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vibrating anal plug

Discover a new world of sensations

Does anal pleasure intrigue or excite you? Use a vibrating anal plug to discover prostate orgasm and the pleasure of penetrating or being penetrated.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 16 items

What is a vibrating anal plug?

The anal plug is a sextoy dedicated to anal pleasure. It can be in the shape of a cone, with a kind of foot, to be able to hold it. It can also take the form of several balls placed on top of each other, also called an anal rosary. Finally, it is also possible to find prostate massagers with a slightly different shape than the classic plugs.

The anal plug is intended to provoke anal pleasure, which can go as far as prostatic orgasm in men. They can also be used to prepare the anus for the reception of a penis or a dildo. The vibrating anal plug adds extra pleasure by stimulating the nerves around the anus.

If sodomy was practiced quite freely during the Antiquity, it becomes taboo progressively, considered as a practice reserved for the homosexuals. It was not until the 19th century that the first anal plug was developed by Franck E. Young, not for pleasure, but to treat hemorrhoids. It was very quickly hijacked, but was banned in 1938 in the United States.

Today, plugs are much more widespread and are no longer reserved for men or homosexual couples.

The vibrating anal plug: for everyone

The vibrating anal plug can be used by both men and women, whether they are heterosexual or not. Do not think that anal practice is taboo! Everyone can find pleasure in it. If a man can get an orgasm from penis stimulation, he can also get an orgasm from prostate stimulation. This orgasm is known to be more powerful than the orgasm with ejaculation.

This pleasure is not only for men, women can also feel excitement by using a vibrating anal plug, even if they do not have a prostate. The vibrating anal plug also allows the woman to reverse the roles and penetrate her partner and take control if you like to have dominant/dominated relationships.

The vibrating anal plug also allows you to prepare your anus for sodomy, whether with a penis or a dildo.

The vibrations allow, in addition to the mechanical action of the plug, to add new sensations, more intense, stimulating the nerves of the anus and the prostate.

Find the anal plug that suits you

It is possible to find anal sex toys of all shapes and sizes, adapted to your needs and desires. But you need to know what's right for you.

The size

We have several models of plugs, and sizes ranging from a small size plug to a large plug. But, the basic vibrating cone-shaped anal plug comes in three sizes:

  • Size S: length of 8.5cm and diameter of 3.3cm
  • Size M: length of 12.5cm and diameter of 3.8cm
  • Size L: length of 14.5cm and diameter of 4.4cm

The anal rosary measures on average 21cm for a diameter of 3.1cm. Finally, it is also possible to find vibrating dildos intended for anal pleasure measuring 14cm long and 3.2cm

The material

The anal plugs can be made of metalbut, the vibrating sex toys offered are generally designed to be comfortable and soft. They are covered with silky soft silicone. This material makes the toys easy to clean and maintain.


You can find the right vibrating anal plug for you based on the vibration modes offered. The sex toys offered by the store have 7 modes of vibration, from soft to intense, with several rhythms as well, to give you the most pleasure possible.

How to use your plug

Learn how to get anal pleasure with a plug

Achieving anal pleasure with a plug can take time, you must already know how to use it properly. Two methods are generally used:

First, you can try to contract the muscles of your anus to have spasms, creating a reaction with other muscles, making an orgasm appear. Start by placing the anal plug inside you, gently, having lubricated it well beforehand. Once this is done, contract your sphincter for 7 or 8 seconds and then release. Repeat the operation between ten and twenty times, depending on your sensitivity. The muscles in your anus will eventually get tired, so continue the contractions, this time more gently. This will cause your sphincter and anus muscles to spasm involuntarily, resulting in pleasure.

You can also simply do nothing. However, this requires a little more practice. This masturbation technique requires you to be relaxed and excited. Insert the plug into your anus and relax. Put yourself in the right frame of mind by looking at or thinking about what turns you on. Take a deep breath, and focus on your breathing to be aware of the sensations in your anus.

