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massage oil

For sensual moments, let yourself be tempted by our massage oils

Massage oil: for erotic and stimulating caresses

To navigate between well-being and sensuality, massage oil allows to offer a real tactile journey in all intimacy.

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Showing 1 - 6 of 32 items

What is a massage oil?

It is a fatty product, generally made of vegetable oil, proposed in various forms to massage his or her partner. It can be used therapeutically, to relieve tension and pain, or for the well-being of a person. In the latter case, a massage oil can be toning as well as relaxing, or even aphrodisiac.

From a technical point of view, massage oil allows the hands to glide more easily over the skin, in order to achieve wide and fluid movements. And in a sexual context, massage oil can also be used as a lubricant, when it is intended for this purpose, and compatible with mucous membranes and latex.

What is an erotic massage?

To begin with, erotic massage should not be confused with tantric massage. Indeed, if the first one serves above all to stimulate the body and to relax a person by carrying out sensual gestures on certain erogenous zones, this last one goes beyond the preliminaries by establishing a body communication. Touch is at the center of the act, as it is a question of giving and receiving, like a true dialogue based on gestures.

Massage oil is generally used in both cases, but the erotic dimension combines both well-being and stimulation. This type of touch activates the production of oxytocin, the hormone of social bonding and attachment between individuals. The goal is to develop a certain sensuality, to discover for the first time, or again, the body of his partner. The pleasure felt comes from the relaxation and the caresses of the other, who explores with his fingertips... or his toes, or even his breasts, according to the desires of each one.

Massage oils and their derivatives

The term "massage oil" actually encompasses all items that apply a product to the skin from a fatty substance. Ideally, a massage oil should be able to warm up in the palm of the hand, so as to relax and confer a certain well-being. Some, however, act a little differently, while others are applied differently, or offer a versatile use.

In oil or gel

This is the most commonly used format, as it is natural and easy to apply. The oil has many virtues and does not leave a greasy film on the skin since it absorbs the product gradually. Depending on what it contains, such as relaxing or euphoric essential oils, it can act directly on the libido and well-being.

The gel, as for him, is generally compatible with the mucous membranes, the condoms and the sextoys. It is a versatile massage oil that can be used for Nuru massage as well as on wet skin, for example after a relaxing shower or a bath in which you have poured bath crystals. These crystals are perfect for creating an atmosphere conducive to massage or to be massaged.

As a candle

Enchanting and sexy, massage candles create an atmosphere above all. The majority of these candles are scented and give a delicious scent to the room while they melt, about 20 minutes. The oils inside are natural to avoid any allergic reaction, and the melting point is low enough not to burn the skin when pouring the wax on it. The candle is perfect for taking a step towards the DM, while remaining gentle.

Edible oils

Most oils are for external use only and should not be applied to mucous membranes or swallowed. However, for those who love to massage with their lips and tongue, there are edible oils. By allowing the possibility of tasting them, these massage oils are an open door to advanced foreplay.

Vegan oils

Vegan massage oils contain only natural ingredients and are free of colorants, preservatives, or artificial fragrances. Even the packaging is usually recycled, so you can do good for your partner and the planet at the same time.

Lubricating oil

Lubricating oils make the body or play area very slippery, and are ideal for certain fetishes, or for practicing Nuru massage. They are mainly bought in large size, to cover the whole body with this odorless oil.

The different ways of massaging

There is not only one way to arouse the sensuality and excitement of your partner. You can either just explore each other's bodies, like using something other than your hands, or you can both engage in the practice. Overall, there are three styles: naturist, tantric, and Nuru. The naturist being the traditional method, with the hands, on a naked skin. Nothing prevents you, on the other hand, to add to your session some accessories BDSM, like a mask, shackles and constraints, or to play with the textures by making slap the leather on an oiled skin.

Its tantric version is normally practiced on wet and unclothed skin. It is primarily a ritual from the sacred tantras of Hinduism, where partners exchange a very intimate moment and discover or rediscover themselves. A warm oil scented with aphrodisiac notes, based on vanilla or ylang-ylang, or a massage oil in candle format is usually applied. The atmosphere is an integral part of this moment whose goal is to let go, while the masseur uses wide movements playing on the energy points. There is a mixture of sensuality, tenderness and complicity between the two partners, who offer themselves completely to each other.

As for the Nuru massage, it is a Japanese practice that consists in using a gel made of seaweed. It is also called "Body/Body", since the practice is done in body-to-body, between two or more people. The seaweed allows to exacerbate all the sensations and to increase the pleasure. The gel is applied to wet skin, or mixed with a little warm water to get a texture similar to a massage oil. To caress and knead sensually the skin, we use the whole body, and not only the hands: thighs, breasts, buttocks, sex, feet... For that, we think to protect our sheets or to invest in vinyl sheets. And for Nuru massage lovers of all kinds, the massage oil mats are designed with inflatable edges so you don't get it everywhere.

How to massage sensually?

You don't have to be a therapist to know how to massage. You are the first person to know your partner's body and erogenous zones. And if it is not the case, then it is precisely the occasion to explore them; it is besides probable that he discovers new sensations. Don't worry: it's rare that everyone knows their body 100%, especially since it can sometimes react exclusively to the touch of one person and not another. Find out together what relaxes and stimulates you, and then oscillate between the two; move vigorously over the tense muscles and then slowly and tenderly over the erogenous zones. The whole point is to take pleasure in going over your partner's skin. You don't have to go all the way to sex: it's up to you whether you want to relax quietly or actively.

On which zones to linger?

In terms of practice, play with hot/cold sensations, textures and strength. Don't neglect the forgotten erogenous zones such as: the neck, the lower back, the fall of the kidneys, the inner thighs, the groin, the nipples, or the feet. Pour the candle along the back, or warm the massage oil directly between your hands before applying it. Blow on the area you've been massaging to develop chills, and don't be afraid to have your hands wander; especially if your massage oil is mucosa-friendly.

Tips and precautions for using massage oil

As with any product, you must be careful to read the label carefully and limit yourself to the intended use. A massage oil that is reserved for the skin but incompatible with latex, for example, should not be used for sexual intercourse.

To avoid staining your sheets

There are several ways to avoid damaging your linens, starting with the right material:

  • purchase an inflatable vinyl rug;
  • invest in vinyl sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers and comforter covers;
  • place a warm towel under the person being massaged.

As for the masseur, it is highly recommended that he/she prepare a chair, a small wet towel on the side with paper towels, and a small bowl of water with a piece of soap in case he/she wishes to extend the massage further. As for the person being massaged, he or she can bring small wipes or take a shower directly after the session. And why not follow up with a second session with seaweed massage oil, intended for moist skin, for a stimulating wake-up call?

How do I clean the massage oil?

It usually penetrates the skin, but some massage oils need to be rinsed off with clear or soapy water, as is the case for gels. In fact, whether it's for the skin or the vinyl sheets, it's the same cleaning method. Once your intimate moment is over, clean with soap and water and let it dry before putting your equipment away.

Hot or cold application?

If you like S&M games, get some massage oil in the form of a candle and pour it hot on the skin. Otherwise, put a dab of it in the palm of one hand and rub them both briskly to heat the liquid. Another equally pleasurable way is to play with the sensation of cold by drizzling the cool oil onto the skin, and have fun heating it directly on the body while massaging. Don't forget that it is better to use a small amount and repeat, than to use too much; unless you are looking for this effect or practicing Nuru.