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The BDSM accessory for your games and your submission desires

Used to submit, walk, tame... The leash is an accessory that is not only used for animals. Today, it is a constraint very in vogue in the bondage.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 12 items

The imprint of slavery in BDSM

Originally, the leash is a loose tie that is tied around an animal's neck to guide its movements according to its master's will. This allows you to walk your pet without completely restricting its freedom of movement, but still preventing it from doing as it pleases. It exists in many models to adapt to all sizes and is used for walking as well as for training the animal. However, this has not always been its only use.
While the leash was used during the years of slavery on humans, it is now used in a consensual manner. Indeed, the leash is still used for this purpose, but for the greatest pleasure of the fetishists, these followers of BDSM practices, who will have approved in advance this use. This tool has thus become a bondage accessory over time: this means that, if it is still associated with its primary function, the control it exerts is now reserved for pleasure and not for the forced exploitation of the human being. In other words, it is normal to be attracted by this accessory, a powerful symbol of submission and domination.

The different attractions of the leash

The definition of "to hold someone on a leash" is to prevent him from acting freely. If this expression is pictorial, it becomes no less literal when it comes to bondage. BDSM enthusiasts see consensual bondage as a form of role-playing. The pleasure is found in the relationship maintained between the two partners, in the relationship of domination/submission as well as in the total control exercised.
The leash is usually attached to a specific collar with a D or O ring, which can be a simple sex toy, or a symbol. It can be a classic bondage session, or it can be about a relationship. In the BDSM world, giving a necklace is the equivalent of an engagement ring, because it designates a deep sign of belonging. Moreover, it is often locked, and only the master has the key to remove it.
The collar, when coupled with a leash, can have several meanings. It can be a sexual accessory or a sign of belonging between the master and the submissive, like a gift. Thus, it can also express a person's commitment, status or role in their BDSM relationship. For the slave, it is primarily an accessory for training and submission: the leash is used to exert constant dominance, and this can be changed or adjusted depending on the slave's behavior. In the case of animal games, the leash is a sign of submission to the master and can be used to walk the man who has become an animal, or to constrain him.

The use of the leash in a BDSM session

From the simple object of constraint to the real commitment, the leash as well as its collar are not limited to a single use. Moreover, the only limit to its use is the imagination of the partners. The leash itself is an accessory with a snap hook that is usually attached to a collar with buckles. Sometimes leashes are attached to these collars, to other restraints such as handcuffs, or even a harness.
The most frequent use of the leash is paradoxical: it is to free the submissive from his responsibilities to put his fate in the hands of his master. In addition to the psychological aspect, the leash is used primarily to educate and train the submissive. The dominant will then order him to stay in a certain place, not to move, or will use the leash to attract his partner to him. He may also tie his slave or his dog, depending on the role, to a specific place and ask him to come and get something out of reach. The pleasure will then be seen in the submissive's determination to struggle to obey, and the power exerted as well as the unattainable image sent back by the dominant.
Another very common practice of the leash is to use it in role-playing. For example, by giving a submissive the status of a dog or a cat, the master can demand that the submissive go for a walk outside or at home. The leash can be used to direct, coerce, train, or as an accessory to humiliate and punish. In this case, the master will use his authority to force the dog or bitch to eat on the ground, in a bowl, to bark, to crawl... To act as an animal.
Softer games can also be practiced, especially with leashes attached to accessories other than the collar. A leash attached to nipple clamps, for example, will allow you to control your pet's movements with a small hand gesture. Otherwise, a strap-on attached to handcuffs or other straps will have the effect of constraining him to the maximum and making him look like a prisoner.

Choosing a leash for erotic games

Whatever the use, this accessory deserves to be selected with care, according to the tastes of each partner and according to certain criteria.

According to the material

Leather leashes are the most common, because it is a noble and soft material that does not hurt, in addition to being comfortable. The leash can be made entirely of leather and end with a snap hook, or it can have a firm leather handle and a link made of a chain. Leather is also lighter than chain, and can be used as a whip if the carabiner is kept in the hand. The chain, on the other hand, is heavier and can play on : the sensations of cold metal on the skin, the psychological hindrance related to the material, or on the sound produced by the links of the chain.
The leather is generally black or red, but can be declined in different colors. Sometimes there is even lace on top for a more boudoir look. The metal chain does not have the luxury of being customized, but it pleases as much as leather for its raw, wild appearance. Fetishists generally show much more interest in leather or metal leashes than in plastic or "plush" (a term used in BDSM circles to refer to fake fur).
The best material, however, is the one you feel most comfortable in. Do a few fittings before you decide: it can even be rubber or PVC if that's what you prefer. For the more experienced, a rope and a knot shibari can be used as a collar and leash.

The ideal size

The average leash is about 90 cm to 100 cm long. Some leashes are adjustable, but it all depends on the games and the use you make of them. It is generally better to take one that is slightly longer and shorten it around the fist, than one that is too short and will not have the desired effect. Also, even if the goal is to exert control and restrain the submissive's movements, it is always better to keep some ballast for safety reasons.
The size of the strap does not have a big impact on the grip, as long as it is not too long to encroach on the length of the lanyard. Just remember to check that the carabiner is strong and not too thick, so that it can be hooked to all the buckles and straps.

Essential accessories

The grip, like the carabiner, are obvious but mandatory details. The owner must be able to maintain excellent control of the leash in all circumstances to avoid an accident. For example, if a chain is pulled a little too tightly and slips from his fingers, the slave could be injured when it falls off. It is therefore necessary to check that the strap is present and maintained. This one, as well as the carabiner, must be sealed in a loop and not glued or sewn, to avoid the risks of tearing.

Safety measures

We don't suspect that there could be any risks with such an object, and yet : like anything else that involves controlling someone or constricting their neck, it is necessary to be careful. The first thing to do is to measure the neck of your subject and measure about 2 cm above the widest base. If, however, you prefer the collar to be tight, then opt for an adjustable or stretch base. Make sure you can still slip two fingers underneath and that it doesn't impede swallowing. Next, hang the chain's carabiner on a specially designed loop that won't hurt or embarrass your pet.
Never yank the strap, as this can cause damage, sometimes irreversible, to the cervical vertebrae and mobility. It is necessary to be gentle, or a little dry, but always limit yourself to the natural resistance of the other person. Do not hesitate to work progressively and to make some tests before launching you in a bondage or SM session.
Never hang the leash high, when the submissive is for example on the cross of Saint Andrew, or suspended. There must always be some margin, some slack in the strap, at the risk of hurting him. Also, remember that the difference between standing and crawling can put pressure on the neck or make the submissive feel uncomfortable. If you want to keep the submissive's head upright, give a command and keep the chain taut without pulling hard on it.
It is also possible that the person is allergic to the material: if you see the skin reddened, purple or streaked, patches appear on it, or it itches, then it is better to remove the accessories and look for some that are designed with materials that are easily supported.
Finally, this is a common safety feature in all SM and bondage games, but the safe word is essential. Agree in advance on a word, color or object to hold up in case things go wrong.