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Come and discover our selection of sextoys brands

The brands of sex toys are very diverse and varied. They can sell both good and bad quality products. At Demonia, we only choose quality brands, for your benefit and comfort. Because investing in a sextoy is something that should be done in a sophisticated way, and the quality of the product should always be flawless


How to choose a branded sextoy

What to look for in a sextoy

To choose the right brand of sextoy, first ask yourself what you want to use your accessory for. You won't have the same needs if you plan to use it at home or on a trip, in bed or in the shower, alone or with your partner, etc.

Make a list of your priorities and carefully consult the technical data sheets of the models you like.

Generally speaking, the ideal sextoy should be :

  • made of silicone, or any other material suitable for intimate use ;

  • rechargeable, in order to simplify its use (no need to think about batteries when you travel);

  • waterproof, which prevents bacteria from getting into unreachable corners if you clean it with soapy water.

Why choose a branded sextoy

It can be interesting to choose your sextoy according to its brand in order to invest in a reliable and durable model. The most recognized companies cannot afford to offer defective products, at the risk of losing their credibility!

That's why you can select your accessory according to the manufacturers that have satisfied you in the past, or of which you have had good feedback. Moreover, famous brands always benefit from more ratings and comments than less recognized ones. With a few clicks, you can guess what to expect.

Brands usually choose to focus on one gadget, or on the contrary to offer a wide range of sex toys. You can rely on the reviews left by customers if you are looking for a classic model such as a dildo or a vibrating dildoand turn to a particular manufacturer if you want to test a toy like the clitoral stimulatorthe rosebud or the belt dildo.

For example, for a connected sextoyturn to Lovense or We Wibe. In the case of a clitoral vacuum cleaner, prefer Womanizer, while for a dildo belt, Strap On Me is a reference not to be missed.

Branded sextoy and safety

Choosing a good quality sextoy has several advantages. First of all, it is the guarantee to keep it for many years. Indeed, as with all electronic products, low-end brands do not usually last long.

Then, in the case of intimate toys, the question of hygiene must be asked. The mucous membranes are fragile and you can't take the risk of any infection. Therefore, prefer branded sex toys, made with healthy materials such as hypoallergenic silicone, and avoid porous materials such as jelly that allow microbes to proliferate.

Finally, don't neglect the hygiene of your intimate toy! Use a sextoy cleaner adapted to the material of your sextoy and a lubricant in sufficient quantity, especially if you are a beginner.

The most famous brands of sextoys


Lelo is an internationally recognized brand for the quality and diversity of its products for women, men and couples. Founded in Stockholm in 2002, it offers branded sex toys, BDSM toys and massage accessories.

Its revolutionary products have been able to shake up the market thanks to their pleasant feel, sleek design and varied functionality.

Operating in over 35 countries, the brand offers just about every type of sex toy imaginable at very affordable prices.

What to remember about Lelo:

  • 10-year quality guarantee

  • International reference brand

  • Wide choice of models

  • Generally very affordable prices


Womanizer has revolutionized the science of clitoral pleasure with innovative technology.

The German brand notably became popular among women in 2014 when the first Womanizers were released, with the W100 and W500 models selling remarkably well for a young company.

The successful clitoral vacuum cleaners stimulate the clitoris without contact, thanks to particularly intense suction and vibration effects.

No less than 11 new products have been released since then, not counting special Valentine's Day models and other variants. The wide choice and the relatively high prices of the brand can however intimidate curious visitors, who have to make their choice among sometimes very similar products.

What to remember about Womanizer:

  • High-end products

  • Specialized in clitoral stimulation by suction

  • Orgasm almost guaranteed!


Lovense is the reference in connected sex toys. Perfect for couples in long-distance relationships who want to fill the physical separation with intimate moments together!

However, Lovense's sex toys are not just for long-distance lovers. The brand, founded in 2009, first developed masturbators, before turning to remote-controlled eggs via a mobile app. It now offers many accessories anal plugs, special G-spot vibratorsvibrators, prostate stimulators, magic wand and vibrating eggsyou will find your happiness!

What to remember about Lovense :

  • Affordable prices

  • Relatively high-end brand

  • Specialized in connected sex toys

We Wibe

We Wibe was one of the first brands to market sex toys for couples to be used together during sex. The Berlin-based leader's rechargeable and connected vibrators have sold over 6 million units worldwide.

What to remember about We Wibe:

  • Fairly high-end brand with high price ranges

  • Popular in over 50 countries

  • Leader in the couple sextoy niche


Aneros is mainly addressed to men, and in particular to homosexuals since the brand developed by HIH in 1996 proposes prostatic massagers.

This is the opportunity to test these branded sex toys together!

What to remember about Aneros:

  • Affordable prices

  • Specialist in anal and prostate pleasure

Reference brand

I Play

The London brand Je Joue designs branded sex toys for women, men and couples. It stands out from its competitors thanks to the aestheticism of its pure lines and the quality of manufacture of its intimate toys.

What to remember about Je Joue :

  • Affordable prices

  • Aestheticism and high quality finishings

  • Wide choice of sex toys

Strap On Me

Strap On Me is the undisputed reference in terms of harnessless dildos.

With its evocative name and its wide choice of specialized branded sex toys, it offers women the opportunity to discover penetration in a new light while enjoying the double stimulation offered by products designed in France.

What to remember about Strap On Me :

  • Sober and refined aesthetics

  • Wide choice of strap-on dildos without harness

  • Models with or without ejaculation


Romp is a low-cost brand available on Amazon. It offers colorful, compact and efficient sex toys.

Despite what the very affordable prices may suggest, the accessories signed Romp meet the hygiene standards and are relatively reliable for first prices.

What to remember about Romp:

  • No official website

  • Very reasonable prices

  • Varied and attractive products

Love To Love

The retailer Love To Love offers many branded sex toys, anal plugs, lubricants and massage oils, erotic games... The French brand created in 2004 is present on all fronts and differentiates itself by its affordable prices and its heterogeneous choice of accessories for adults.

What to remember about Love To Love :

  • A varied and complementary offer

  • Attractive prices

  • A large choice of brands

Fun Factory

fun factory has become known for its pop and offbeat atmosphere. Indeed, its fun and colorful sex toys with sometimes improbable shapes have seduced a certain public that loves original and surprising accessories.

What you should remember about Fun Factory :

  • A unique universe

  • A large variety of sex toys

  • Powerful and fun toys