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Mouth spreader made of a beautiful medical metal, and stamped Dèmonia!
Maximal spacing : 4cm
Mouth width : 12cm


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Very nice mouth spreader made in a beautiful medical metal, and stamped Demonia!
Double notch" retractor for an optimal safety and a perfect control of the spacing.

The adjustment of the buccal retractor is done thanks to the 2 notched parts that lock at each notch to prevent the retractor from loosening.
To increase the opening, you just have to press on the 2 ends on the right of the spreader.

It is of course also possible to block on a small opening then to position it in mouth, and to enlarge then the opening and to block again the notched parts.
These for more security are unlocked in a very simple way, by simply pressing the 2 notched rods one towards the other.

Features - SMALL mouth spreader

Max. spacing: 4cm
Total width of spreader: 16cm
Width of spreader part in mouth: 12cm

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