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ball stretcher

Ball stretcher : men also have the right to their own sex toys

No, women aren't the only ones who have toys in bed. Sex toys are also greatly appreciated by the male gender. BDSM enthusiasts can practice CBT (cock and ball torture) as a form of naughty entertainment

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Showing 1 - 6 of 13 items

What is a ball stretcher?

A ball stretcher is an accessory used during sexual practices and categorized in the sex toy genre. Especially dedicated to male use, it is part of the CBT (cock and ball torture) objects, a SM practice aiming at the torture of genitals, especially by bondage of testicles and punishment games around the penis.

The stretcher is similar to the testicle crusher and the humbler, whose objective is also to initiate pleasure around the penile punishment. All these objects can be associated with the use of a weight, which will further increase the tension to which the testicles are subjected and, by extension, the sensations that result from it. Thanks to the stretching of the genital glands, the scrotum lengthens and provokes a new pleasure in the man. It is generally shared by the partner during a more advanced penetration and intensified by the beating of the accessory.

CBT practices can be performed on a regular basis, such as during a punishment inflicted by the dominator or the dominatrix. They can be used as well in solitary, during masturbation. Indeed, these small naughty exercises have the reputation of intensifying the pleasure felt before and during ejaculation. A great choice of exploitation, therefore... and a lot of fun.

The birth of the ball stretcher

It is rather likely that the advent of CBT procedures was the result of dark circumstances. Indeed, the punishments inflicted on the genitals could be commonplace during torture exercises. This was particularly the case in the Middle Ages, when the practices were administered in the name of the medieval Inquisition or in order to make a condemned man suffer before the gallows.

Today, CBT activities have become a real means of pleasure and sharing between partners. They are initiated around a common consensus, whose only objective is to increase the intensity of sensations in the other. Pain is now associated with the inherent rise in excitement and pleasure. So, yes, we can say it: man's sex has taken a hell of a revenge on history.

The invention of the ball stretcher, the testicle crusher, the humbler or the weights has thus stemmed from a tragic past to make genital torture a sexual renaissance. This is by no means an isolated preference. Indeed, the increase of carnal pleasure caused by a more or less strong pain, as well as the feeling of submission, are widely recognized in sexual practices. For some, this pain even becomes a condition for reaching orgasm.

Are you still wondering what kind of pleasure such an instrument can bring? Our SM store is happy to explain it to you in more detail!

What kind of pleasure does the ball stretcher provoke?

The ball stretcher is part of the BDSM accessories based on the stimulation of the senses through pain. The man's scrotum and testicles are tenderly tormented until the pain, which can be both physical and psychic, mixes with pleasure.

It is not surprising that pain and pleasure seem to be intimately linked. With S&M practices, pain is eroticized, which makes it desirable, and often even necessary to reach orgasm. This tasty mix of sensations makes the exchange between the partners all the more memorable and strengthens the bonds that unite them

When used in a submission game, the ball stretcher becomes a way to spice up the exchange and to make the temperature rise in the room. It is then a question of subjecting the man to a delicious physical and penile torture. The one who has the control of the situation can then require the submissive several steps before the delivery. But this BDSM accessory can also be used during penetration. Moreover, some men also use it for personal masturbation.

No doubt about it: the testicle crusher is a resounding success among men, but also among those who wish to subjugate their power over their partner. Like a good number of accessories, it requires however several precautions of use, that our BDSM store does not fail to indicate to you to avoid any inconvenience during your small parts of pleasure.

How to choose and use a ball stretcher ?

Our SM store offers torture accessories in leather, metal, wood or transparent plexi. The chosen material will depend on the aesthetic preferences of the partners, but also on the comfort of the one who wears the accessory. It also concerns hygiene issues (for example, leather requires a much more intense and careful washing than Plexiglas or wood).

Note that the use differs depending on the BDSM accessories chosen in the category. The testicle crusher allows you to adjust the pressure exerted thanks to small nuts. The testicle stretcher, on the other hand, lengthens the scrotum downwards and can be completed with other weights. Finally, the humbler pulls the testicles behind the thighs, forcing the man to stay on his knees for the duration of the wear.

As with most SM objects, the ball stretcher and its variants should be used with special care. For beginners, the pressure or weights should be increased gradually. In the same way, the wearing must respect the comfort and the tolerance level of the man. The accessory remains a means of sexual pleasure and is not supposed to lead to a disproportionate discomfort during the activities of daily life.

But you may have in mind to accompany your ball stretcher with other naughty objects... Follow our advice for a practice always more exciting.

Complete your SM panoply with Demonia products

BDSM accessories accessories are rarely used alone. It is usual to vary the pleasures thanks to an array of objects more naughty than the others. The ball stretcher is no exception to the rule: with its use grows the possibilities of pleasures, whose only limits are those of the imagination.

At Dé, we believe that the body is full of sensitive areas that should not be neglected during sexual practices. It is therefore important to get off the beaten track and explore your skin until you discover the other and rediscover yourself. This is why varying accessories and uses is essential in the BDSM or fetish experience. They allow you to move away from conventional sex to explore a more intense and unexpected universe, which promises you an orgasm at the finish line.

The metal sextoy completes the use of the ball stretcher. It adds a luxurious and exciting touch to the BDSM practice of testicle and penis torture. The anal plug or the handcuffs feed the game of submission and multiply the sensations of the partner. Of course, there is nothing more exciting than to complete these exercises with the use of a swift, of a gaga gag, a daring lingerie or even aa balaclava... Finally, the cockring allows to complete the use of a ball stretcher by adding tension around the penis. Why should he be left over, after all?

Free your sexuality with Dé

CBT is one of the many uses of the vast world of S&M. Démonia's vocation is to make you discover more and more practices that will free your sexuality and satisfy you. Our online BDSM store offers a large choice of products, from sexy clothes to connected dildosour online BDSM shop offers a wide range of products, from sexy clothes to connected dildos, through metal sextoy, so that you always find the right thing for you... Or many other things.

BDSM and fetishism generally appear to be enigmatic and misunderstood by the general public. Yet they are far more widespread than you might think. Unusual fact (or not, after all): a 2013 American study showed that people practicing SM would have healthier social relationships than the rest of the population! They would even be more relaxed and serene in their daily lives!

The pleasure inherent in BDSM is not only physical, but it is also spiritual. Bondage and sadomasochism practices deliver the soul and free the mind from its permanent worries. Clearly, SM and fetishism do us good! A good enough reason to lift the taboo on this sexuality freed from societal standards. Role-playing and submission games are often a way to escape, for a moment, from the heavy reality of everyday life. You let yourself go fully to fantasies, without barriers or prejudices, before reconnecting fully to your existence. An enjoyable break to better understand yourself and open up to the other.