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non-vibrating suction cup dildos

The suction cup dildo, object of pleasure

The dildo is a very classic sextoy that everyone knows. Oscillating between vibrator, belt dildo, small or large size, there are hundreds of them all offering a different pleasure of penetration.

A suction cup dildo will offer even more intense sensations, because you will be able to fix it everywhere and use your hands to touch something else! With a suction cup dildo, enjoy anal pleasure, double penetration or simply vaginal stimulation with your girlfriend. The suction cup dildo is a new partner to spice up your libido!

The suction cup dildo for all fantasies and all orgasms!

The suction cup dildo is very used in the lesbian environment allowing penetrations in duo and freeing the hands for even more naughty games. However, it has also become a toy for single women, single men or gay couples! So the suction cup dildo lovers will give you useful tips and especially places for exciting penetrations: in front of or above a mirror, in a bathroom, on a table, a chair, under the shower, for the most perverse in public places .... But beyond penetration, some people enjoy performing fellatio, stimulating their partner's clitoris, vagina or anus through caresses.

Object of fantasy, the suction cup dildo will allow you to discover new erotic games, because you will be able to buy different types of suction cup dildos: realistic dildos, big dildos, vibrating dildo .... Dare to play many naughty games and stage your suction cup dildo with sexy outfits: garter, garter belt, stockings ..

In preliminary the suction cup dildo is a perfect erotic accessory! You can caress, masturbate, excite erogenous zones, etc. ... You can also use lubricating gel for a pleasant penetration. Then, for couples, it turns into a3rd partner and offers a double penetration with a realistic dildo.
Remember to clean it after each use with a sextoys cleaner.

Discover on our sex shop a large choice of suction cup dildo: molding dildo, shakestubs dildo, magnum dildo..., but also many other sex toys: cockring, anal plug, geisha balls, bondage accessory, toy for BDSM, sextoys for fetish, lingerie, intimate jewelry, poppers, vibrator, rings ... And for even more pleasure, all our shipments are made in a discreet way.

As the ancestor of all sex toys, the dildo is the essential of the pleasure drawer, the king of all sexual objects. Over time, it has adapted to all practices and trends. The result of these evolutions is a diversity that can sometimes make you dizzy: belt dildo, anal plug, realistic dildo, suction cup dildo... It is to this last one that we are going to focus here, and more particularly to the non-vibrating suction cup dildo. Because we are convinced of its erotic potential and we are confident that it will convince you, we are going to present you the use you can make of it, as well as the criteria that will allow you to make your choice. A choice that, believe us, you will not regret.

An ideal companion in all circumstances

Anyone who's ever used a dildo knows that, while its usefulness is quickly obvious, it can also (and especially when you're alone) become cumbersome and even restrictive. Having to slide or one or two hands between your legs to accompany your pleasure, it is at the same time to make a cross on as many opportunities to caress you or your partner. And this is one of the strengths of the non-vibrating suction cup dildo: to free your hands, to better free your mind. Because once you've got rid of the constraint of having to hold your dildo, you'll only have to worry about the best technique to adopt to reach seventh heaven.

After having well vented your dildo on a flat surface (ground, wall, mirror, sky is the limit), you are free of all your movements. And when we say all, we mean all. Whether you want to take advantage of a trip to the bathroom to enjoy a moment of solitary pleasure under the hot shower, or to add stimulation to a sexual session that lacks spice or accompaniment, the dildo will fit in perfectly with your lovemaking and add a real plus to all your moments of carnal pleasure.

An open door to an infinite number of sexual positions

A horizontal docking station will open the most obvious doors to vaginal or anal penetration. Doggy style is of course preferred, but other positions can also be imagined, for example by lying on your back and leaning your legs against the wall where the dildo is fixed. It is also possible to put your dildo on the floor or on the seat of a chair, as long as the surface is clean and perfectly flat, and thus take advantage of a moment of pleasure to work your hamstrings (when you can combine business with pleasure...). Here again, the limits will be your imagination, and the suction cup will be able to adapt to all your fantasies and practices (by the way, did you realize that by attaching it to a harness, you could transform your sextoy into a belt dildo? No limits, we tell you...).

