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Various lubricants, it will slip!

Adopt a lubricant for your erotic games with our wide range.

Water or silicone based lubricant, special anal, heating or relaxing...

Why use lubricant

During masturbation

Lubricant is most often used to enhance the sensations during sex and other masturbation sessions. For example, stroking the clitoris will feel much better when the area is wet and slippery.

You can choose your lubricant according to your favorite practices: there are indeed anal lubricants, special fist, or even thought to be used with sex toys and be compatible with their material.
To vary the pleasures, visit our specialized pages from the traditional dildo to the belt dildo.

These gentlemen can also use lubricant to apply it to their erect penis before masturbation, in order to make their sensations more fluid.

During penetration

Lube can be just as convenient for couples. Apply it to the fingers, penis or sex toys being used.

If you're having anal sex, you can turn to anal lubricant, which is specially designed to enhance the sensations in this special area. This is because the area cannot lubricate itself, unlike the vagina.

That said, even vaginal penetration may require the use of lubricant for several reasons:

In case of vaginal dryness

Vaginal dryness is a common phenomenon in women. It can be of two distinct types:

Permanent vaginal dryness

Permanent dryness, creating discomfort on a daily basis. The cause can be :

  • taking certain medical hormone treatments with unpleasant side effects,
  • the first signs of menopause,
  • a recent childbirth..

Occasional vaginal dryness

Occasional dryness that occurs only during sexual intercourse. Vaginal transudation does not adapt properly, which prevents a pleasant and comfortable penetration.

The causes can be multiple, in addition to those mentioned for permanent vaginal dryness. Most often, this discomfort is simply the result of a lack of desire or sexual excitement.
That's why the foreplay stage is so important: it helps build desire in both partners, and facilitates cyprine production in the woman.

To start your pleasure sessions together, don't hesitate to create an atmosphere of well-being, relaxing and intimate, using scented candles, massage oil... By relaxing both of you before your intercourse, these will be only more comfortable and sensual!

To put a sanitary tampon

It is also possible to use lubricant when inserting a tampon during the first period.
Indeed, some young women can be intimidated by the application of a first tampon, this one being able to be difficult to insert for which is not accustomed. A dab of lubricating gel can make insertion easier.

In case of vaginismus

Vaginismus is a female sexual disorder in which the muscles surrounding the vagina contract uncontrollably. This can make penetration very painful or even impossible, whether with a penis, a sextoy, a finger, a gynecological speculum or any other object.

This disorder is very vicious, since the muscular contraction leads to pain, which in turn leads to the fear of pain, which in turn leads to contraction... It affects about 1% of the female population, but its frequency can reach 70% in women who are married without their consent.

Most often, the origin of vaginismus is linked to the emotional dimension of sexuality in patients, and particularly the way in which penetration is experienced and represented. This disorder often affects young women who have little knowledge of their anatomy and who have not yet invested their vagina as an area of erotic pleasure, and even unconsciously consider any penetration as an aggression.

Women with vaginismus may, in some cases, use a lubricant to facilitate penetration. They will need to apply a dab of gel to the entrance of the vagina, externally only, and if necessary on their partner's sex.
Certain types of lubricants are particularly indicated for women with vaginismus:

  • Hyaluronic acid-based lubricant hydrates the mucous membranes and can also heal them. However, this type of gel must be applied 1 to 2 hours before intercourse, which is not always practical.
  • Moisturizing water-based intimate gel is excellent for improving penetration, but evaporates quickly and must be applied several times. Otherwise, water and glycerin-based lubricants are preferable.
  • Water and polyacrylamide gel works longer because of its humectant film that settles on the mucous membrane.
  • Silicone-based lubricant lubricates remarkably well, and is sometimes even too slippery.

In case of vaginismus, avoid Vaseline-based gels which can be irritating for the mucous membranes and which are not compatible with condoms.

Which lubricant to choose?

The different types of lubricant

An effective and well-chosen lubricant helps to alleviate the discomfort of a too dry penetration, but also in certain cases to alleviate the pains related to the sexual intercourse.

There are several types of intimate lubricants, each adapted to different practices or materials. For example, some brands offer "delayed effect" gels , designed to act longer and more effectively thanks to their molecules capable of trapping water and attracting it into the vagina.

Just remember this rule: water-based, silicone or glycerine lubricants are compatible with 100% of condoms.

Water-based lubricant

Water-based lubricants spread easily and don't stain. However, they dissolve under water and are therefore incompatible with sex in a water environment (shower, pool...).

In addition, water-based gels dry faster and are more quickly absorbed by the skin than other silicone-based lubricants. They may therefore require several applications during intercourse.

Silicone-based lubricant

Silicone-based lubricants are more slippery and slower-drying than their water-based counterparts. This is because they are not absorbed by the mucous membranes.
In case of anal intercourse, silicone-based gels are therefore often more effective. Silicone is the basis of anal lubricant.

However, they are not compatible with silicone sex toys, nor any object made of this material. So check the composition of your intimate toy before use.
Also beware of dust and other dirt, which are much more likely to stick to a silicone-based lubricant.

Anal lubricant

For anal sex, silicone-based lubricants are the most suitable because of their ability to dry more slowly, thus allowing for uninterrupted and less painful sex.
Moreover, by drying less quickly, the anal lubricant limits the risks of micro-cuts, and thus of infections.

Special fist lubricant

The special fist lubricants follow this logic to guarantee intense intercourse without risk and pain, and are therefore composed for the most part of silicone.
This is the case of several specialized brands, such as Fist it or Swiss Navy, whose products you can find at Demonia.

Lubricant and condom

When using a condom, lubrication must be excellent to ensure the comfort of both partners. This is especially true during anal sex, as the anus is unable to produce cyprine, unlike the vagina.
A little bit of lubricant gel helps to restore pleasure and intensity of sensation.

Which lubricant to use with a condom?

Since most condoms are made of latex, you will need to use a water-based lubricant, since silicone-based alternatives are not compatible with latex.

Most of the models on the market are already lubricated, according to their packaging. However, only a drop or two of product coats the product, in order to facilitate not the sexual intercourse it will accompany, but rather its packaging and installation.

It will be necessary to add lubricant before any report. This will also reduce the risk of cracking, a frequent accident that can lead to the transmission of diseases and infections, or an unwanted pregnancy.

How to use lubricant with a condom?

Put a large dab of gel on the entrance to the vagina, on the tip of the erect penis, or on both if you feel the need.
A small drop can also be placed inside the condom to make contact with the latex more comfortable. Be careful not to put too much on, as this will of course cause the contraceptive to slip off!

Substitutes for lubricant

Other substances and "home-made" solutions are sometimes used to lubricate intercourse. This is the case of creams, ointments, vaselines and other fatty substances, shea butter, cocoa butter... or even vegetable oils such as coconut oil.

Any fatty substance is incompatible with a condom, because the latex risks becoming porous and therefore totally ineffective. So prefer to use traditional lubricant during your intercourse with a condom, you will save yourself big cold sweats!