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The new anodized aluminum Rosebuds have arrived!

Lighter, still with a Swarovski stone, this MEDIUM Size measures 75mm, with a penetrating length of 61mm and weighs 70 grams.

The stem is marked Rosebuds.

It is a very effective sensations jewel for both women and men. It stimulates the prostate and compresses the vagina, increasing the pleasure with each movement of the pelvis.

We sell the real Rosebuds, beware of imitations

Putting a Rosebud in the rectum is not painful at all.
All you have to do is never force the anal sphincter, which is one of the most powerful muscles in the body.
Relax yourself or your partner and lubricate a finger or two, to test the elasticity of the anus.
Penetrate about 3 centimeters, this will lubricate the entrance to the rectum and relax the anus.
If you are new to penetration, choose a T1 model.
Press the lubricated tip of the Rosebud onto the anal pad and push gently. In a few seconds the fleshy part of the plug is swallowed.

Only the decorative part remains visible, which also serves as a stop.

All the Rosebuds you see on our website are available at the Dèmonia Boutique.

Boutique Dèmonia
22 avenue Jean Aicard
75011 - Paris