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We sell the real CB 3000.

  • Made of polycarbonate (resistant and anti-allergic)
  • Padlockable and all round to avoid pinching.
  • Metal padlock and 5 plastic padlocks (single use)
  • Adjustable to your anatomy
  • Possibility to urinate with


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CB 3000

We sell the real CB 3000. Beware of imitations.

Its round design avoids pinching... A copper padlock closes the cage.
You can add rings (supplied) to adjust the length and adapt it perfectly to your anatomy ....

It is made of polycarbonate (resistant and anti-allergic) and can be worn for very long periods.
It comes with a metal lock and five plastic locks for single use.
You can shower or urinate with it.
Your mistress will be able to let you go about your business, in all serenity...

Internal diameter of the rings :

38mm - 41mm - 44mm - 47 mm - 50mm

Dimensions of the tube: Length 7,6 cm

Internal diameter: 3.5 cm

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