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Metal plug

The luxurious object of desire

Object of fantasies and pleasure, the metal plug is the accessory you need to spice up your erotic games. Initiate yourself to anal pleasure with this sublime sextoy with luxurious looks.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 11 items

Who can use a metal plug?

Whether you are a man or a woman, you can choose a metal plug. This object is nevertheless more adapted to people who have already experienced anal pleasure. Metal is not a flexible material, it does not deform to fit the rectum. Therefore, it will be slightly more difficult to tame for beginners.

The different functions of a metal plug

Discover the main uses of a metal plug.

Preparation for sodomy

One of the main functions of the anal plug is to prepare the anus to receive a penis or dildo during sodomy. Putting a plug in during foreplay allows the muscles and the anal sphincter to relax gradually. Your body will get used to the presence of a foreign object in your rectum. It will then welcome a dildo more easily, for a more intense anal stimulation. Sodomy will be much more pleasant for both partners with the prior use of a plug: no pain, no forcing and a shared pleasure.

A tenfold increase in pleasure

Wearing an anal plug during sex is a source of additional pleasure. If it is the man who wears it, it will stimulate his prostate at the slightest movement and will guarantee a stronger erection. On the other hand, if it is the woman who wears it, she will feel that she has a narrower vagina and will experience penetration more intensely. The man will also benefit from the presence of the sextoy, because he will feel a stronger pressure on his penis, and thus more pleasure. Used solo, the metal plug also allows to enrich the masturbation sessions. You can thus discover anal pleasure alone before eventually broaching the subject with your partner.

A real jewel of anus

The rosebudsor anus jewels, bring an aesthetic dimension to anal plugs. They are used in the same way as classic plugs, but give them a very classy, almost luxurious look. The rosebuds have the particularity to have a decorative stone on their base. They then come to embellish your buttocks, like a jewel. When the rosebud is inserted, you can continue to wear it for anticipation, to raise the excitement during the day. This will give you a terribly erotic feeling that you should try to hide from others. Every movement will remind you of the metal plug, which will boost your libido. The sexual tension reaches new heights when you can finally let yourself go.

The advantages of the metal plug

Whether it is made of steel or aluminum, the metal plug has many advantages.

A healthy material

Metal is the ideal material if you're looking for a body-safe plug. There is little risk of allergy, as this material is very well tolerated by the body. This sextoy can therefore stay in place for a long time. If you plan to wear a plug for several hours, during the night for example, metal is the most suitable material. In addition, it is non-porous, which means that it does not absorb bacteria or germs. Once cleaned, you can reuse it or pass it on to your partner without fear of disease transmission. Metal plugs are among the most hygienic sex toys.


Metal is a very durable material. If you choose to invest in a metal plug, you will be able to keep it for a long time since it does not deteriorate. Its strength means that it will stay like new for many years. Metal does not absorb odors, which is convenient when the plug is worn for a few hours at a time. You can also use this accessory in the bath or shower without fear of damaging it, as it is completely waterproof. To clean it, you can use a sextoy cleanerto clean it, you can use a sextoy cleaner, or sterilize it by plunging it into boiling water for a few minutes.

New sensations

Metals are known to be conductive materials. This particularity allows you to play on the temperature of the plug to experiment new sensations. For example, you can put the accessory under hot (but not hot to avoid injuries) or cold water before using it. If you want to go further, it is possible to place the sextoy in the refrigerator for a few hours before use. These temperature changes will stimulate your anal area and increase the pleasure tenfold. Metal is also a heavy material compared to silicone for example. The sensations will be more intense, with a stronger pressure and thus a more powerful stimulation.

How to choose a metal plug?

Are you convinced by the use of metal for an anal plug? Take the time to look at these other criteria before choosing your sextoy.

The size

When choosing the size of your metal plug, there are two important elements to take into account: the diameter and the depth of insertion. If you are just starting out, it is best to start small. Start with a diameter of 1 to 3 cm before trying a larger size. As for the length of insertion, a few centimeters are sufficient the first few times too. It will be easier to insert the accessory and you will be able to familiarize yourself with its presence. The longest metal plugs make it easy to reach the prostate or to stimulate the anal region of the person in the manner of a dildo.

The shape

Anal plugs are usually associated with a conical or oval shape. These models are well suited to beginners. They are easier to insert, as the diameter gradually widens. However, the metal plug can take many other different shapes, depending on the area you want to stimulate or the sensation you want to experience. For example, Dèmonia offers metal plugs made of several balls stacked on top of each other. As each new ball passes, your sphincter will alternately contract and loosen, creating waves of pleasure. The principle is the same for an anal chain, where the beads can also be mobile. If you gently remove the chain just before orgasm, the sensations will be much more intense. For the more experienced, there are notched plugs for amplified stimulation during movement. However, they are more difficult to insert than the smooth ones.

Additional features

Some models have small holes that allow you to screw the base of the metal plug onto the surface of your choice. Sometimes you can unscrew the body of the plug to clean it properly. This feature also facilitates the wedging of the accessory, before your erotic games. For a safer use, some metal plugs have a ring-shaped handle. This ensures good control of the object, especially if you want to use the anal plug as a dildo or prostate stimulator. For those who like BDSMthere are lockable anal retractors. The plug stays in place until the dominant person wants to release his or her submissive. Finally, for those who like role-playing, you can turn to the rosebuds tailthese plugs imitate a fox, rabbit or horse tail.

How to insert a metal plug?

The most important element in the use of a metal plug is the lubricant. Put a small amount on your finger and start by massaging the anal area. Your partner can also stimulate the area with their tongue. When the muscles are relaxed and warm, take your metal plug and coat it with lubricant. Choose a comfortable position that allows good access to the anus, such as on all fours. Insert the tip of the plug gently and give your sphincter time to adjust. Before pushing the sextoy further in, make a few rotations that get wider and wider, in one direction and then in the other. The muscle will relax and you will be able to insert the rest of the plug more easily. When the accessory is fully inserted, you can either leave it in place or move it back and forth.

To remove the metal plug, gently grasp the base of the object and pull gently. If you feel pain or too much resistance, don't panic. This will make removal even more difficult. Take your tube of lubricant and massage the area as you did during insertion. Grasp the base of the sextoy and pull slowly while pushing, just like when you have a bowel movement. Removal of the plug should go smoothly.

Precautions for use

  • The metal plug must be cleaned or sterilized after each use.

  • If you wish, you can perform an enema before using a metal plug.

  • It is essential to use lubricant when using an anal plug. This will limit the risk of injury and make insertion easier.

  • If your partner is inserting the plug into your anus, he or she should be gentle and responsive to you. You should tell him/her if you feel any pain.

  • When you first start, your anus is not used to the presence of a foreign body. It tends to expel the plug. To alleviate this problem, choose metal plugs such as the rosebud. These accessories have a very thin base, like a rod. This means that when the plug is inserted, the anus closes around this rod and covers the oval or conical part. This means there is less chance of accidental expulsion.

  • If you want to wear a metal plug for several hours, start by doing it at home, without pressure. You can then practice before moving on to outdoor use (at work or on a couple's night out, for example).

  • Always carry a small plastic bag with you when you go out with an anal plug. You can slip the sextoy into it in case of an untimely expulsion, or if you simply want to remove it.

  • For unscrewable models, never unscrew the base of the plug if the rest of the accessory is already in place, you could lose it in the rectum.

  • If the plug is fully inserted, i.e. if the base is also in the rectum, try to push it out like when you go to the toilet. If the plug is really stuck and it hurts, contact a doctor or go to the emergency room.