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Everything for the practice of Fist Fucking

A product called "special fist" will have been designed to be used in a fist session. This can concern special fist lubricants, gloves or even sex toys

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What is fisting?

Fisting is the sexual practice of penetrating the vagina or rectum of one's partner with the fist.

During the act of fisting, the fist of the person penetrating his or her partner will not be closed. Instead, the hand is slowly inserted into the vagina or anus with the fingers stretched out and grouped together.
Only when the intromission is fully completed can the fist be closed.

There is also a similar and even more marginal alternative version, called foot-fucking, which proposes to entrust the role of the hand to the foot of one of the partners.


The practice of fisting does not appear in the 1948 and 1953 reports of Dr. Alfred Kinsley, listing human sexual practices.
However, in the 1960s, a group called TAIL (for Total Ass Involvement League) appeared in the United States, composed of about 1,500 people claiming to be fist-fuckers.

This relatively taboo and marginal practice continued to be popularized in the 1970s, when the private gay club The Catacombs in San Francisco became more and more popular.
The growing reputation of this establishment is intimately linked to the practice of fisting, and The Catacombs sees its clientele diversify significantly until counting as much male and female practitioners as bisexuals.

In France, there is a gay guesthouse for male anal fist-fuckers. La Fistinière is located in Assigny, in the Cher department.
It opened in 2007, and welcomes practitioners from all over the world. The guesthouse closed its doors on December 31, 2018, without however giving up its service activity since various workshops and parties continue to take place there.

Fisting and homosexuality

If it is common to associate fisting and male homosexuality, we nevertheless find this practice in lesbian and heterosexual relationships, fist-fucking can be anal or vaginal.
However, since fisting acts directly on the male prostate, we can better understand the origin of this preconceived idea.

How to practice fisting?

Relaxing before a fist

It is of course essential to be completely relaxed before a fist, in order to guarantee a pleasant and painless penetration.
First of all, discuss the practice itself with your partner in order to exchange your doubts and fears.

In addition, do not hesitate to recreate a relaxing, exciting or well-being atmosphere with candles, massage oil... This can indeed be the occasion to massage each other to be in the best dispositions for a fist-fucking.

Some people may be repelled by anal sex because of the risk of fecal spillage. If this is the case, you can use an enema bulb before your session to clean your bowels and remove any bodily residue from your rectum.

Afterwards, it is recommended to proceed gradually by first inserting a finger or a small anal plug into the anus in question to dilate the anal cavity without pressure.
You can then gradually increase the size of the plugs to gently get used to penetrating larger and larger objects.

In addition to physical preparation,anticipation is one of the strongest sources of sexual tension. The plug can therefore, in the case of fisting, lend itself particularly well to the rise in excitement of both partners.
Indeed, the anus is a very powerful and highly innervated erogenous zone, for both men and women.

Note that it will be much easier for you to "fist" your partner after he or she has reached orgasm, because his or her anal and/or vaginal muscles will then be quite relaxed.
Finally, keep in mind that whatever the practice, the most important thing is to take your time and listen to each other.

Using the right equipment during a fist

Given the fragility of the area being penetrated, the fist must be performed according to certain hygiene rules to avoid any potential tears or infections.


If you're into anal fisting, it's highly recommended that you wear medical gloves during your sessions to limit the risk of infection and other sexually transmitted diseases. Most of the models on the market are made of latex or vinyl, and some models are elbow-length.
Some companies have had the good idea of designing special fist gloves with different textures on the fingers or palm, to vary the pleasures and explore different sensations.

The lubricant

Lube isabsolutely essential during your fist-fucking sessions, because of the extreme nature of this practice. The whole of your hand or the sextoy used must be properly lubricated to ensure a pleasant and smooth penetration.

That's why some specialized companies offer special fisting lubricants and other fisting gels, especially designed for recurrent fisting.

When fisting a woman, make sure that the lubricant does not drip down to the vulva. Indeed, the transmission of germs from the anus to the vagina is to be avoided at all costs: this is also the reason why it is recommended to change condoms if you switch from anal to vaginal penetration.


There are many stimulants that can help you maintain arousal before or during a fisting session.

Whether you choose a stimulant in the form of a cream, pill, gel or inhaled popper, be sure to follow the directions on the package insert to avoid any risks.
The use of drugs makes you run a greater risk because of its anesthetic effects: it is possible, for example, to hurt yourself without feeling it, which can lead to severe complications.

Special fisting toys

Fisting enthusiasts are particularly fond of fist-shaped sex toys, also known as fist pumps.
To prepare your cavities for fisting, you can also turn to the anal speculum, an intimate fetish accessory very much appreciated in BDSM for the dominance relationship it creates between the two lovers.

Hygiene and safety

The intimate mucous membranes being intensely solicited during an act of fisting, this practice imposes an informed preparation in order to spare the penetrated person from serious lesions.

In the case of anal fisting, as mentioned above, it is essential to relax as much as possible and to prepare the area to dilate it as much as possible. Here are some good practices to follow to ensure the safety of both partners during an anal fist:

  • The penetrating person's fingernails should be cut short and then filed.
  • His or her hands should be protected by medical gloves (most are latex).
  • The penetrating hand should be generously lubricated with a water-based lubricant, or ideally silicone. Vaseline should be avoided, as it attacks the latex, while glycerine-based lubricant evaporates too quickly and leaves an undesirable glycerine deposit in the orifice.

Listening to yourself during fisting

As with any sexual practice, BDSM or not, the number one rule is to listen to each other and respect each other's limits.

Don't hesitate to ask your partner for indications of position, strength, speed... if he/she doesn't dare to or can't do it himself. For example, look together for the G-spot of the lady, or the P-spot of the gentleman!


The G-spot is located inside the vagina, about 3 cm from its entrance. You can recognize it by its swollen and thickened mucous membrane during arousal.
Close to the urethra, the G-spot can exert pressure on the urethra when it is swollen.

P spot

The P-spot is located directly on the prostate, from which it takes its name. Look under the bladder, about 7 cm deep, behind the upper wall of the rectum. You will recognize the prostate by its size, which varies with age from that of a plum to that of an apple.

The best positions for fisting

In the case of vaginal fisting, the woman can lie on her side with one leg slightly raised or resting on her lover's shoulder: this position works very well for any practice in which her partner penetrates her with his hands or a sextoy.
Alternatively, try vaginal fisting while lying on her back, or doggy style with her pelvis raised.

Because of the extreme nature of the fist, it's best to maintain eye contact with your lover. This will make it easier to see if the person being penetrated is feeling pain or pleasure.

In case of pain, you can try to masturbate at the same time in order to confuse the receptors of your nervous system, which will then not know the difference between pain and pleasure.
Alternatively, you can try breathing with the rhythm of penetration: this will make it more pleasant and help reduce potential anxiety, while relaxing your muscles.