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Womanizer Premium 2 Noir


157,50 €

Treat yourself to pure luxury with the Pleasure Air clitoral stimulator, just the way you like it.


- Pleasure Air technology
- Smart Silence
- 14 intensity levels
- Waterproof
- Made of ultra-soft medical silicone
- USB cable with magnetic charging pins
- Charging time: 120 min Autonomy: 240 min
- Product dimensions: 155 x 50 x 35 mm
- Warranty: 5 years


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A quick introduction to the revolutionary Womanizer sex toys, for those who have yet to discover this little marvel despite our advice:
Womanizer is the brand that created the "Air technology" that allows you to stimulate your clitoris in an incredibly effective way to give you an unforgettable pleasure experience. The stimulation is done by suction and by finely adjusted pressure waves, without direct contact with the clitoris. No direct vibrations on the clitoris, and therefore no over-stimulation or numbness.
In a few words, the womanizer is: efficiency, speed, multiple orgasms!

The PREMIUM 2 difference

PREMIUM 2 is our Pleasure Air model offering unparalleled luxury. This Womanizer flagship product has been redesigned with feedback from over 1,600 users to deliver a delightful experience. Its premium ultra-soft silicone surface ensures a silky smooth feel.

Autopilot 2.0

Autopilot mode guides you to orgasm in an intuitive way while providing delicious surprises with fluctuations in intensity that don't require manual intervention. Completely unpredictable, Autopilot leaves you in the grip of supreme excitement and ecstasy.

14 levels of intensity

Whether you prefer gentle, powerful or somewhere in between, your next orgasm is at your fingertips. The 14 intensity levels are perfectly balanced and blend smoothly so everyone can find the perfect match

Pleasure Air Technology

Pleasure Air Technology offers an ideal compromise between pulsation and massage thanks to its fluctuating waves of pulsating air. The model does not touch the clitoris directly to avoid over-stimulating its 8,000 nerve endings: the secret of a revolutionary orgasm.the 14 intensity levels of PREMIUM 2 are perfectly balanced and offer a setting adapted to each individual

Smart Silence

Smart Silence ensures that the Pleasure Air technology is only triggered by skin contact. Otherwise, PREMIUM 2 remains silent in its standby mode for a discreet, battery-saving experience