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Clitoral Stimulator: guaranteed orgasm

The Womanizer : The Clitoral Stimulator with Suction.


The Womanizer has quickly become a clitoral stimulator par excellence, a true technological revolution. Orgasm in 98% of cases, from strong to very strong - a must-have product that is acclaimed by the women's press!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 20 items

Ladies, pamper your clitoris, it will give you back! Succumb to the waves of pleasure offered by the Womanizer and enjoy an intense sensual experience, for an orgasm assured and almost effortless.

What is the Womanizer?

Does this word remind you of a Britney Spears song? Well, it's also the name of a brand that has revolutionized the world of clitoral stimulators. Based on the Pleasure Air technology, patented by Womanizer, these sextoys do not vibrate to stimulate the clitoris. They massage it without direct contact, using air pulses.

Who is the Womanizer for?

Over time, it has become a classic in the sex toy department. The Womanizer is a mass-market erotic toy. It can satisfy almost any woman and is very easy to use. You can of course use it during your solo masturbation sessions. The Womanizer is well suited to sensitive women, for whom the slightest caress causes very strong physical sensations. No more pain due to over stimulation, the tip of the stimulator gently adjusts to your anatomy for a gentle and effortless clitoral massage. Those who have difficulty reaching orgasm will also be delighted. This toy promises a powerful orgasm in just a few minutes.

If you're one of those women who experience ecstasy every chance they get, not only are you a lucky woman, but you too can enjoy the Womanizer technology. This sextoy will allow you to vary the pleasures, to discover a new type of stimulation. Ideal if you're looking for a new sensory experience, it will help you discover a new way to achieve pleasure. You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it! Although the clitoral stimulator is a toy designed only for women, it is perfectly possible to use it as a couple. Whether it's during foreplay or at a more advanced stage of sexual intercourse, this sextoy will allow you to discover the joys of multi-stimulation and to reach orgasm more easily.

The importance of masturbation

The Womanizer is a great ally for your daily solitary pleasures. Long decried and repressed, masturbation is actually very important, if only to get to know your body or to give yourself moments of well-being. Another interesting aspect is that the more you masturbate, the more orgasms you will have. You'll find it easier and easier to come and you'll get to know yourself. You will discover how you prefer to be stimulated, what your erogenous zones are, what rhythm suits you best, etc. Knowing your taste in pleasure also makes it easier to communicate it. You'll know exactly how to guide your partner so that he or she can take you to seventh heaven during your lovemaking. So that your solo pleasures don't become too mechanical, you can rely on erotic accessories. Dildos, plugs, magic wands and Womanizer-type sex toys will allow you to vary the pleasures and will save you from a boredom fatal to a fulfilled sexuality.

Womanizer technology

The Pleasure Air technology developed by Womanizer is an amazing mix between a vibrator and a sucker. The device varies the air pressure to produce suction and pressure waves that gently stimulate the clitoris. Since its invention, other brands use this patented technology, such as Romp or Lelo, to diversify the range of clitoral stimulators.

The advantages of the Womanizer

Womanizer stimulators, whatever the model, have many advantages. First of all, they offer a new, unprecedented stimulation. The Pleasure Air technology promises intense sensations without over-stimulation or numbness, thanks to the absence of direct contact with the clitoris. This stimulator is also silent. It has a function that instantly interrupts the stimulation if the device is more than a few millimeters from your skin. In case of untimely interruption, you will only have to move the device away from you to stop its operation. Even when running, this clitoral stimulator is very quiet. You will surely make more noise than him!

Another of its remarkable qualities is its autonomy. Given that it takes only a few minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm and that Womanizer devices have a battery life that can exceed several hours, the math is quickly done. The stimulators are recharged with a cable, so there are no batteries to melt and damage the toy.

In terms of aesthetics, Womanizer products are very successful. The sex toys have beautiful clean lines and several colors are available. Ergonomics is also at the rendezvous. The grip is pleasant. The devices of this brand also have the particularity to adapt to your morphology. If they are not provided at the beginning, you can get soft silicone tips of different sizes to find the one that best suits your anatomy.