The perfect sextoy to boost your libido as a couple

Do you have fantasies of double penetration, triolism, male sodomy or more? Sometimes, for one reason or another, our dreams are confronted with real constraints that prevent them from coming true... With a vented dildo as a sextoy, you free yourself from these blockages and open the perspectives of your most naughty horizons. Whether you want to experience them alone or explore them with others, a dildo with a suction cup will be your main ally to accompany you. After all, what better way to boost your libido than to indulge your fantasies and revive a sexual machine slowed down by routine?

The best coach to train for all practices

If you want to learn about anal pleasure, practice fellatio or explore your vaginal intimacy to precisely locate your G-spot, a dildo with a suction cup will be one of your most faithful allies. A real sexual coach, it will support you in all your lovemaking and learning and will quickly become your favorite sextoy. By freeing your hands, you will have to put your hips, your thighs and finally your whole body into action. By dint of practicing this frenzied dance, you will gradually learn to become master of your pleasure and perfect connoisseur of yourself.

An essential maintenance for a hygienic and secure sexual practice

Like all sex toys, suction cups must be maintained regularly in order to be used in optimal hygienic conditions. Before and after each session, they must be cleaned with a cleanser for sex toys, to avoid infections and prevent bacteria from coming into contact with your mucous membranes. Once disinfected, your sextoy should be stored away from humidity, dust and excessive temperature variations, if possible in its original box, or at least in a closed and protected place.

Choosing your non-vibrating suction cup dildo: criteria to consider

As with all sex toys, the attention we pay to the choice of the model is essential in the pleasure that the object can give us. Who indeed would want to use a product that does not please him or that is not adapted to his practices? Let's review the different criteria to take into account before buying your new best friend.

Aesthetics, an often underestimated criterion

We voluntarily put it at the top of the list, although it is not necessarily the first criterion to which we rely when we have to choose our dildo. And yet, in our opinion, it is one of the most important. Because everyone knows it: when we like an object, we want to use it often. So, dive with greed into the wonderful world of suction cups before making your choice, and determine the aesthetic criteria that would be prohibitive for you and your sexual partners. The offer is simply enormous, and everything exists: bright colors or imitation skin, realistic or refined shapes, presence of weighted testicles or not... It's up to you to decide, but the important thing is to buy a product that you will like to look at, and that you will therefore want to use during long, ardent hours of pleasure and discovery.

Shapes and sizes

In life, societal norms prevent us from choosing the measurements of our sexual partners. Of course, we won't question this basic form of politeness, but (and who can deny it?) surprises are sometimes very disappointing in this field... So, let's face it: when choosing a dildo, what's to stop us from opting for the perfect measurements?

Like the whole sex toy market, dildos and suction plugs offer a wide range of choices. From special G-spot dildos, to curved or ribbed dildos, to dildos specifically designed for prostate massages, it all depends on your taste and practice. As for the size (length and diameter), there again, you'll be spoilt for choice. In the case of a beginner, we recommend a toy with reasonable measurements, but it is quite possible to go for longer and larger diameters, like those offered by Captain Red for example, to reach extreme sensations.

The choice of the texture

Another important detail: the choice of texture is a matter of taste and habit. While some people prefer realistic touch sensations such as silicone, others are more inclined towards plastic or jelly touches, or even deliberately artificial ones. Note the existence of ultra-realistic suction cup dildos, with weighted testicles and sometimes even fake foreskin that can be manipulated to simulate the back and forth of masturbation. Whatever the case, and however realistic it may be, it remains an artificial object, and it is therefore advisable to complete its use with a lubricant during your pleasure sessions alone or with others. In the case of a silicone object, prefer a water-based lubricant.

To conclude (because after all, that's what we all expect), non-vibrating suction cup dildos have conquered the market over the years and are now considered the must-have in any self-respecting sex toy collection. They are versatile and fun, while their qualities are as numerous as they are obvious. Whatever your practices or habits, it seems you can't pass up buying a non-vibrating suction cup dildo to accompany you in your exploration of body pleasure. So, what are you waiting for to take the plunge?