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According to the cultures, the third sex can thus indicate an intermediate state between man and woman, a simultaneous belonging to both sexes, a state of neutrality, a capacity to change sex, or a state entirely separate from man and woman.


What is the 3rd sex?

The third sex, also known as the third gender, refers to a person who does not consider himself or herself to be either male or female, or both. It can refer to biological sex, traditional gender roles, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

Depending on the culture, the third gender can refer to an intermediate state between male and female, a simultaneous belonging to both sexes, a state of neutrality, an ability to change sex, or a state entirely separate from male and female.
The general public tends to lump together transvestites, transformers, intersex, queer, transgender, transsexual and homosexual people under the term 3rd gender.

As a reminder, queer comes from the English language and literally means weird, strange. This word is originally a homophobic insult that was taken up by LGBTQI+ people in the 1990s to assert their difference from traditional binary and heterosexual patterns.
"Queer" therefore refers to people who are excluded from the male/female binary and the heterosexual community, or who do not wish to label their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Not to be confused with the term kinky, which refers to a non-standard sexuality, as opposed to conventional and socially accepted sexuality (known as "vanilla sexuality"). Kinky means in American slang "vicious, perverse", and was taken up by the followers of practices considered deviant in a context where homosexuality was considered a mental illness by theAmerican Psychiatric Association.

Numerous examples of Eastern and Western cultures have appropriated the concept of the third sex, and this for thousands of years.

3rd sex clothing

We usually mean by the term of 3rd sex clothes, very feminine and sexy looking pieces (sometimes inspired by fetish and BDSM trends) but designed to be worn by men, during role playing for example, which often implies particular measures.
Indeed, the dimensions of the bust, shoulders and hips will have to fit atransgender man or a man wearing prostheses to feminize his silhouette.

Dresses and skirts

The dresses and skirts of the third sex are resolutely feminine, and often very tight to emphasize the curves and the thinness of the androgynous silhouettes. It is not rare to find models borrowing openly their aesthetics from the world of BDSM: black, shiny plastic materials reminding latex, and sometimes even nails and other fetish details are used.

3rd sex pants

The 3rd sex pants are also tight, in order to refine the silhouette. Black is particularly popular, as well as materials evoking latex and its derivatives, like vinyl.

Corsets and waistbands 3rd sex

Here again, we find mainly black and shiny pieces in the corsets and waistbands department. These accessories sublimating the waist like to be adorned with lacings and various accessories, often borrowed from the world of fetish and BDSM: nails, spikes, straps ..

3rd sex bodysuits

Essential piece of the sexy female wardrobe, the bodysuit lends itself willingly to the game of the 3rd sex. As tight as you like, sometimes low cut, sometimes veiled, you can find in bodysuits many variations of shapes, materials, details and accessories.

3rd sex tops

The 3rd sex tops are often tight, in order to underline the curves of the pectorals or the chest (which can be redesigned thanks to a silicone prosthesis or a well chosen transformation accessory ).

You can match your top with a fetish pants or skirt, unless you prefer to match it with a bodysuit, a jumpsuit, a veiled top..

Third sex clothing brands

Some designers have seized the fetish and BDSM wave to propose spicy and daring models, to wear during your spicy evenings. Patrice Catanzaro has become a reference in the field thanks to his eponymous brand of clothing and accessories Catanzaro.

Its Madame XY collection is entirely dedicated to the third sex, and offers ultra-feminine and fashionable fetish clothing, adapted to men's measurements.
You will be able to live your fantasy to the fullest by wearing dresses, corsets, waistbands, bodysuits and other clothes specially designed for you.

3rd sex accessories

3rd sex lingerie

The lingerie is obviously a central accessory in a 3rd sex outfit, because even if they are not directly visible, the underwear plays a strong role. They allow the wearer to embody his fantasy without being obliged to assume it frontally in front of the world.

A beautiful piece of lingerie also allows to surprise his partner to better seduce him... It can be the occasion of a naughty strip-tease hidden from view.

The wearing or not of breast prostheses is of course to be taken into account before your purchases. Also, a vulva prosthesis does not allow you to wear any piece of lingerie, panties, thong, tanga..

3rd sex shoes

Third sex shoes are mostly pumps or high-heeled shoes, in order to lengthen the leg and the whole figure. Symbol of femininity par excellence, the high heel shoe can be adorned with fetish accessories to add spice to a pair a little too wise.

Men's high heels are of course designed to fit the size and shape of a man's foot, which is often wider and more angular than a woman's foot.
If you are a beginner, take the time to learn how to walk in high heels. Getting a confident gait while perched on heels requires a lot of balance, but most importantly, practice.

Other 3rd sex accessories

The 3rd sex has been able to reappropriate many feminine accessories, borrowed from many circles. So we often find deliberately sexy pieces, costumes and disguises associated with the BDSM culture..

Fetish costumes

It is the case for example of the maid, submissive character par excellence. Equipped with an apron and a duster, she can wear a very short outfit depending on the circumstances.

Other fetish archetypes are just as popular:

  • Theschoolgirl, also rather submissive and innocent because of her young age (but also potentially provocative, then embodying a forbidden desire),
  • The policewoman, an unquestionable authority figure who likes to use her power,
  • Thenurse is more of an authority figure, and therefore dominant, given her power of life and death over her patients..


Wigs are of course a central element of the 3rd sex outfit. They allow those who wear them to change their identity and appearance in an instant, and to sport an elaborate feminine hairstyle or simply long hair, culturally associated with femininity.

Some wig styles are directly inspired by the drag queen culture, and offer colorful cuts ideal for slipping into the skin of an extravagant character perfectly assumed.


Jewelry is also a way to feminize your appearance, while expressing your taste or your status of dominatrix. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and other earrings are then an integral part of the identity of the one who wears them, and will make his submissive partner tremble at the only sound of the materials clashing..

Some pieces of BDSM inspiration are also adorned with nails, spikes and other straps, and are therefore a good ally to enter the skin of a dominatrix.

3rd sex and sexuality

People belonging to the third sex can feel uncomfortable in an intimate context. It is therefore essential for both partners to take the time to discuss the issue in order to know the desires and limits of each.

Sexual stimulants can be a good way to relieve stress or discomfort, as long as they are used sensibly and as directed. Never exceed prescribed doses, and avoid mixing substances.

Penis substitutes

The sexuality of the third sex can be infinitely rich, and can be accessorized at will. Look, for example, at dildos, strap-ons and other harnesses. These will allow people without a penis to penetrate their partner while keeping their hands free.
Use enough lubricant to ensure a pleasant penetration!

Some penile prostheses (also called packing) are designed to allow penetration, thanks to firm yet flexible materials like silicone. These prostheses are called hard-packingthese are called " soft-packing " as opposed to " soft-packing " which is simply used to create a bulge in the crotch that looks like a penis at rest.
Also, if you use a hard packing, remember to apply plenty of lubricant before penetration.

Anal penetration

Anal sex can also be a good compromise. Regardless of gender or sex, everyone has an anus!

However, the latter is unable to lubricate itself, so a good lubricant is essential. Silicone-based lubricants are preferable to water-based ones, as silicone versions dry more slowly and are more suitable for anal penetration. That's why anal or fist lubricants are made with silicone.