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dildos, non-standard plugs

XL plugs for thrill seekers

Great actors of the BDSM culture, dildos and plugs are the favorite toys of the French who like to please themselves and give pleasure. If you want to spice up your sex life, follow this XL guide!


Brief history of the dildo and the plug

The dildo is an accessory resembling a man's penis. The word dildo comes from the Latin "gaude mihi" meaning "delight me". Even if the dildo is already several years old, its reputation has not aged a bit. More than a simple pleasure object, the dildo is also a therapeutic object. In the 80's, the first vibrators were used to relax hysterical women by making them reach orgasm. According to Freud, sexual dissatisfaction has an impact on mental health. Tired of having to masturbate their patients to achieve orgasm, doctors decided to design calming machines to satisfy the needs of these women. Here is how the first vibrating dildo was born!

The anal plug carries its name well. Thanks to this source of pleasure used by both men and women, the anal pleasure and orgasm are at the rendez-vous. The cone-shaped plug provokes sexual excitement and prepares for sodomy or anal fisting. To introduce it, it is necessary to carry out circular movements gently. When the anal area is well dilated, penetration is easier. Once this BDSM accessory is inserted, it gradually relaxes the muscles of the anus. The plug must have a base so that it does not disappear entirely inside the anus. A flat base is recommended for erotic games in solo. On the other hand, a base with a wrist is preferable for a duo.

Large anal plug and XL dildo: instructions for use

The introduction of a large plug requires a lot of patience and a dose of perseverance. But normally the anal plug prepares the anus to receive a partner's penis or prepares it to receive a sextoy such as a giant dildo, for example.

The preparation

With your fingers, or even your tongue if you're so inclined, start by lightly caressing your sexual play partner's anus. Do not rush, but take your time so that everyone can be relaxed.

The position

Several positions can be adopted. Here are the 3 most common ones:

  • Doggy style, i.e. on all fours;

  • Lying on your side;

  • In a squatting position, either on the feet or on the knees.


It is necessary to apply a product lubricianwater-based or silicone-based lubricant to the area around the anus. Massage gently and insert a finger no more than 2 cm or 3 cm into the area. The XL plug or the large dildo will also be induced with lubricant for an easier penetration.


Adjust the large anal plug or XL dildo to the entrance of the anus and push it in little by little. After a few seconds, the muscle relaxes and adapts to the large dildo or anal plug. Without pushing it in deeply, you can rotate it on itself by dilating the circles gradually. As the muscle shrinks, the plug or dildo will be able to move forward a little more. If this insertion causes more or less discomfort, it should not be accompanied by pain. For some people, several attempts will be necessary, especially the first few times. To familiarize yourself with the practice of anal plug, take a look at the accessories available on our sex store Dèmonia, specialized in sM accessories.

And to remove it?

After the orgasm, the sphincters tighten little by little. Don't panic, proceed as gently as for penetration. Breathe in and pull slightly on the base of the XL dildo or giant anal plug as you exhale as if you were in the toilet.

When to use the anal plug or the anal dildo ?

With the anal plug or the dildo inserted in your anus, don't deprive yourself... Ride your bike, go to work, take a walk, go to a meeting... In short, don't leave your anal plug in your daily life. Not only will feeling it inside you allow you to relax, but you will be excited all the time. Some people will have no trouble putting up with the presence of this foreign body inside them all day long. For others, it still takes a lot of practice. If the anal dildo is ever in your way or causes irritation, remove it immediately. However, do so gently, as the anal walls are quite delicate.

In principle, the dildo or plug can be used in pairs or solo.

As a couple, to vary and spread pleasure

Beyond the aspects of preparation or anticipation before sex, the plug or dildo can also accompany vaginal penetration. Insert it during foreplay and don't hesitate to use your tongue to relax the anus.

The use of the anal dildo and the plug will make you discover a torrent of pleasure and a wave of orgasms. When worn by a woman, they tighten the vaginal walls and activate the Skene glands, which are identical to the prostate gland in men. The plug or dildo improves the pressure on the man's sex during penetration. 100% anal and vaginal pleasure guaranteed!

Worn by a man, the large or giant dildo stimulates the penis and increases the erection. It must be kept between the buttocks when the man penetrates his companion. Moreover, when it is well adapted, it stimulates the prostate for orgasms and more important ejaculations.

