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Discover the first French week completely dedicated to fetishism and BDSM.
Broaden your horizons, come and discover a fascinating world...

Fetish week is a meeting place for enthusiasts... An event that brings the BDSM and fetish community together like never before.
Come and experience a magical moment fully and freely.

Whether you're an initiate, a curiosity-seeker or an enthusiast, Fetish Week is designed to offer you a personalised and unforgettable experience.

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Create your own experience with our different tickets.

  • FETISH MARKET 2J ticket - In this fair dedicated to the world of BDSM and Fetish, you'll find craftsmen, designers, artists, BDSM workshop leaders and professionals from the field.

  • CLUBING NIGHT TICKET - Ticket valid for the opening night of Fetish Week.

  • GOLDEN PACK ticket - Includes 2-day Fetish Market ticket / clubbing evening / Dèmonia night (+cut line ticket)

  • SILVER PACK - Includes 2-day Fetish market ticket + Dèmonia night.

  • DEMONIA NICE PRICE NIGHT TICKET - Join us to celebrate 30 years of daring and passion, to dance, play and connect with those who share our vision.

  • Nuit Dèmonia CONFORT ticket - The comfort ticket includes a single seat for the Nuit Dèmonia, a line cut through the VIP entrance and a complimentary cloakroom.

  • Workshop: Building your archetype in the BDSM world - The archetype represents a true essence of ourselves in BDSM, a facet of our being that we wish to express and develop.

  • Workshop: Fortuna, casino lubrique - Dive into a casino lubrique, where chance will guide your erotic games. Discover the unpredictable and explore your emotions. Play the human slot machine, roll the dice...
  • VIP NIGHT DEMONIA ticket - Coming soon