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Club fetish evening ticket


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FETISH WEEK - Opening Party
October 26, 2023

Ticket valid for the opening party of Fetish Week

What's in this party?

  • Clubbing and DJ Party
  • A place for exchange and meetings between enthusiasts of the Fetish/BDSM community


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Club fetish evening ticket

Available in very limited quantity

Club fetish evening ticket: Your tickets will be sent via email in early September through our electronic ticket system.
Discover the pinnacle of fetish expression at the Fetish Market!

Explore and immerse yourself in a world of unique creations and literary eroticism. Discover original fetish pieces, BDSM accessories, carefully selected erotic books, and daring collections.

Join us during the Fetish Week to experience this unforgettable journey.

The Fetish Market is a must-attend event at Paris Fetish Week for all enthusiasts of fetish products of all kinds. In this salon dedicated to the BDSM and Fetish universe, you'll find artisans, creators, artists, BDSM workshop organizers, and industry professionals.


Demon Night, an icon of pleasure and freedom, proudly celebrates 30 years of existence. For three decades, Demon Night has been a gateway to the fascinating world of SM and Fetishism, offering those who dared to step through its doors an unforgettable experience.
Demon Night is also a platform for emerging personalities in the SM and fetish scene. Find your path, your passion, and contribute to shaping the very essence of this unique community.
For 30 years, you have continued to support us, whether it was for your first experiences or your thirtieth. This anniversary is also yours, and beautiful surprises await you.
Demon Night has allowed everyone to express themselves without barriers, to reveal themselves in all their splendor, without judgment or discrimination.
We continue to fight for this universe to be accepted, for fetishistic and BDSM practices to be recognized as a legitimate expression of sexuality and identity. Demon Night is more than just an event; it is a movement, an affirmation of our right to be who we are, to explore our deepest desires.
So join us in celebrating these 30 years of audacity and passion, to dance, play, and establish connections with those who share our vision.
Demon Night once again opens its doors to you. Are you ready to be carried away to a world where freedom knows no bounds?

The beginning of a new era for the fetish and BDSM scene.

Expand your horizons, come and discover a fascinating world!
From October 26 to 28, experience the first edition of Fetish Week in France.

Meet other enthusiasts and share your experiences in a welcoming and respectful environment.

The Fetish Market will focus on the discovery of unique pieces and creations that celebrate the aesthetics of fetishism and BDSM.
Imagine being able to interact with your favorite creators and artisans, discovering the secrets and inspirations behind your favorite pieces. Immerse yourself in this creative universe, share your own passions, and learn more about the work that goes into your desires.

Fetish Week is not limited to creative aspects. Broaden your horizons and expand your knowledge with a variety of educational workshops that allow you to explore the vast practices of this captivating world.

What would the fetish and BDSM scene be without its diverse and varied parties? Whether you are interested in role-playing, domination, submission, or any other BDSM practice, Fetish Week's parties offer an immersive and secure experience.

Demon Night will be the grand finale of this week dedicated to the fetish world.

The program:
FETISH MARKET - October 26-27, 2023 | PARIS
Educational Workshops - October 26-27, 2023 | PARIS
Partner Events - October 26-27, 2023 | PARIS
Closing Demon Night - October 28, 2023 | PARIS


Demon Night is a fetish - BDSM event and has a strict dress code that applies to everyone!
While the lower part of your fetish outfit is sufficient to access our event, we invite our participants to explore their personal creativity to propose an outfit that reflects the spirit of our evening, so that the visual ambiance of this anniversary is grandiose. Transform, be extravagant, explore your fantasies, seize the chance to be someone you can't be anywhere else.
The dress code is checked by our team, and no exceptions can be made! Entry will be refused, and no ticket refunds can be requested if you do not comply with the fetish dress code.
The following clothing or materials are not allowed at our event:
- Jeans (all colors, including black)
- City suits
- Sexy evening gowns that are not made of fetish materials
- Cotton underwear/boxers
- Traditional black fabric pants, shorts, and skirts
- Leggings, including shiny/waxed leggings for men
- No fascist insignias
Any other items not mentioned made of non-fetish materials will also not be accepted.
If you are in doubt, we invite you to visit: Dress code. You can also send us an email at or reach out to us on our social media if you need to verify your outfit before the event.


The smooth running of our event relies on the strict adherence to our ethical code.
"Consent is the cornerstone of any BDSM activity.