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Aneros Prostate Stimulator


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The Progasm Junior Prostate Stimulator from Aneros is the smaller version of the largest prostate stimulator in the Aneros range, the Progasm Classic. It is designed for all users and especially for beginners, offering a new sensation in the area around the anus. Its small size makes it ideal for more regular use!

Progasm Junior is made of the same material as Progasm Ice, a plastic material that looks like glass but is completely unbreakable. The manufacturing process is more environmentally friendly than the plastic normally used (less gas emissions)

Progasm Junior has been medically studied and designed for men who wish to experience prostate orgasm, the most powerful orgasm a man can achieve. This accessory allows a triple stimulation, that of the prostate, the perineum and the anal canal. This triple stimulation will allow you to reach an unprecedented orgasm and much more!

The Progasm Junior Prostate Stimulator is designed for all users, especially beginners, as it is small in size but very mobile. The Junior version is ideal for more regular use. The base of Progasm Junior is composed of two small balls that oppose each other to stimulate the anal area (Kundalini).

Indeed, Progasm Junior has 4 ends: the longer one is used to massage the prostate. The smallest is for perineal stimulation, the third is for intense stimulation of the anal canal and the fourth is for inserting or removing the stimulator.

You will be able to discover new sources of pleasure...

Its medical plastic texture is ultra soft and comfortable. It will stimulate you from the anus to the prostate. Choose the pressure you want to exert on your prostate for a more or less intense stimulation. You can also let your partner take care of everything!

Your Progasm Junior Prostate Stimulator is made of medical-grade plastic with soft, phthalate-free properties. It is completely waterproof. Made in America.

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