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  • Black leather waistband
  • Semi-rigid whalebone
  • 5 hooks
  • Laces in the back
  • Thick cotton fabric lining inside


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Thick black leather short waistband, good quality, semi-rigid stays, closed in the front by 5 hooks and laced in the back.
It also has a leather flap to cover the back.
Lined with thick cotton fabric inside.

To put on your waistband, move it so you can easily hook the clips in front. Then ask for help to tighten the lace at the back (with experience you can manage to lace yourself), from the top to the middle and then from the bottom to the middle where you bring the excess lace. Finally, tie to your liking.

Nowadays, corsets and waistbands are no longer seen as instruments of torture or social cages but rather as a new way to assert your femininity. It is not uncommon to see them in the street or even on the catwalk! They fascinate and have become objects of fetishism in their own right.

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