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Connected Sextoys

The new generation of sex toys

Technology invites itself into your bed with connected sex toys! Your partner is far from you? Enjoy real intimacy despite the distance with these new generation erotic toys.

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    Remote controlled vibrator for couplesalso works with application We-ConnectTwo bodies, one fusional orgasm. Chorus is the only sex toy for couples that listens to your desires. Soft or vigorous, sultry or fast, it adapts to your desires for a high-flying sexual experience.

    165,83 €
  • Chorus Corail

    Remote controlled vibrator for couplesalso works with application We-ConnectTwo bodies, one fusional orgasm. Chorus is the only sex toy for couples that listens to your desires. Soft or vigorous, sultry or fast, it adapts to your desires for a high-flying sexual experience.

    165,83 €

    Contoured contours to stimulate the perineal area during your lovemaking. The bestconnectedcockringfor solo or duo pleasure!

    82,50 €

    Soft and connected silicone cockring! A high quality vibrating ring offering clitoral stimulation when you make love

    74,17 €

    Tone and strengthen your PC muscles with pleasant vibrations! Connected vibrating Geisha balls, with 3 screw-in balls of different weights. Customized vibrations Works with smartphone and the We connect application

    107,50 €
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

How it works

A connected toy is a sextoy with an extra important feature: the ability to control it remotely! These smart sextoys use new technologies for a pleasure that is free of miles. Simply download an app on your smartphone to control your partner's toy. Even when you're not physically near him or her, you're still an active participant in his or her enjoyment.

The different connected sextoys

Many classic vibrating sextoys come in a connected version. Here is a small overview of the different smart toys that you can meet.

Vibrating dildos

Dildos, and more precisely vibrating dildos, are perfect to gently discover the world of smart sex toys. Intuitive and easy to handle, they can take various forms (rabbit, double, etc.) that will satisfy all your desires. Some models are designed to stimulate certain parts of your anatomy, such as the special G-spot dildos or those that stimulate the clitoris. Your partner will only have to have fun with the many features of these toys to make you go straight to heaven.

The plugs

The anal plug also has a smart version. It can be used by both men and women, in heterosexual and homosexual relationships. Although unisex, this toy in its remote-controlled version is particularly interesting for these gentlemen, with vibration modes specially designed for prostate massage. If you are not yet familiar with the P-spot and the deep orgasm that its stimulation brings, you will be delighted to try the smart plugs.

Clitoral stimulators

For women, smart clitoral stimulators are designed to lead quickly to orgasm. Whether they are vibrating or sucking (like the womanizer), they ensure maximum pleasure in a minimum of time. Controlled remotely, they become great playmates, real extensions of your partner. The stimulator makes you vibrate with pleasure as his hands or lips would if he were next to you. Your partner is in charge and you are at his mercy. It is he who chooses to increase the intensity or to sensually slow down the rhythm when he feels like it. Complicity and eroticism guaranteed!

Cock rings

The cockring, or penis ring, is an essential part of male pleasure. It allows to improve the erections and to stimulate the penis during a report. In its intelligent vibrating version, it satisfies both the wearer and his or her partner. The application allows you to choose among different modes of vibration. This can lead to very exciting games, during a couple masturbation session or during foreplay, for example. Your only limit will be your imagination.

Vibrating eggs

Vibrating eggs are among the most famous remote control sex toys. The Lush from Lovense is a reference in this category. Ideal for foreplay, it can be used discreetly outside for erotic games that are out of the ordinary. The vibrating egg is the perfect couple sextoy if you want to increase your complicity. Some models have a remote control to control the device, in addition to the app. It all depends on the distance between you and your loved one.


Sometimes misunderstood, masturbators for men are nevertheless an indispensable part of male masturbation. Vectors of pleasure, they are even more enjoyable in their remote control version. Give your partner control and let him do it. When you close your eyes, you'll almost feel like you're in the same room as your partner. Use it without moderation to live beautiful moments of complicity and intimacy, even when your partner and you are far from each other.

Additional features

When you say application, you say a lot of new and revolutionary features. No matter which sextoy you choose, the app it works with allows you, for example, to share flaming photos or messages with your partner (who is already remotely controlling your toy). The chat features are particularly interesting for raising the temperature with sexting and other foreplay. In some cases, you can also call your partner to try dirty talk or to guide each other in controlling the vibrations.

