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The "G" vibrating plug is a sextoy from the Fun Toys brand, intended for anal pleasure. Its size "L" is intended for people who have already practiced anal penetration. For beginners, there is the same plug in size S (see related products).

The G Plug has the classic characteristics of the plug, conical shape allowing an easy and progressive insertion, a medical quality silicone material, soft and supple, for an optimal comfort and reinforced sensations of pleasure and a relatively broad base for a very good maintenance once the plug in place.

It can be used in preparation for anal penetration and/or during intercourse to intensify relations, as well as for solitary use.

The G Plug is vibrating, with a powerful and silent motor and offers 6 different vibration modes and several speeds!
It is also 100% waterproof.

The vibrating G Plug is RECHARGEABLE !
USB cable provided with the box.

The plus of the G Plug: it can be controlled by the "G Ring" (vibrating ring).
Indeed, the G Ring will be able to send information to the G Plug on the changes of vibration or speed. It's the one who will hold the ring who will decide!
The G Ring is sold separately, see associated products.

Length: 10cm
Penetrating length: 9cm
Diameter: 3,8cm

Material: Medical silicone.
Blue color.
Rechargeable via USB cable.

Finally arrived in France, the incredible WOMANIZER has a revolutionary operation!

It is a clitoral stimulator rated 10/10 by all those who have tried it!

What makes the WOMANIZER different is its technology.
It allows you to stimulate the clitoris without contact, which is a first in the field of sex toys. With the Womanizer, no direct vibrations on the clitoris, and therefore no over-stimulation or numbness of it. It is by suction and pressure waves finely adjusted that the stimulation is done.

The Womanizer is easy to control: a button to turn it on or off and another (the diamond...) to increase or reduce its speed.

It fits well in the hand (16 cm long and 5 wide)

It is charged with a USB cable (so on your computer or on a power outlet - adapter provided) in a little over an hour and then works for 4 hours. This is enough time to reach an orgasm since many users talk about orgasm reached in less than two minutes!

The WOMANIZER comes with two small soft plastic tips, very easy to clean.

Once the WOMANIZER is charged and turned on, it makes a strange noise. Place it on the clitoris, spread your lips, and let yourself go!

It is often not necessary to activate the speeds, it is really a new sensation... to try absolutely.

The tests carried out by the brand for this revolutionary sextoy, allow to affirm that the orgasm is guaranteed in 98% of the cases, that it is reached in less than one minute by more than half of the users (52%) and that the intensity of the orgasm is between strong and very strong!

NB: It is advised to use water-based lubricants with this clitoral stimulator, the removable head of this one being in medical silicone. - See associated products.

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