The designers of sex toys redouble their creativity and ingenuity. The hollow dildo which is often accompanied by a belt is a very popular model. The hollow dildo, flexible and ergonomic is an ideal initiation to sexual pleasure in all its forms. Some anal plugs like the tunnel plug, for example, are very appreciated by anal sex practitioners. With this little detail on the accessory, the experiences become more exciting. With the anal tunnel plug, you can observe your partner in depth.


Anal plugs or dildos can be used solo and coupled with a masturbation session to increase the pleasure. This allows you to become more familiar with your anal area without having to worry about the presence of an overly pressing partner. Some more experienced people will fall asleep with this magic object and will wake up with a very pleasant sensation. On the other hand, others will prefer to go for a walk to initiate themselves into naughty games (to get out of the daily routine).

Plugs and dildos for all tastes

It's all relative, but the larger the model, the more the anal pleasure is multiplied by two or even three. Here are the criteria to review when buying:

What is the ideal size?

For beginners, it's best to go with a smaller size. Over time, you can invest in thicker models. The preferred diameter is between 1 and 3.5 cm. Those who are more experienced will go for a large or XL model. Some stores sell plugs and dildos in several sizes to progress at your own pace. Dèmonia is a good example!

The shape

You will find anal dildos of various shapes. Overall, manufacturers stick to the conical shape for the anal plug and the shape of the penis for the dildo. These models are suitable for most people, as they guarantee extreme pleasure. The large plugs prepare the anus for an anal fist. Although this practice is associated with vaginas, it is now possible to perform it to the anus.

Its features

Among the functionalities of these toys, we can mention :

  • The dildos and the vibrating plugs some models can have 12 vibration modes and more;

  • The ball models: the movements of the ball contained inside bring a new sensation ;

  • Models that can be controlled remotely via an application or a remote control: this is an interesting alternative for couples' games outside the house;

  • The inflatable plugs perfectly suited for beginners, these allow you to better control their size by inflating or deflating them.

The different types of materials

This criterion is a point that should not be neglected. As these sextoys are in close contact with our sensitive organs, it is essential to pay attention to the materials used. A sextoy must be non-toxic, durable and waterproof (does not leave room for bacteria). Glass, silicone, latex, plastic, wood ... All tastes are allowed.

Plastic materials

ABS: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is a certified plastic that is smoother and lighter than regular plastic. However, it is not as soft as silicone, but it is also easy to clean and to use with all types of lubricants. Like silicone, it transmits vibrations efficiently.

PVC: It helps in the design of low-cost sex toys. Its greatest asset is that it is recyclable. On the other hand, PVC always remains rigid and gives off a strong smell. But this inconvenience disappears with time.

Jelly: commonly called gelatinous latex, jelly is very cheap. It is characterized by its softness and flexibility. But because it is porous, this material does not age well and is difficult to maintain. Its colors can also fade over time. Its lifespan is therefore shorter.

Elastomeric materials

Silicone: is a reference in the field, it meets many successes. Non-porous and hypoallergenic, it is healthy for the human body. It does not retain any bacteria and does not generate any allergy. Flexible, soft and durable over time, it should not be combined with a silicone-based lubricant.

Latex: provides low cost sex toys. Its flexible, colorful and fun assets also contribute to its success. But as this material is quite porous and therefore dirty, it can cause allergies in some people.


Yes, wooden sex toys also exist! Their quality varies from one manufacturer to another. It still deserves special attention when used, since even the slightest roughness could cause excruciating pain.


Metal presents sextoys of aesthetic quality. This rigid material is healthy for the body and easy to maintain. Essential for extreme sensations, it retains cold and heat well. Beware of metal sex toys that are too cheap, because it is the alloy of metals that ensures your health and the durability of your toy.


The glass sextoy is a true work of art. Healthy, smooth and rigid, this type of sextoy retains human body temperatures very well. Who says glass plug means preserved health. Thanks to this accessory, lubricants last longer. But be careful, when it comes to cleaning it, be extra careful!

Buy your dildo or plug from a trusted store like Demonia. Avoid stores that sell out, as they often hide counterfeit products.