Still thanks to the applications of different brands(Lovense, Wewibe, etc.), it is possible to synchronize two sex toys that can work together. For example, you can synchronize a dildo and a masturbator. When one of the users makes a movement with one of the two toys, the other feels this movement because it is directly transmitted to his own toy! In turn, each one can take control and manage the pace of the report while giving each other a lot of pleasure. Virtual sex taken to the highest level. If you're a music lover, you'll sometimes be able to synchronize your sextoy with your favorite song, for a rhythmic pleasure.

The different vibration modes available on your app are often customizable. It's up to you to test the different patterns and save them in your preferences. The connection between the toy and the phone is usually done by wifi, but some models offer a Bluetooth connection for shorter distances. Finally, some sex toys are controllable both via a remote control and through the app. About the devices themselves, some models are fully waterproof, for small pleasures in the bath or shower. Most of them also have control buttons that allow you to stop them yourself (and thus cut off remote control) in case of unforeseen circumstances (pain, disturbance, etc).

Why use a connected sextoy?

There are many reasons to invest in a smart sextoy, but here are the most common ones.

In the context of a long-distance relationship

More and more frequent these days, long-distance relationships could be seen as a hindrance to a fulfilling sex life. Think again, with the rise of connected sex toys, it's entirely possible to enjoy sex with your partner even if they are miles away. These smart devices will allow you to enjoy together without the boundaries and physical distance that separates you. The many features of these toys create true intimacy. As couples in long-distance relationships know, it can be frustrating to have no physical contact with your loved one for several weeks or even months. With smart sex toys, you're able to give your partner pleasure despite the distance. And even if it doesn't replace "real" sex (these devices don't pretend to), it's a good way to stay sexually connected with your partner. It will help you wait until the next time you meet.

To spice up your sex life

Generally speaking, sex toys are a good way to break a routine that has set in over the years. The advantage of smart, remote-controlled sex toys is that they offer even more possibilities than others. You can dare to play outside, for example. Dinner out? A night at the movies? Or just a few errands to run at the supermarket? Equip yourself and make these moments unforgettable. It's hard to hold back when your partner increases the intensity of the vibrations of the toy you're wearing over and over again. Imagine all the erotic scenarios you want and make them happen with the help of smart sex toys. They are also perfect for raising the temperature before the act. Get your partner excited while you're at work, for example. The anticipation makes it easier to orgasm and makes sex more intense. By the time you get home, your partner will be jumping all over you just because you've got his or her sex drive up. These games will even allow you to experience a form of submission/domination. You agree to give exclusive control of your pleasure to your partner or you take things in hand.


If erotic games at a distance are the main interest of connected sex toys, you can also use these objects alone. The same features you use as a couple can be applied to your own little masturbation session. Customized vibration modes or musical synchronization make the experience unique. You can also adapt the cycles and the intensity according to your desire of the moment (soft, intense, cadenced, etc). Smart sex toys are perfect for trying out multi-stimulation. For example, if you want to use a plug when you masturbate, you won't have to worry about it once it's in place. The app takes care of things and you can focus on another erogenous zone. Solitary pleasures should not be shunned to have a fulfilling sexuality. In addition, it is recommended to test the sex toys alone when you receive them, so that you can feel more comfortable when using them as a couple. This way, you'll be more familiar with the different features and controls. So don't wait for your partner to be around to use smart sex toys!

Precautions for use

  • You can use a lubricating gel with your sex toys for better sensations. This is especially recommended with anal plugs and dildos. Prefer water-based lubricants so as not to damage the silicone devices.

  • Erotic toys should be cleaned after each use to ensure good intimate hygiene. Use a sex toy cleaner or gently wash your toy with warm water and pH neutral soap. This process will rid your device of germs and leftover lubricating gel.

  • Make sure you have a good internet connection before using a wifi controlled sextoy. A bad network could cause latency or bugs, which could spoil the sensuality of the moment.

  • Be careful, when you choose a sextoy, always check that it does not contain harmful substances such as phthalates. These components are dangerous for your body. The use of sextoys must remain a pleasure and must not represent a danger for your health.

  • Be careful with connected sex toys and the applications that make them work. For example, do not communicate sensitive data (address, full name, bank details, etc) via chat. If you choose to send risqué photos through the applications, here again caution is required. Never put your face and genitals or chest on the same picture. Although very low, there is always a risk of hacking.