Then focus on the anal plug you have inserted, try to feel it, as the body will naturally react, and your muscles will tense. After a while, with the excitement and presence of the toy in your anus, the muscles around the plug will begin to spasm, allowing the sextoy to act as a prostate massager, creating a prostate orgasm. The sensation may seem intense at first, so don't reject them, and relax and enjoy the orgasm. If the sensations appear but don't lead to orgasm, don't panic, it may take some time. Try contracting your sphincter gently and hold the contraction for a few seconds. Release the muscles slowly. Usually the muscle spasms will return, allowing you to achieve a prostate orgasm.

Both of these techniques allow you to have a prostate orgasm without using the vibrations from your vibrating anal plus. If you want extra stimulation, which also helps you to reach orgasm faster, turn on the vibrations and use the plug as if it were a regular anal sextoy.

If you've never had a prostate orgasm, it can be hard to know if you've reached your peak of pleasure or not. You will feel a titillation throughout your body at first, which will become more and more intense, and you may even tremble at times, which is a normal reaction from your body. Accept the sensations, which will not be the same for everyone.

If you want to increase your pleasure tenfold, you can also stimulate your penis by masturbation at the same time as you use your vibrating anal plug.

The perfect position for your plug

Reverse cowgirl" using a vibrating anal plug is not a position reserved for women, despite what the name seems to indicate. The partner handling the anal plug lies on his or her back. The other partner straddles him or her, with his or her back to him or her. The partner on his or her back lubricates the anal plug generously and makes his or her partner sit on the plug at a pace that suits him or her. Once the toy is in place, leave it on so he or she can get used to it. If your partner has a vagina and you have a penis, you can penetrate her while she has the plug in her anus. At the same time, as you penetrate her, you can run the vibrations of the plug, or without the vibrations, she can contract her sphincter muscles to stimulate her anus.

To make sure everyone gets pleasure, you can also perform cunnilingus or fellatio while your partner does the same, in the 69 position.

Once the toy has been left in long enough for your partner's anus to relax, you can use your penis or a dildo, or even a vibrating dildo to sodomize your partner. You can also use an anal rosary to make your partner's anus feel pleasure during insertion, but also when you remove the plug. You can keep the reverse cowgirl position, but your partner can turn around to face you, creating additional intimacy, or you can take him or her doggy style, either by sodomy or vaginal penetration, with the anal plug still vibrating in his or her anus.

Discovering or experiencing prostate pleasure alone or with your partner

It can be difficult to use your plug properly if it's your first time using it. If you're new to anal masturbation, it's best to start with a small, vibrating anal plug, or you might get hurt.

Start by relaxing your anus with your fingers, lubricating them lightly so that they fit easily. Next, lubricate your plug generously. Be sure to use a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging your toy. Insert your plug into your anus, pointing it down toward your penis or uterus. Once you get used to the feel of the plug in your anus, you can turn on the vibrations. If you've never tried it before, go slowly, starting with gentle vibrations and gradually increasing the intensity. Focus on your sensations and enjoy yourself, that's all that matters. If you have a prostate, as you use it you can use your vibrating anal plug as a prostate massager.

Precautions for use

Before any use, take time to read the note of your toy. Also think of taking some precautions before you use it. Follow these tips to enjoy your vibrating anal plug.

If you want to start using your anal plug, remember to clean your anus first, using the shower or possibly an enema, if you intend to move on to sodomy. But don't overdo it, as too much enema can irritate your colon.

The biggest risk of using an anal plug is anal injury, which can range from simple bleeding to total tearing. Always use a lubricant for your plug, as the anus is not a naturally lubricating part of the body like the vagina.

Since your toy will eventually come into contact with feces or other bodily secretions, always remember to clean it before and after use. If you use it with a non-regular partner, use a condom, and if you use it with multiple partners at the same time, clean it between each preparation or use a different condom each time.

If this is your first time using an anal sextoy, take it slow and start with a small size. The anus gradually gets used to larger and larger objects, but going slowly will make it more pleasurable for you and your partner. Using it too roughly could cause an anal fissure, which can lead to more serious health problems. If penetration is painful, breathe slowly and add lubricant. If it really hurts too much, stop and choose a smaller size.

Always clean your most carefully with soapy water and dry it well