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The latex suit: the essential for the fetish look

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Where does the latex suit come from ?


The origins of the latex suit we all know today go back to the patent filed by the Scottish chemist Charles Macintosh in 1823 for his waterproof coat, the first in the history of fashion.

The success of these revolutionary pieces and the first fetish clubs that appropriated them, however, was answered by the Second World War, which calmed the ardor of the first latex lovers. They had to wait until the end of the 50s when a certain John Sutcliff, a British stylist who was very fond of motorcycles and leather, designed a weatherproof integral suit for one of his companions, intended for motorcycle trips.


The creation was then seen in a scene from "Clockwork Orange", in a white version that was inevitably fetishized. The latex suit then became a piece known to all, synonymous with the femme fatale and worn by more and more cult characters. It even took the name of "catsuit" after the iconic outfit of Catwoman, a character played by Michelle Pfeiffer in the early 90s.

We meet more and more strong and rebellious heroines molded in black in the early 2000s, such as Trinity in the Matrix trilogy, the adventurer Lara Croft played by Angelina Jolie or the vampire Selene in Underworld.

The pop singer Britney Spears reinvents in turn the famous suit by choosing a red model for her famous video " Oops I Did It Again ". Many celebrities like Lady Gaga or Madonna followed this invitation to de-dramatize the latex suits.

Latex and BDSM

This tight and sexy outfit now attracts curious beginners, who want to learn more and more about the world of latex. If black has long remained dominant, the suits are now adorned with colors and suggest so well the curves that they leave little room for imagination.

Sometimes equipped with a zipper in the front or in the back, this garment forms a real second skin acting as a fetish substitute on its wearer. This one can thus seem naked or coated with a shiny substance, sometimes colored, which adds a visual stimulus complementary to the texture of the material.

This material also cuts the senses by compressing the whole body, which plunges its wearer into a kind of sensory cocoon interesting to tame.

What is vinyl?

This cousin of latex is a plastic material composed of a woven base on which a polyvinyl chloride film is glued. This makes the material very elastic and shiny, capable of reflecting light.
How do you choose between these two materials?

Elastic, smooth and very supple, latex is soft and offers highly sensual sensations while shaping the figure. It becomes a second skin even outdoors, where it keeps the body temperature.
In short, this material has all the qualities for those who are prepared to maintain it properly!

However, vinyl is not left out:

  • It has no odor;
  • It remains brilliant without maintenance;
  • It does not stick and lets the skin breathe;
  • It does not present any risk of allergy.

Finally, if vinyl is often much less expensive than its cousin, it is also less shapely, looser and less durable.

To keep your vinyl outfits in good condition, wash them in warm or cold water with soap, and avoid the dryer.

How to care for latex

If you don't take care of your latex suit, you run the risk of letting it get damaged between two sessions or even of finding it completely unusable in your closet and tearing it when trying to unfold it!

Indeed, latex is a fragile material that requires diligent maintenance. Regularly apply a latex cleaning spray to your latex suit to delay wear and tear of the material. Moreover, a suitable product will prevent it from becoming porous and letting germs and other bacteria through.
You will also find in fetish stores some products that will make it easier to put on your suit.

After each use, wash your latex suit with warm water and dishwashing liquid. Let it soak in water without rubbing, then rinse it right side up and then upside down.
Dry your suit after placing it on a plastic hanger away from light and heat. Especially keep it away from the sun, which can discolor the fabric and have disastrous effects on your BDSM accessory.
Once the garment is dry, heel it on both sides before folding it.

Tips for putting on your jumpsuits

Latex jumpsuits are known to be very tight, which sometimes makes it difficult to put them on or take them off. In addition, they can tear if you force them too much.

To make it easier to put on, apply talcum powder all over the surface and then remove the excess with a sponge. If you want to shine your garment after the talcum powder, use silicone.

Alternatively, you can rinse the suit in clean water and then dip it in silicone for a few minutes. This way, it will glide over your skin better and you will be able to put it on more easily.

How to store latex clothing

There are several golden rules to follow if you want to keep your latex suits in good condition as long as possible.

Once you have established a dry and shady place to store them, mark your outfits on both sides to keep the fabric soft. This way, it will unfold without any problem and, above all, without any risk of tearing!

If you have multiple suits to store in one place, don't place them against each other as this causes the colors to bleed. Instead, use large protective covers specially purchased for this purpose, or freezer bags of sufficient size in which to place your clothes flat.

Finally, keep your latex suits away from any metal parts, as these can leave stains and damage the fabric.
Other elements should be avoided when handling this material: avoid high temperatures of over 40°C, humidity (never leave your suits in water for too long), greasy products such as oil or soap.
Also beware of acidic solutions and metals such as copper, silver and tin.

How to choose your latex garment

If you are a beginner, you may feel intimidated by the full latex suit and fear that you will not be comfortable during your first attempts.
It may be a good idea to start off gently with pieces that are easier to adopt and assume. For that, turn to accessories or less imposing clothes. Don't hesitate to pair them with an outfit you love and feel good in: this way, you'll feel confident and can slip into your character without embarrassment.


Start with discreet accessories such as latex gloves or the famous Venetian or BDSM inspired masks and wolves!

Latex gloves are a good way to make the BDSM world your own. By adorning your hands with such pieces, you adopt a character known to all without taking the risk of doing too much. Have fun with the sounds and textures of the material, slowly get used to these new sensations on your skin and let yourself be carried away by the moment.
Caress your partner, after having blindfolded him to awaken his senses. Play with your complicity and explore together your desires, the time of a session.

Perhaps you prefer to dress up for an evening with your partner in order to try out new practices? Try the Venetian wolf: both majestic and refined, it gives you an aura of mystery that your partner will not remain insensitive to.
If you're in a playful mood, a BDSM mask or hood will be the ideal ally to warm up the atmosphere. It's an opportunity to play with your lover's body and take the power.


Almost all women's clothing has its equivalent in the latex department. Whether you want to fill your wardrobe or simply try out a naughty garment, you're bound to find what you're looking for in a fetish store.

  • Latex dresses are very sexy pieces, ideal to emphasize your forms.
  • Latex skirts are a less risky bet, but just as effective in shaping your figure.
  • A latex bodysuit can be more discreet and hidden under your clothes.

Jumpsuits and bodysuits

If you are still hesitating to invest in a wetsuit for your BDSM games, maybe the latex bodysuit is for you. It's a lighter version that will be easier to wear if you're just starting out.
Less bulky and therefore less intimidating, the bodysuit is reminiscent of one-piece swimsuits, in which the arms and legs are exposed.

Just as appreciated by fetish outfit lovers, the latex bodysuit offers the same cold and superior texture conducive to power and domination games.