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Visually change your body appearance to embody either a man or a woman.
Feminization can be achieved with fake breasts or a fake vulva, while masculinization is most often achieved with a fake penis or breast bandage.

What is a transformation accessory?

Intimately linked to the world of BDSM and fetish accessories, but also to the world of entertainment and cinema, transformation accessories answer a widespread fantasy: that of changing sex, painlessly and safely, for a night or more if you like...

This can raise questions for some people about their own gender identity or their sexual identity. Wearing a transformation accessory, whether it is masculinizing or feminizing, can help these people to better discover themselves, or on the contrary to understand the limits of their desires..

The purchase of a fake penis, a fake pair of breasts or other can be a big step for them, especially if they plan to wear these new attributes on a daily basis.
If wearing certain BDSM accessories makes you feel confident that you enjoy cross-dressing, you might be tempted to complete your outfit with clothes specially designed to slip into the skin of the other sex and play with the codes.

Demonia's range of BDSM and 3rd sex accessories is in this case a safe and reliable choice, since the materials used are of the highest quality and designed to accompany you for as long as possible.

In any case, the choice of a transformation accessory can also be seen as a noncommittal pleasure, a way to get out of one's comfort zone by having fun embodying a brand new role-playing character for a given time, in the company of an open-minded and benevolent partner.

So the temptation to wear or use such a BDSM accessory should not scare you, nor should it worry you. It is perfectly healthy to want to explore your limits and tastes.
So don't hesitate to share your fantasies with your partner. You may be surprised by a more open and positive reaction than you expected..

Indeed, exploring territories supposedly out of reach is one of the most widespread fantasies. The success of BDSM accessories is proof of this. It is therefore likely that your lover has at least already thought about the same thing as you, without daring to talk to you about it!

Female transformation accessories for men

The female transformation accessories for men are aimed at men who want to experiment with female attributes (vulva, breasts).

Fake breasts

Most pairs of fake breasts are made of food-grade medical silicone, absolutely safe for your health. They are soft to the touch and easily adapt to the original shape of your torso, making them very comfortable and tear-resistant.

Two types of breast forms

First of all, note that two main models of fake breasts exist: the breast forms, sold in pairs and to be placed on the torso, and the silicone breasts that include a chest protector and can be put on like a t-shirt. The latter may look more natural, but they are also much warmer!

Also, thethickness of the silicone layer will affect the comfort, resistance and weight of your accessory, in case the chosen fake breast includes a bib.
Also check that the overall size and the dimensions of the openings are appropriate for your morphology and allow you to put on and take off the prosthesis without hindrance.

Filling silicone breasts

Silicone breasts can be filled in 2 different ways depending on the manufacturer and the model:

  • With elastic cotton silk, which makes them lighter and therefore more convenient for long wear,
  • With platinum silica gel, more malleable and realistic to the touch but also heavier (especially with larger sizes, such as an E, F, G cup...).

However, the two filling methods differ more in price and weight than in touch and in the realistic nature of the filling.

Skin tone

You will need to choose a skin tone that is as close as possible to your own skin tone in order to look as natural as possible.
The different skin tones offered by most manufacturers are broken down into 6 skin tones, varying of course from one company to another depending on the mixtures made to obtain such or such a color.

Compare the shades of the models of fake breasts with your neck and shoulders, and not with your arm for example. Indeed, it is preferable to base yourself on the skin that will be closest to the demarcation in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Size and dimensions

The dimensions of your fake breast are not the only criterion to take into account, because comfort and appearance are not just a matter of cup size.

If you want a chest with a plastron, check the width of the torso, the size of the underbust and the width of the shoulders first. This will make it easier to fit a prosthesis to your size, and the breasts will be more realistically distributed across your torso.

It is best to measure your underbust and shoulder width with a gallon, rather than a tape measure. Don't choose a width that is too wide, as the chest should be able to stretch slightly to maintain a natural look.

Fake vulva

If you are looking for a fake vulva or want to hide your penis to make up your genitals as feminine attributes, you can turn to the fake vulva.
Most of the time, it will be sold in the form of padded panties concealing the penis and presenting on the surface the appearance of a female vulva.

Depending on the brand and the model, you will find different skin colors among which you will have to choose the shade closest to your natural skin tone.

Male transformation accessories for women

Male transformation accessories for women are aimed at women who wish to experiment with male attributes, in particular a prosthetic penis that mimics the size, shape, color and texture of male genitalia.
This practice, called packingthis practice, called "prosthesis", proposes to wear a padded or phallic object in order to obtain a bulge at the level of the crotch evoking a penis at rest.

People who use this substitute can make this choice in view of a bottom surgery, or can on the contrary prefer to wear a prosthesis on a daily basis to avoid having surgery.
Finally, it is of course possible to wear a packing from time to time, without identifying as trans.

Packing is often used by trans men and transvestite women. They may simply use an object in the shape of a penis, or a model that includes a fake scrotum and/or testicles for added realism.

However, wearing a packer can allow for better fit and support of clothing and undergarments. Thus, the prosthesis does not move or moves very little and its wearer can walk normally, without discomfort.
To suit the largest number of profiles, penis prostheses (also called penis sleeves, transsexual penises or even false penises) are available in many sizes and shapes.

The recent male transformation accessories offer the advantage of being both realistic and comfortable, allowing the wearer to really feel like a man while wearing them. The work on texture, colors and details add to the realism but also means a higher price.

The penis prosthesis can remind the belt dildo, this phallic sextoy fixed with a harness. It can also be used during sexual intercourse to compensate for the absence of penis of one of the two partners.

How to wear a penis prosthesis?

If it is possible to simply slip your fake penis into your underwear, this solution can quickly prove to be uncomfortable. Indeed, the prosthesis can move and then need to be constantly put back in place.

To avoid this, we recommend wearing a special undergarment designed to secure your fake penis and prevent it from moving. We offer many solutions to make wearing your packer more comfortable: dildo briefs, jockstrap for prosthesis, strap, harness...

Some prostheses allow you to urinate standing up, or to trigger sexual pleasure. So take the time to compare all the existing models, and of course focus on quality when you buy in order to make it profitable over time.

Soft packing and hard packing

Soft packing refers to the wearing of a packer that does not allow sexual penetration. It is then not uncommon to use "homemade" accessories, such as a rolled sock, or a condom filled with liquid or gel.

Please note that the term packing refers most of the time to the soft model. However, some manufacturers also offer stand-to-pee models, i.e. a packing with a tube allowing the wearer to urinate standing up, through the prosthesis.

On the contrary, the hard packing is able toensure the role of a penis during sexual penetration. These models are often made from materials that are both firm and flexible, such as silicone.
Some hard packers are also composed of a rod that allows the wearer to simulate a flaccid or phallic position, reminiscent of a resting and erect male sex.