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Close House

Lingerie and seduction à la française

Discover our selection of lingerie - Maison Close at Dèmonia, your BDSM store

Your lingerie set is the beginning of each of your outfits.
Find among our selection, a wide choice of lingerie:
bras, thongs, bodysuits, corsets and many other pieces to discover

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Showing 1 - 6 of 48 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 48 items

Why wear sexy lingerie from Maison close?

Developing your collection of lingerie pieces is a great way to boost your confidence. Available for all body types to give every woman confidence, because every body deserves to be loved.

Lingerie is much more than a gift, it's also one of the easiest ways to show your self love and to please yourself with little attentions.

Dare to wear lingerie while caring about your own look is the beginning of a beautiful story with your inner self

Lingerie has experienced a turning point in recent years. Initially intended for comfort and hygiene of the intimate parts, it is now a true piece of fashion and aesthetics

Maison Close meticulously develops a multitude of models, the bra comes in all its forms. Their dresses, made of light and suggestive materials like tile for a sexy and seductive effect. Not to mention the thongs and accessories, what would your sexy outfit look like without the Maison Close garter belts or nipple covers.

Maison Close, an identity of its own..

Created in 2006, the brand has quickly built a sensual and carnal image

The woman is strong and independent, Maison Close illustrates this character trait through its many collections for women who are not afraid to assume their full potential.