natural toy cleaner: a natural and alcohol-free cleaner, vegan and 95% biodegradable. When you think about yourself, you can also think about the planet and Demonia has understood this

To clean your sextoy, simply apply the spray to the area to be sanitized. You can then wipe it with a damp cloth or rinse it directly under water. Before storing the toy, make sure it is dry. Use a clean, dry cloth or towel to do this.

What if I can't find my G-spot?

Don't panic, give yourself time! Some women have neglected it for so long that they end up denying its existence. They need to give themselves time to find it, feel it and stroke it properly. That's why it's important to have a sextoy that's adapted to your needs.

Like masturbation, the more you practice, the more you will refine the sensations you feel. The important thing is to become aware of your body and its erogenous zones. With experience, a woman knows exactly how she likes to be caressed. All of this is learned throughout one's sexual life, nothing is 100% innate

Dèmonia is committed to democratizing the world of BDSM, to lifting the taboos concerning the sexuality of its clients. Today, the time allows us this liberation. We must take advantage of it and push the exploration a little further, until we know our own limits and practice a fulfilled sexuality without complexes.