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Become a driver with this incredible accessory for the NEONWAND.

Attention this product only works with the NEONWAND !


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The most effective erotic electrical stimulation toy on the market!

Electrify your touch!
Become yourself an electrode that will make sparks fly with your partner's body.
This amazing accessory circulates electricity all over the surface of your skin, and emits soft and extremely stimulating sparks at the slightest contact between your two bodies.
Just imagine... A delicious electric thrill when you caress your partner, when you touch her and make her desire rise with your tongue or your fingertips.
Depending on the intensity you choose, the sensations range from gentle stimulation to a strong sting.

See how her body parts jump with each touch!

NOTE: this electrostimulation toy can also, if you hold a conductive accessory, be transmitted to this accessory and thus electrify it.
For example with a spiked wheel, your partner will be able to feel the sparks in addition to the prick of the wheel... This will work for other conductive accessories of your choice.

ATTENTION: The NeonWand power tripper human only works with the NEON WAND!

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