Some models are also waterproof. When used in the bath, they provide even more intense sensations and the chances of cumming powerfully and repeatedly are even greater. Each Womanizer offers different levels of intensity to increase the excitement step by step. On some products, it is possible to leave the reins to the device, which will vary the intensity on its own, with the Autopilot command.

Cascading orgasms

The Womanizer brand has announced a mind-blowing figure: 98% of women have reached orgasm with a product from their range. The female orgasm is full of mystery and sometimes difficult to achieve. It's not always easy to feel that climax when your whole body is invaded by intense waves of pleasure. Stress, fatigue or mental strain can make it impossible for you to come every time you want to. Instead of giving up, consider trying new practices and new sex toys. With the Womanizer, you'll have a high probability of experiencing a powerful orgasm first. It may take a while to figure out what kind of stimulation and intensity works best for you, but you're sure to have an orgasm. On top of that, many women say they achieve multiple orgasms thanks to it. This dream of more and more pleasure, which seemed unattainable at the time, may finally be within your reach. Don't hesitate!

A Womanizer for every occasion

Womanizer has created an entire line of clitoral stimulators. Each one has its own special features. It's up to you to find the one that's right for your budget and for your intended use.

Womanizer One

The Womanizer One is the entry-level model. It's very affordable, both in terms of price and ease of use. The One is ideal if you are new to Pleasure Air technology. It allows you to test it out before moving on to a more expensive but more sophisticated model. Designed as a preview of the Womanizer Premium, it offers fewer intensity levels, for example.

Womanizer Premium

The Womanizer Premium is a luxurious clitoral stimulator. In addition to offering incredible battery life, it has innovative features that make the Womanizer experience even more delicious. For example, the Autopilot feature of this model takes control of your pleasure by automatically switching from one stimulation mode to another in a completely random fashion. All you have to do is close your eyes and relax, Womanizer takes care of everything. The advantage is that the experience will never be the same twice. You can't get enough of Premium, which makes each orgasm unique.

Womanizer Duo

The Womanizer Duo combines two forms of stimulation in one sextoy: clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The device comes in the form of a classic Womanizer mounted on a vibrator. The Pleasure Air technology massages your clitoris while the vibrator titillates your G-spot and vaginal walls. The simultaneity of these two powerful stimulations usually results in an amazingly intense orgasm.

Womanizer Liberty

The Womanizer Liberty is THE travel sextoy. This clitoral stimulator has been designed to be taken with you wherever you go. Compact, it will easily find its place in your suitcase or in your bag. It is lined with a protective magnetic case to ensure excellent hygiene despite transport. Perfect to satisfy all your erotic urges, wherever you are. All these characteristics do not make it less powerful. It will satisfy you as much as the other models of the Womanizer range.

How to use a Womanizer?

Using a clitoral stimulator is very easy. Choose a comfortable position where you have access to your genitals. You can, for example, lie on your back. The main thing is to be comfortable, which is a prerequisite for achieving orgasm. Start by spreading the lips that protect your clitoris a little to make it accessible. You can take the opportunity to caress your erogenous zones to get you in the mood and make using the sextoy even more enjoyable. Next, hold your Womanizer upside down, with the "mouth" facing your clitoris and the handle with the ON button facing your upper body. Gently wrap your pleasure button around the round cavity on the head of the object. The toy should not be in direct contact with the clitoris, it should just surround and cover it completely. Once the stimulator is in place, set the desired intensity. Some models also allow you to choose from different pulse cycles, such as a series of regular pulses or variable intensity waves. All you have to do is let go and enjoy a powerful orgasm (or more) from your Womanizer.

Precautions for use

  • Like all erotic accessories, the Womanizer must be cleaned after each use for impeccable hygiene. To do this, use a sex toy cleaner that will respect the silicone and ABS plastic used to manufacture the toy.
  • If you are the sensitive type, you can use a little lubricant on the area near the stimulator. Remember to choose a water-based lubricant to avoid damaging your toy. However, keep in mind that the clitoris should not normally be in direct contact with the device.
  • When using the Womanizer for the first time, it is best to start with the lowest intensity levels. Experiment gently with this new form of masturbation before moving up to the next level. You can gradually increase the intensity until you reach your desired level of stimulation.