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Loving and SM reading by Robert Merodack
416 pages.


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"If even pain has a meaning, it must please someone Nietzsche.

It is indeed a question of women who take pleasure in pain through the five texts compiled here, all signed by the master of sadomasochistic literature Robert Merodack.
Delicious Torments
tells with a maniacal attention to detail the masochistic initiation of a beautiful and dynamic company executive, who receives in the mail the clichés of orgiastic evenings that she would like to forget, but that torment her night and day.
In Paulette en partage, a young woman in love with an author of erotic novels gives in to the least of his sulphurous fantasies.
An abundant vaudeville populated with cuckolded husbands and incorrigible perverts, Dressage conjugal features, among other colorful characters, an authoritarian doctor and a nurse with a light thigh, both united by the love of the whip
The heroine of our fourth story is certainly in love with the whip, and she surrenders herself with guilty pleasure to the abuse of her masters.
Finally, La Carotte et le bâton degenerates a banal weekend in the country into an unbridled sadomasochistic session.