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Suspender belt

The garter belt : Your ally in seduction

The garter belt: a fine, elegant and erotic lingerie

The height of sensuality, the garter belt is a sophisticated feminine undergarment that never goes out of fashion, and which has gradually crept into the BDSM sphere.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 14 items

What is a garter belt?

It is originally a piece of fine lingerie that is placed on the hips or around the waist, ideally over an undergarment, and on which suspenders are placed. These straps, with metal or plastic fasteners, hold the stockings in place with a clasp or clip closure.

The number of suspenders depends on several criteria: the size, the wearing time, and the style. The more suspenders you have, the easier it is to wear your underwear for a long time. For example, when there are only four straps and they are very thin, then the stockings will eventually fall off or curl up. In other words, the garter belt is a lingerie set.

Why wear it?

Like all lingerie, the goal is to feel desirable and irresistible. And the garter belt has that power. Bare legs, sculpted figure, lace or latex against your skin... Whether it's for an erotic moment or to feel beautiful all day long, for your own pleasure, this accessory has the advantage of making you feel strong, sexy and feminine at the same time. Not to mention that wearing garter belts hidden under everyday women's clothing brings a little thrill of excitement.

Not to be confused with...

The waist cincher, which is a kind of half-corset reserved for the belly and waist, allowing to refine the silhouette. In the past, the waistband did not have suspenders, but designers eventually added them to the garment, from one to six pairs. This made the waistband more sexy and comfortable. Moreover, the removal of the busk, specific to the corset, as well as the addition of plastic whalebones instead of metal ones, also contributed to popularize it.

Often, the garter belt is also confused with the garter belt, which is actually a real corset with suspenders. However, it is a rather thin undergarment, which certainly acted as a girdle at the time, but which is now lighter and stretchy.

The history of garter belts

As incredible as it may seem, the garter belt has therapeutic origins. Its use was actually to treat blood circulation problems and correct posture, in addition to refining the waist. Its ancestor is the garter belt: during the Renaissance, when it was compulsory to cover the legs with stockings, they were held in place by garters. Moreover, these too have changed, because the garters of the past were a kind of tourniquet attached to the hock. The legs being compressed all day long, women found themselves with blood circulation problems: this is how the garter belt was created, in 1876, by the French corsetier Féréol Dedieu.

At this time in history, the garter belt was still a belt used to hold stockings. It is gradually abandoned over time, because of the arrival of tights. It was not until the 70s that it became fashionable again, thanks to the designer Chantal Thomas, and was transformed into a piece of fine erotic lingerie, as you know it today.

The place of garter belts in BDSM

Its tumultuous history condemned it for a few decades, under the pretext that it was vulgar. It is for this reason that designers have modernized this piece to make it thinner, more sensual, and especially ... accessible to all. The morals have evolved because nowadays, the garter belt is appreciated by all and everyone, and no longer undergoes any a-priori; quite the contrary.

Its place in the BDSM sphere simply results from the attraction of the followers for the pieces of lingerie. The fusion of the SM universe with that of popular lingerie, has allowed the creation of garter belts more adapted to fetishists. Textiles such as latex, fishnet or wetlook have brought a naughty touch to these lingerie.

How to choose your suspender belt?

It's hard to know if you've ever worn one. The selection of this underwear depends on many criteria: first your desires, which are crucial to make the right choice; then the details, which make each creation unique.

The different materials

Polyester quickly replaced the materials of the time for comfort and elasticity. But you will also find, among the fine lingerie pieces, satin or lace garter belts. On the side of BDSM lingerie, there is of course lace and classic textiles too, but not only. In addition, when it is the case, they are embellished with small accessories such as straps, straps, rivets, sequins, or rhinestones.

Otherwise, they are rather materials such as wide or thin fishnet, wetlook style, vinyl, latex, leather ... textiles that raise the temperature at the mere sight of them, and that stir up by themselves the desires of submission and domination.

The number of suspenders

Suspenders can be two, four, or six in number. The average is four suspenders, since this is a number that combines comfort, sensuality, and wear time. However, if you plan to keep your underwear on all night, then it is better to start with six suspenders. If, on the other hand, it is only aestheticBDSM accessories, destined to stay in place, rhinestone suspender belts will stand out like a fine jewel set on your silhouette.

The ties

For naughty moments, plastic ties are more than enough. However, if you want to keep your garter belts on you all day long, or during long S&M sessions, then choose metal ties, which are more resistant.

The right size

Unless you're leaning towards rhinestone garter belts, choose ones with adjustable suspenders to adjust the length. As for the size relative to your body type, some pieces are one size fits all because they are stretchy, many are chosen according to size codes S, M, L or larger, while others require you to measure your waist and hips.

If you're looking to enhance your figure, whether you're slender or luscious, you can show off your waist with vinyl shorts, or high waistbands that double as a short skirt.

How to wear garter belts?

With or without underwear? Which stockings and tights to wear? With clips or laces? How to adjust them? Trying out garter belts can open the door to many questions; fortunately, there is nothing complicated about it.

What underwear should I wear them with?

Whether you're more into panties and thongs, or thongs and shorties, it all depends on you and the underwear you feel most comfortable in. The same goes for bras; however, try to match the set if you wear one, for aesthetic reasons.

And with what clothes?

You have a choice of women's clothing: with a sexy skirt, under a short dress, or a long dress with a side slit. Dare to wear wetlooks and tight-fitting clothes for privacy, and keep your garter belts on during the day under your work clothes to feel sensual.

For all styles

If you're looking for an in-between-the-world style without the need for a fetishy skin-tight material, then go for the lush side of S&M: with laces, fishnets, lace, bows and rhinestones. For an undressed look, glittery straps as garter belts will make you irresistible. Finally, for a severe style, dominant but feminine at the same time, iridescent garters with buckles bring a metallic effect from afar, and pearly from near.

How to put them on?

To begin, put on your underwear, then gently unroll your stockings, and finally your garter belt over your waist. Sit down to fasten them so that the height is natural when standing, and start with the front before working your way to the back. Otherwise, simply slip the edge of your stockings into the clip, making sure to place the silicon ball underneath, then fold the clip over the top of the fabric.

Useful tips

Think of shortening the suspenders if you have to walk, and lengthening them if you are going to sit. The main thing is not to stretch your stockings too much to avoid damaging them, but not to leave too much ballast either, at the risk of creating folds.

As for whether to put the panties on top or underneath, you should know that there is no obligation. By putting it underneath, you guarantee a beautiful harmony to your set, as well as an irreproachable aesthetic. However, for a long-lasting hold, opt for the panties over.

BDSM accessories that complete the outfit

The only limit to the use of BDSM accessories to match the garter belt is your imagination. You can put on a wolf mask, or a hood, wear a harness or be trapped in restraints. Fetish shoes also make their effect: the heels and the garter belt combine wonderfully.

The essential brands

The brand Maison Close offers rather minimalist lingerie, with fine lace or transparent fishnet, delicate garter belts and others more wild and fetish, with imitation leather and gold metal rings.

At Impudique, you'll find daring and surprising garter belts with wispy embellishments worthy of a designer's designs. Thin straps, asymmetrical cuts and high quality materials make these garter belts irresistible. Some pieces are even embroidered with velvet for a boudoir feel.

Known for enhancing the figure and legs in a very feminine way, the Leg Avenue brand is rather versatile and addresses both soft SM and fetish lovers. Between the glittery harness-like garter belts, the holographic garters and the wetlook and rubberlook materials, the choice is rather vast. Some lingerie has even been designed to combine panties and garter belts, pulling up the waist and adding straps and garters.