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A sexual stimulant apart

Poppers is a liquid substance that dilates blood vessels when inhaled. It is classified as a depressant because of the muscle relaxing effects it causes. It can also be considered a sexual stimulant in its own right.

What is poppers?

By inhaling this stimulant, the consumer benefits fromimmediate effects among which one can quote a feeling of euphoria and happiness, an acceleration of the cardiac rhythm (poppers is indeed a powerful vasodilator), and an opening of the natural ways under the effect of the cardiac rhythm.
This stimulant is thus considered today as a powerful aphrodisiac.

History of poppers

Originally stored in ampoules that produce a "pop" sound when opened, poppers has kept this name.
Originally, this product was used to treat heart diseases such as angina. In the 1970s, this stimulant was gradually diverted to recreational and psychosexual uses.

Indeed, this drug causes a feeling of euphoria or relaxation in the one who inhales it, exacerbates the sexual desire and the sensuality and relieves the pain while dilating the muscles, which facilitates certain practices like the anal penetration.

Numerous effects on sexuality were at the time referred, attracting mainly the male homosexual circles:

  • Increase of the duration of the erection,
  • Amplification of the contractions during the orgasm,
  • Delay of ejaculation,
  • Relaxation of involuntary smooth muscles of the sphincter (including those of the throat, anus and vagina)...

This is why poppers are very popular in the gay community, and have been since the 1970s.
However, the use and trade of this substance for recreational rather than sexual purposes really exploded with thearrival of the Internet and the commercial possibilities that followed. A younger clientele then discovers the famous product, and is especially interested in its euphoric effects.

Chemical composition

Poppers (there are indeed several kinds) are volatile liquids, meaning that they evaporate easily. They are composed of a large quantity of alkyl nitrites and are generally sold in bottles of 8 to 40 ml.

Highly flammable, this sexual stimulant is extremely toxic when swallowed and can cause severe damage when applied directly to the skin or mucous membranes.


Poppers containing butyl or pentyl nitrite have been banned in France since a 1990 decree. French brands have been using isopropyl nitrite since then.

A source of partly illegal trade for decades, these stimulants are in some countries misleadingly labeled or packaged as air fresheners, leather polish, or even as cleaners.

This is why it is important to buy your stimulants from reliable and reputable brands.
Indeed, a product from illegal trafficking will not have undergone any control and will therefore possibly be very dangerous.

How to inhale poppers

How to use it

The recommended use, and considered safe according to the labels and manufacturers, is to leave the bottle open in a well ventilated, clean and dry room. This way, the vapors can diffuse and be inhaled through the air.

However, the most common practice is for the user to inhale the vapors directly by placing the bottle under one and then the other of his nostrils, while blocking the unsolicited nostril.
The effects are thus faster, since they appear within a few seconds, but last only a few minutes at most.

Desired effects

The effects of poppers are brief and disappear quickly:

  • Intense and instantaneous euphoria, reminiscent of a form of ephemeral drunkenness,
  • Exacerbated sensuality, increased libido,
  • Increased sexual performance,
  • Disinhibition,
  • Strong sensation of heat going up to the head,
  • Stimulating dizziness,
  • Psychedelic effects and stimulation of the senses according to the cases,
  • Sense of immediate relaxation,
  • Relaxation and dilation of the smooth muscles.

This sexual stimulant can also help to increase the duration of the erection. It is also a solution to delay the premature ejaculators and to increase the contractions at the time of the orgasm, as well in the men as in the women, which multiplies tenfold the pleasure at the time of the anal or vaginal penetrations.

Risks and side effects

Unfortunately, there are risks associated with too frequent or too high a dose of poppers. That's why it's important to monitor your personal consumption and to know how to limit yourself to avoid abuse.

The side effects of this type of sexual stimulant can be:

  • Dizziness,
  • Headaches,
  • Skin irritation,
  • Malaise,
  • Nausea and vomiting..

Officially, inhalation of low doses of poppers emitted into the air of a clean room presents little risk to health. However, this stimulant is rarely consumed according to these recommendations, and in certain situations can be very dangerous.

Poppers and Viagra

Some users who are used to taking Viagra associate this drug with poppers, which is strongly discouraged.
Both products are hypotensive and can lead to a violent drop in blood pressure, with circulatory collapse and potentially fatal cardiac risks.

Poisoning has also occurred in patients taking Bupropion, a psychotropic drug prescribed as an antidepressant or to help them stop smoking.
If you are undergoing any kind of medical treatment, check with your doctor to make sure that taking sexual stimulants is not contraindicated in your case.

Poppers and pregnant women

When consumed by a pregnant woman, poppers can cross the protective barrier of the placenta. It has been officially observed that this stimulant substance could, in the past, cause the symptom of blue baby, also called methemoglobinemia.

Poppers and fire

As this stimulant is extremely flammable, highly volatile and potentially explosive when in contact with fire, it is not recommended to bring the contents of a bottle near a source of significant heat.

How to treat a popper burn?

Be careful not to bring popper bottles closer than 15 to 20 cm from your nose when inhaling, as unexpected contact with the skin can cause serious lesions depending on the circumstances.

If poppers come in direct contact with your skin, start by rinsing the area quickly with cold water. Use disinfectant to treat the burn and remove any remaining nitrite.
Then gently dry the area with a clean tissue, and moisturize the area withaloe vera gel for a few days while the skin regenerates.

Is poppers a drug?

Since poppers do not act directly on the brain and do not create any psychiatric or physical dependence, they are not considered a drug and are sold in a perfectly legal manner in France.

Poppers and anal penetration

Poppers are particularly appreciated in homosexual circles for their ability to relieve the pain of anal penetration. However, one must remain vigilant during these practices, because the anus is a fragile and delicate area, susceptible to tearing.

Always use enough lubricant to avoid any risk, especially if your partner is wearing a condom. Applying lubricant directly to your partner's penis reduces the risk of latex tearing.

Using an anal plug or other dildo as foreplay can also help the anal cavity relax, making penetration easier and reducing the risk of injury. Here again, lubricant is essential.

So take the time to prepare your body if you're planning on anal penetration. The entire range of anal pleasure products at Demonia is likely to relax you sufficiently before anal sex.

Before a session of pleasure for two, why not try setting up candles, offering a massage... Wellness accessories are a good way to open up and prepare your body and mind for intense or unusual practices for you.

It is also possible to use poppers for a BDSM domination session. This substance can then help you relax, get excited and push your limits and other mental barriers. In this case also, the lubricant is indicated.

How to store poppers?


Store your poppers in a cool, dry place, away from light. Indeed, this very volatile liquid can easily evaporate in contact with light or heat.
It is possible to keep it in the refrigerator, since the cold stabilizes the molecules and optimizes its properties. However, avoid the freezer, which will degrade the effects of this stimulant.

Keeping your poppers correctly will guarantee that they will still have a satisfying effect, up to 4 to 6 weeks after opening.

Expiry date

When closed, a bottle of poppers has a very long shelf life. However, once opened, it expires like any other product. In case of doubt, the following signs can alert you:

  • The product no longer has any effect,
  • It has a foul odor,
  • A foreign body has formed inside the bottle.