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Prepare yourself for all the hardships with our selection of mouth spacers

The gag is the precursor among SM accessories, but the mouth spreader takes the excitement and humiliation to a whole new level.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

What is a mouth retractor?

It is an instrument used to restrain the submissive by forcibly holding his mouth open. This may be a choice of the dominant to punish and exert control, especially when the retractor is associated with restraints, or it may be a decision to humiliate the submissive. For still others, such as fetishists, the noise from hypersialorrhea can be a powerful source of arousal. Finally, role-playing lovers will certainly appreciate the medical context which aims at exploring the other's oral cavity, without giving him the chance to protest.

In its structure, the mouth retractor is a metal instrument with two handles that fit behind the dental arches to hold the mouth open. Most often, notches on the sides allow the position to be locked or adjusted, and sometimes a strap is added to prevent the mouth retractor from moving.

How the Oral Retractor Feels

The oral retractor offers a unique sensation for both partners, or more so if you're in a group. The appeal of this BDSM accessory will not necessarily be the same on either side, but it will be successful in both cases.

As the dentist is not a pleasant memory for everyone, it is quite common to see people reluctant to use the mouth retractor at first sight. It can indeed bring back painful memories. But, rest assured: the purpose of these SM accessories is to take pleasure in them. The mouth spreader is primarily contextual and can be imposed by the master or mistress, but it will never be used for strict medical purposes. Unless there is a role-playing game, the outcome of which is intimately linked to pleasure, this SM object is above all a constraint, apprehended differently according to the partner's point of view.

For the dominant

It is a question, for the dominant, of constraining his partner in multiple ways. To begin with, the mouth spreader allows him to impose silence. Once the mouth retractor is inserted, it is strictly impossible for the other to speak, except by uttering a few incomprehensible grunts and groans. This feeds the feelings of dominance and control that are being exerted. In a relationship with a brat, i.e. a particularly rebellious or confrontational submissive, the mouth spreader is also used as a punishment to force the other to bend to one's will. Finally, the gargling and sucking noises caused by the mouth spreader furiously inflame the sexuality of many dominants, who simply love to be able to admire their partner at their mercy.

From a strictly sexual point of view, the mouth spreader allows you to freely enter the other's mouth. Whether it's penile penetration, slipping fingers in, or even soiled underwear inserted: the mouth kept wide open allows the dominant to dispose of this cavity as he sees fit, like an object.

For the submissive

On the submissive's side, the mouth spreader is a SM object at the origin of many frustrations. To begin with, it deprives him of speech and distorts all the sounds produced, reducing him to an inferior, almost animal state. On the other hand, it makes the submissive salivate enormously and forces him to feel humiliated, since he can't help drooling in quantity in front of his master or mistress. It is also an excellent thrill generator as the restraint stimulates the senses, and can bring a sense of fear or apprehension in role play, as the submissive wonders how he will be treated.

This BDSM accessory allows the submissive, and more specifically his mouth, to be reduced to an object that can be used without consent (within the framework of the trusting and consenting relationship established in advance and the role play).

In practice

Once you've inserted your oral retractor, let your imagination and your desires run wild. Experiment with fellatio in new ways, and new ways of humiliating or punishing. Ask your submissive questions to hear her frustration at not being able to express herself, or insert some beautiful lingerieor even dirty clothes into his mouth. Penetrate his oral cavity with your sex, a belt dildoor other sex toys.

Nothing prevents you, also, to put a foot in the uro games, to force your partner to receive your fluids. Remember, however, that the mouth spreader prevents him from swallowing, so be careful not to choke him.

Choosing the right mouth spreader

It is absolutely necessary to invest in a high quality BDSM accessory. Otherwise, it could damage your teeth, their enamel, your jaw, or your lips. Moreover, it must be able to hold in place, with or without a strap, and be adjustable to fit all mouths, as well as the desired constraints.

The materials of a mouth retractor

The most common mouth retractor is made of surgical steel: it is the strongest and healthiest material, as it is designed for medical use. It is therefore totally recommended to be inserted into the mouth. Some are made of rubber, but the problem is that it leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth. However, for fetishists or those who are more sensitive to the sensation of metal, the latex coating can be a good alternative.

However, it is important to avoid mouthwashers with leather straps, as leather does not wash, or washes very badly. Steel is therefore the preferred material for this BDSM accessory.

With or without straps?

Since the spreader is located in the mouth, and it forces from the inside out, it is not necessary to choose one with a fastener, except for the SM aspect. Once adjusted, the mouth retractor should not be able to move. However, some people have a small mouth or do not like the feeling of stretched lips, especially if they are chapped. To compensate for this, mouth openers are equipped with a strap that goes around the head, usually made of leather, to hold the device safely. This strap is also always equipped with holes and eyelets to adjust the size in several positions.

The adjustment and safety notches

These are the serrated side parts that allow you to define the position and the distance of this BDSM accessory. It is more interesting to take models that can be easily loosened in case of concern. For most, simply pressing the two ends on one side will automatically, but safely, loosen the gag. Some do not have these features, such as silicone models without straps or clips, which simply fit in the mouth. These are simpler at first glance, but can damage teeth in the long run, unlike a medical device intended for this purpose.

How do I install and use a mouth spreader?

You can, of course, try to insert the mouth spreader like this, but it is advisable to loosen it before sliding the handles behind the dental arches. To do this, lock the opening on the smallest notch and install the BDSM accessory in your mouth. You can also let your master or mistress install it for you, as long as you can tell if it's on properly. After positioning it, gradually increase the opening one notch at a time, until you find the ideal spacing.

The quality mouth spreaders work mainly with a notched side clamp system. This allows the spread to be adjusted progressively. When you operate it, the two parts open and slowly force the mouth to expand. This makes it possible to gently see how far the subject can go without hurting him. If the submissive has, for example, damaged lips, you can always coat the metal with lubricating gel at the commissures to protect his skin. But, normally, a properly fitted mouth retractor does not move or hurt: it only serves as a restraint.

Safety first in SM

When it comes to using BDSM accessories, you have to take care of yourself and your partner. All practices involve taking care of each other, because having an S&M relationship doesn't mean neglecting your partner the rest of the time. So, even if the spreader doesn't seem dangerous at first glance, you never know what can happen during the act.

The main concern with this BDSM accessory, from a safety point of view, is its speech impediment. Indeed, even if you have known your partner for a long time, it is very likely that you have put in place in safeword. But with the mouth spreader, it is impossible to say a single intelligible word. The grunts are far too indistinct, so it is better to use another code if necessary. This could be, for example, a specific number of strokes on the floor or a heavy object to drop. If, on the other hand, the submissive is bound or swaddled in a specific piece of clothing, consider assigning head movements, if not, to leave them the ability to be able to communicate with you in some way.

Whether it's vanilla or S&M sex: health is fragile, so take care of it. Prevention is better than cure, and the speech impediment of a mouth spreader should not prevent your partner from delivering the safeword when needed.

Existing derivatives

The first models of sM gags are relatively simple: with fabric, a ball or a ring, their primary function is to silence the submissive, if not to make him salivate.

Gags are numerous in the SM field; some BDSM accessories even go as far as the craziest and most extreme fantasies. This is how you can find latrine gags, otherwise known as uro gags, in which it is possible to pour the liquid of your choice.