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leather harness

The leather harness, the accessory that dresses up your fetish outfits

The harness: a symbol of submission and domination

With its fetish look and its multiple uses, the harness is a BDSM accessory that brings a more erotic dimension to your sexual games.

What is a harness?

The submission harness is a bondage accessory that allows to dress the body. On the skin, without lingerie or on other clothes, it offers a very suggestive visual by highlighting all the sensual shapes of a silhouette. If it first comes from the gay sphere, the one for women has been widely democratized since, to the point of becoming a real fashion and beauty accessory.

In terms of practice, the harness is part of the family of restraints; there are also buckles, rings and straps, so that you can submit your partner in many ways.

Some models are limited to the chest, while others skim the sex, or even cling to it or penetrate it. The whole thing is to attract the eye to the parts trapped in the leather straps, then to offer a contrast between the naked areas and the covered spaces. This type of harness is not to be confused with the strap-on, which is used to carry a dildo for penetration. However, the two elements can be combined and complement each other.

Where does the harness come from?

Historically, the harness was used in the Middle Ages by workers pulling heavy loads. It did not become part of BDSM culture until much later, in the 70's, thanks to homosexual men who wore leather harnesses, studded and decorated with rings. The harness for men allowed to emphasize often muscular bodies, molded in a fetish lingerie like wetlook.

However, in the 90's, it was the turn of homosexual women to wear the harness as an accessory, until it became an authentic piece of fashion, even of high fashion. This trend has reached a wider and wider audience over time, and this is part of what has allowed the BDSM industry to work on ever more elaborate and feminine harnesses, while remaining kinky and suitable for sexual practice.

How to wear the harness properly?

There is no specific rule for this type of accessory. Of course, a chest or belt harness should be worn in the place dedicated to it. Otherwise, it is up to you to determine whether you prefer to wear it alone, or with other clothing. These ornaments have the advantage of being adjustable to suit all body types, so there is no limit to your desires.

For example, a leather chest harness with chains is most often worn without any clothing underneath. Indeed, the metal chains act as jewels; they connect two straps while being relaxed, in order to follow the curve of the breasts. On some models, it is even possible to insert your nipples into the links for an extra touch of voluptuousness.

A shoulder harness with bangs, on the other hand, can be worn with a shirt or dress for a fetish evening. Moreover, even the full body harnesses, which take the chest, the bust and the legs, can be put on over lace lingerie, or even a fishnet jumpsuit.

For a full BDSM look, opt for a sexy skirt with a harness that has metal chains that run down against the sex. The cold effect of the little balls, coupled with the excitement of offering yourself half-naked to your master or mistress, will quickly raise the temperature. And for the most fetish of you, who only swear by the eroticism of tight clothes, adopt the wetlook: bodysuit, stockings, leggings, jumpsuit or even garter belt... everything goes with the domination harness. Especially as the sticky clothes already emphasize certain parts of the body; doubled with a harness, they sublimate more the female anatomy.

What about the harness for men?

Men's harnesses still exist, and they remain a staple of BDSM culture and the gay community. However, unlike the female harness, it is worn more on the torso, and the leather straps that make it up are wider and thicker. The same goes for the elastic straps, which are often worn like suspenders on a bare chest, but not only. Particularly sexy models, of all different colors and materials, support the testicles and put the penis in the spotlight.

How to choose your SM harness ?

The choice of harness depends entirely on the use you wish to make of it. But to determine which one would suit you best, it is advisable to take a look at the models that exist, and their possibilities of use.

The multiple materials of the harness

Although the majority of SM harnesses are made of leather, it is not the only material they are made of. Most of the time, in addition to the rings that connect the straps, there are suspended metal chains that support or dress the chest. Different types of nails, rivets and buckles also serve as decoration along the length. This material, sexy and wild, corresponds more to a BDSM atmosphere and fetish look.

More traditional, the rope harnesses tied in the manner of shibari play with the body for a tied effect. The rope wraps around the limbs to tighten them and bring out certain parts of the body, such as the breasts and buttocks, where the leather harness acts more as a dressy accessory. The only disadvantage of ropes is that there are fewer options for adding restraints.

Overall, soft SM partners prefer elastic harnesses, which are thinner and more refined, and go well with lingerie or sexy clothes. These are more used for the visual aspect of bondage, more than for a real SM session. This can also be a good way to get a foot in the BDSM culture, by gradually introducing more and more stinging restraints and accessories.

Finally, harnesses with bangs, jewels or ribbons of all kinds can be worn as an erotic lingerie set, or over clothes. Besides, you don't have to be a hardcore S&M practitioner to enjoy a nice accessory: everyone has the right to buy bondage accessories. If you're only interested in the fetish look, there's nothing wrong with wanting to dress up in BDSM gear.

From sexy accessories to restraints

The material is obviously not everything: S&M lovers are mainly looking for the practical aspect of the accessory, beyond its aestheticism. For this, a submission harness should ideally be equipped with metal rings to add a suspension, or other restraints. These can be placed around the chest as well as between the two breasts, at pubic level, in the back, at kidney level, or around the neck. Moreover, harnesses with a strap around the neck make perfect bondage collars, to which you only have to attach a leash to walk your submissive.

The more straps the S&M harness has, the more likely it is to act as a restraint, or to accommodate one. However, those made of elastic bands usually can't handle many additionalBDSM accessories: they are not strong enough, and especially not rigid enough to be abused. Especially those for women, whose elastics are very delicate. The same goes for the chains, which are there more for aesthetics than for their sexual utility. Finally, as far as shibari is concerned, there is always the risk that the rope will tighten, so leather remains the best choice for these bondage accessories.

With which BDSM accessories can we associate the harness?

That's the whole point of the submission harness: it serves as a base for hanging all sorts of additional restraints. So you can, for example, attach a bondage leash around the neck, chest or back to lead and humiliate your partner. The SM leash is precisely equipped with a carabiner so that it can be directly connected to a ring. Some SM submission collars, which are sometimes integrated into the harness, are particularly appreciated by kinky people.

Both hands and ankles can be restrained with a spreader bar or handcuffs and then connected to a ring on the back or even around the thighs. A hood or mask are also good accessories to add to spice up your session and prevent your partner from seeing. A hogtie is also a great addition, especially since you can choose one made of leather, chain or rope to pair with your SM harness.

Precautions for using submission harnesses

Like any sexual object, and especially in the BDSM environment, safety is a must. You must always be careful that it is not too tight, so as not to damage the skin or deprive the blood of its circulation. Also beware of visual restraints or gags, which can prevent your partner from carrying the safe word chosen beforehand.

Although most models come in one size with a wide fit, there are also specific sizes to fit all body types. To select the right one, simply select your usual size and make the adjustments directly on you or your submissive, so that the harness is easy to put on when the time comes.

How to clean and maintain your submission harness?

Like any sex object, you should clean your equipment after each use. However, since leather is a living material, it also needs to be cared for so that your accessory lasts as long as possible. If you skip this step, you risk cracking and damaging your SM harness. To avoid this, simply protect the leather beforehand with a spray or a special wax, then brush it with glycerine to keep its resistance.

In case of stains, don't panic: you just need to know how to do it. Using cleansing milk and a cotton pad, gently massage your accessory without rubbing until the stain disappears, then treat it again.

Finally, to preserve your objects over time, hang them in a dry closet or lay them flat in a closet, away from light. These are small but important steps that will keep your equipment from getting moldy or crumbling, and promise excellent longevity.