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Plug small size

The small plug for beginners

Are you looking for new sensations? Anal pleasure is a practice often surrounded by apprehension. However, this area is very erogenous and offers a multitude of sensations that could lead to a lightning orgasm. The small size plug is the perfect accessory to help you begin to initiate yourself to anal pleasure gently

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Showing 1 - 6 of 9 items

What is an anal plug?

The anal plug is a sextoy designed to prepare the anus for sodomy, or simply to provide anal pleasure. It can of course be used for the vagina as well, but its cone shape has been designed especially for the rectal area, just as its dimensions are adapted to this use.

What are the reasons for using an anal plug?

The first reason is to prepare for any anal penetration, whether it is sodomy or fisting. Indeed, the plug shape is ideal for a smooth introduction. But it is also a good sextoy to stimulate the prostate, which is also the equivalent of the G-spot for men. The anal plug, with its adapted shape, will then touch the prostate, which is commonly called P-spot. Some plugs are specifically designed for this purpose, such as the aneros.

Another way to use the small plug is to double the pleasure during masturbation. During this solitary pleasure, the man, or the woman, can insert a plug at the same time. The man, because of his prostate, will then see his sensations and his pleasure increased tenfold. The plug is therefore a sexual accessory that has multiple uses, although the main one is to prepare the anus before penetration, by dilating this area little by little. In fact, the anal dildo is also and above all used to relax the muscles around the anus, with the intention of a natural dilation, and to reduce the risks of rectal tears.

Who is the small size plug for?

The small plug is for everyone, but especially for beginners and those who are afraid to venture around this area. The first few times can be intimidating, but there's no fear or shame involved since the prostate orgasm in men is even more powerful during ejaculation.

The small plug is usually the first purchase when you want to discover anal pleasure. It would be unthinkable to start with a larger size, at the risk of injuring yourself. There is nothing to prevent you from increasing the diameter over time and with training, for example with an inflatable plug that will adapt to your desires

For curious couples, a small plug is also a good way to start, as long as you use a condom. And for role-playing, themed sessions or the pleasure of decorating yourself, rosebuds are perfectly suited to a first use since they are precisely small plugs.

Choosing your small anal plug

Don't risk damaging your anus by rushing the process: if you're attracted to a large dildo, then you'll get there, but in due time. Before that, your choice should be a small plug, which will allow you to ensure your first times safely.

Choosing the right material

This is one of the most important selection criteria. To begin with, it is essential to choose a material that is smooth, waterproof, non-toxic, easy to wash and, most importantly, that slides well. The most common is the silicone plug, which has become very popular in recent years. It is a healthy, hypoallergenic, soft, very smooth and flexible material. Moreover, silicone is non-porous and can be washed very easily, which makes it a first choice, especially for beginners.

The metal plugs have more or less the same criteria, except that they are much more durable over time and are inflexible because they are very rigid. As a bonus, their weight allows for better stability and puts more strain on the rectal muscles. Finally, it is a material that reacts a lot to temperature differences, which makes it an ideal toy to have fun varying the sensations between hot and cold. Anus jewelry, also called Rosebudsare systematically designed with a metal base.

Rubber is also a common and pleasant material, because it is well-satinized and can be inserted easily. However, the origin and design of the rubber must be constantly checked, because the plug can become dangerous if it is not hypoallergenic or if it contains phthalates.

As for the dildos the materials vary and go from the classic to the most atypical. The glass anal plug for example is quite rare, but this is what makes it a very elegant anal sextoy. Its main defect lies in its fragility; at the slightest shock, it can break. So you have to be careful not to drop it, and above all to make sure that it never has the slightest chip that could hurt you.

Plastic plugs are not recommended unless they are made of ABS, which is certified. However, this material has a shorter lifespan, and you should beware of the paints used to decorate them, which can be toxic.

The wooden plug is also part of the original sex toys. At first sight, it has everything to please: stiff, smooth, soft... But since it is difficult to know the manufacturing process, the risk exists. If the wood is of poor quality, then it may contain splinters that will be dangerous for the user. If the wood is treated, varnished or waxed with chemicals, it can also be dangerous. Therefore, care should be taken before choosing a wooden plug.

Rarer, and on top of that inadvisable, rigid jelly plugs almost always contain phthalates. And when this is not the case, they disintegrate easily. Although very pleasant to the touch, they are not recommended.

A plug can also be made of latex, PVC, resin, Pyrex, or even inflatable! The latter is very popular with beginners, as they gradually choose the diameter to insert.

Recommended shapes

The cone is the most common shape among plugs. In general, it is a corkscrew shape with an extended base, a narrow space and a large diameter pear that ends with a tapered tip. Some are more tapered, others more curved, even stylized. The conical plug is in any case the universal and recommended shape to start.

For experienced users, there are more natural shapes. Vented at the base and looking like detailed phalluses, these small dildos offer a more realistic dimension.

Metal plugs are often stylized, so as to stimulate the prostate more easily. If it is advisable to train first on classic models, these can quickly become a second choice.

More unusual shapes have also appeared on the market, such as the vibrating plugs. Which equipped with its remote control, sends vibrations just in the most erogenous areas, stimulating more the anal area as well as the P point of the man. Of course, multiple models exist, ranging from the classic form to stimulators, and passing by the plugs with Thai rosary.

Sizes to get started

Whether you're practicing sodomy with a plug or with your partner, it's best to start at a reasonable size. A diameter ranging from 1 cm to 3.5 cm maximum, to start with, will already be a very good start. Rosebuds are also good accessories for this, as their diameter rarely exceeds 3 cm, and their weight is suitable.

It's the insertable diameter that's important at first, more than the length. You can choose a 16 cm dildo, but limit yourself to a diameter of 2.5 cm, which will still make it a small plug. So start at around 1 cm to 2 cm, then gradually increase when you feel ready. The main thing is to listen to your body and not to force the anus.

Accessories to dress up the plug

If you still find the plug intimidating, turn to those that come with an anus jewel. Rosebuds, for example, have a diamond rhinestone or fox tail at their base to make this part of your anatomy even more exciting.

How to use a small plug and what precautions to take?

The first time may be a little awkward and risky, but don't worry: everyone has been there. The most important thing is to be well prepared and to listen to your body, as everyone is different. Some will find it easier to increase the diameter quickly, while others will need to be conditioned for a longer period of time before they can perform sodomy.

First of all, make sure that your sextoy is always washed thoroughly with an antibacterial soap, before and after use. Then, use water-based lubricant, and in abundant quantity. The anus is not a naturally lubricated area, so don't hesitate to coat your sextoy and the area you want to penetrate well before anything else. Moreover, don't hesitate to explore gently with a finger at the beginning: caress around the anus, make circular movements, feel your muscles contract or relax according to your movements and the areas massaged. When you feel ready, lubricate the little finger and penetrate the first phalanx without forcing.

Once you've done this, you can now turn to the smaller plug and do the same thing with it. If you feel that it does not go through, there is no hurry: take your time to stimulate your anus and dilate it progressively, without stopping lubricating. Make small circles, widening them as you go along, until your muscles are ready to receive more. You can limit yourself to a simple penetration, or you can perform back and forth movements, depending on your own pleasure.

Make sure you keep your small plug well lubricated at all times: forcing your way in could tear the rectal tissue. Pain should be a warning signal: if it hurts, then take your time. If it doesn't, go to the dildo!