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Nothing like a sensual bodysuit to enhance your shape

Origins of the body

The birth of the first bodysuit dates back to the 19th century, when a young French trapeze artist named Jules Léotard imagined a model of "juste-au-corps" able to accompany him in his figures without hindering his movements.


If it is therefore originally a male piece, it is however in January 1955 that the body appears to the general public when the American model and pin-up Bettie Page poses on the cover of Playboy magazine, wearing the famous leotard.

Later, the Playboy Club waitresses (also known as Bunny Girls) popularized it through their uniforms inspired by the brand's mascot rabbit.
Designed by designer Zelda Wynn Valdes and custom-made in each Club, the costume included bunny ears and a shiny satin bodysuit, a white cotton bunny tail, a bow-tie collar, white cuffs, a pair of black tights and black high-heeled shoes.

The cinema has also participated at this time to the growing reputation of this woman's clothing, especially through the superheroine Wonder Woman and her body-armor. Still today, this iconic costume contributes to make this character a model of female power as powerful as seductive.

Body and BDSM

Because of the ability of some models to sculpt the body lines, the bodysuit is easily integrated into the sexy outfits appreciated by fetishists and BDSM practitioners. It is also more accessible than the full body suit since it reveals the legs while sometimes covering the arms, although the majority is sleeveless.

This piece can be worn under the clothes, it can be a discreet seduction asset or on the contrary it can be proudly worn with a nice pair of fetish shoes. Such a set will not fail to awaken the fantasies of your partner!

Finally, this sexy woman's garment can also be a source of various fetishes because of its touch and its very sensual materials, but also because of its shaping power capable of drawing such beautiful curves ... Indeed, some of the bodysuits available in the market are intended for the fetish and BDSM community.

How to wear a bodysuit?

The bodysuit can be worn as underwear (under a dress for example) or as a top, combined with pants, shorts or a skirt.

Under clothes, it discreetly refines the silhouette and sculpts the curves while remaining invisible. Worn as a sexy top, the bodysuit is a real accessory of seduction that can be adorned with details such as zippers, lacing, embroidery, lace, or play with the effects of transparency to better reveal the bust ...

How to choose your bodysuit

The different materials

Among the wide choice of existing women's clothing, the bodysuit offers different interesting materials if you want to multiply the sheathing potential of this BDSM accessory.


The lacquered latex bodysuit is a particularly striking piece, which does not fail to recall the famous latex suits worn by strong female characters such as Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer or Trinity in the Matrix trilogy.

Although it requires some maintenance, lacquered latex is a real ally to your dominatrix look. Sheathing, soft, supple and elastic, it suggests so well the curves that the amateurs often consider it as a second skin of the most sensual.


Vinyl is a cousin of latex, but unlike latex, it allows the skin to breathe and shines without maintenance because it is able to reflect light. This material is more accessible to small budgets but is less durable, but also less demanding in terms of maintenance.
It is also looser, and therefore less shaping than its iconic cousin.


Wetlook is a material made of polyurethane, a polymer resembling a slightly shiny matte vinyl. Its wet and shiny appearance is coupled with great flexibility and elasticity: this makes women's wetlook clothing very breathable and comfortable, but also much easier to put on and take off than latex.

Wetlook bodysuits are perfect for enhancing your shape and sublimating your figure, whatever your morphology.


Fishnet is a mesh of threads generally crossed in a grid pattern, reminiscent of the net. Widely used on tights, mittens and t-shirts of punk, grunge or gothic style, the fishnet is designed to follow the lines of the body by highlighting them.

It is therefore a material particularly suited to lingerie, as it covers the body while revealing it. The pieces in fishnet thus contain a connotation of seduction more or less marked, and are sometimes the subject of fetishism.


The bodystring, as its name suggests, is a bodysuit whose part passing between the buttocks is cut in the manner of a string. This type of women's clothing avoids unsightly panty marks while shaping the figure.

Choose your bodysuit according to your morphology

Choose a piece in which you are comfortable and that makes you feel confident. It is at this stage that tips to enhance your body are welcome!

A bodysuit must be of good quality so that you can move without embarrassment, in a relaxed way, and be free of your movements. Avoid low-end brands with poorly cut or assembled pieces that can scratch or irritate the skin. These poor quality garments also tend to wear out quickly, and will be thrown away after a while.

Obviously, choose a model that you like and that you will enjoy wearing. This includes the cut, the colors, the materials, the accessories and other finishes... Feeling good in your outfit can easily awaken your libido and that of your partner.

It is also important to know your body to determine what will enhance it, to know how to sublimate your assets.
The bodysuit offers the advantage of being adapted to all women whatever their morphology. If it is indeed a tight-fitting piece and close to the body, it comes in a wide range of shapes and colors to allow you to dress your silhouette at best.

Small chest

If you have a discreet chest, a V-neckline or a strapless bodysuit will suit your figure perfectly. You can also choose a model with a plunging neckline in the back, to be worn without a bra.

Prefer thin straps, which will better highlight the slenderness of your curves.

Large breasts

Plunging necklines can put the finishing touch to your dominant, busty look. However, you can prefer a round neck bodysuit, which will better clear the head.

Preferably choose a model with underwiring or a built-in bra.


If you want to hide your curves, a bloused effect piece that is close to the body will help you enhance your figure. Look for sheathing and sculpting bodysuits, which will naturally smooth out your lines.
Also, it is well known that black contributes to erase the curves. However, avoid shiny materials and prefer matte shades.

Low waistline

People with an H-shaped body, with a straight and not very marked waist, can suggest shapes to their silhouette by choosing a body with triangles.

Small waist

Smaller figures should avoid the childlike look of a dancer's bodysuit, for example. If you're petite, look for styles that are rich in refined details.